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Can't Get Fooled Again With Taylor Foreman
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Can't Get Fooled Again With Taylor Foreman

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I break down my most viral article of the week. I speak freely and honestly, revealing how I write, what catches my interest, and what makes me laugh. Occasionally, a guest will join me in the discussion.
2 Episodes
My most popular story of the week is about anxiety! That adds up, given recent events. It's a personal story with a lot of useful takeaways for people struggling with anxiety and who don't who they want to be. I'm getting in quick and diving deep. Let's find out why people connected with this one. Here's the link to the story:
On the inaugural episode of CGFA, we discuss my first mildly viral article with over 15k views to date. The idea is 2 parts: 1. What made the article work?  2. Expand and discuss the article itself. Interested in writing that gets attention? Want to know how to get attention yourself? Here are the 7 principles I've found.
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