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Zia Hassan is a life coach who helps people in career transitions. He is also a musician who has been writing and recording his own music for the last 30 years. This in turn has helped him make sense of the world through the different genres and artists. In this episode we dive deep into exploring new music and sound (especially ambient), how that has changed his perception of music and what we all can learn by tuning into music in a different way. It’s an enlightening and powerful chat that provides so much food for thought and ideas for us all to be more open minded when it comes to music we haven’t (really) listened to before. During our chat we touch on: · Spotify playlists and how he uses them · How he grew up around arts and music · What genre of music is his favourite and why · How Brian Eno inspired him to create his own sound/music · Why Zia thinks letting our brain experience different sound is beneficial and needed · His experience at a live concert by one of his favourite artists · Tips around listening to music we have never heard before · What his precepting of ambient music’s purpose is and beginner listening tips Connect with Zia Hassan Website: IG: Blog: LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join me in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Bonnie is a coach and force to be reckoned with. Her positive and uplifting attitude and mindset, her willingness to support others shines through every minute of our chat. So, you wouldn’t think or believe she is currently homeless, right?! During our time together we only briefly touch on this part of her life, I highlight it because I feel she is a wonderful example of having a strong mindset combined with being vulnerable and not being defined by her circumstances. AND her song pick is supporting this as well. Which one that is, well, you must listen to our chat to find out! 😉 This is an episode that has hit home to me that we have so much to be grateful for and even under hard conditions we can be of service to others whilst working on our own life. More about Bonnie: Bonnie Hardie is a Mindset/Life/Gratitude Coach based in Central Florida. She is the owner of Rock Solid Mindset/Life/Gratitude Coaching. She also is a 5-time Amazon Best Selling Author, Frequent International Podcast Guest & Seminar/Workshop Leader. Bonnie empowers midlife women to say "Bon Voyage' to the Shackles In Their Mind That Prevents Them From Living The Life of Their Dreams. On today’s episode we chat about: · Why age is ‘just a number’ and you are never too old to go after your dreams · Her favourite genre of music · Who she works the most with in her coaching business · What phrase (song title) she uses to describe how she supports her clients · Songs she listens to keep going · Tips on how to use songs to pull yourself out of a funk or bad day · Homelessness and why this isn't stopping her Connect with Bonnie Facebook: FB Group: BuyMeaCoffee: "Vision For Your Life Program": She combines a Vision Board and the Wheel of Life - colour coding the Wheel of Life. LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join me in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Do believe that one song can truly support you on your mental health journey? This episode will show you that it is possible and true. I invited Joseph to share his story on today’s episode, which dives straight into his mental health journey. He talks about his personal experiences through which he put together his own toolkit and how music plays its part in all of it. How one tragic moment sent him a clear message on what he needed to do next and how that in itself propelled him onto a journey of connecting and supporting others who struggle with their mental health. And of course, I asked how music played a part on his own health journey, how he uses it and why, plus what band had a massive impact on him…and he might have thrown a little challenge in there for me! Come and join us on this inspiring episode around mental health, music and some fun bits, too! More about Joseph: Joseph Reid has had a passion for loving and helping people from a very early age. He is the founder and Executive Director of Broken People, an international mental health peer support group. He is also very active as a peer support specialist and family advocate with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the nation’s largest grass roots mental health non-profit organization. He is extremely passionate about following God’s direction, loving and serving his wife Melissa of 24 years, and trying to keep up with his four awesome grown kids. He is the author of Broken Like Me and oversees several other brilliant writers on his website’s blog that can be found at: During this episode we chat about: · His own mental health journey · How his book came to life · What music means to him and his mental health · One song that describes his business and or life right now · Fun challenge he issued to me Connect with Joseph Reid Website: Online Support Community: LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join me in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
On today’s episode I chat to Niki Sibera, a Food Freedom Architect and founder of Happy Hearted Eating. Niki is a wonderfully calm and centred lady, who had her fair share of trauma to work through, which she did amazingly well. Now she is passionate about using all she has experienced, lived through both in her private life as well as through her work in the health care sector, to support and empower other women to NOT use food as a mask for what really is going on - or as Niki says, ‘listen to the whispers from the pantry and the fridge’. This is a great conversation around food, healing through music and of course we cover which artists have helped her along the way to process all that had been going on in her life. Find out more about Niki: As a young 52-year-old woman, she is pivoting from a 6-figure corporate career in health care leadership, using the heart healing work she has done over 30 years to transform her traumatic childhood experiences, into being a fierce guide and mentor for women who are ready for Happy Hearted Eating Now she is on a mission to walk alongside women to stop finding herself holding open the door of the fridge or cupboard, feeling miserable because she can’t seem to help herself. Thinking she’s all alone, that she’s a total failure and wondering why the hell she can’t seem to pull herself together. In the work that we do together, we explore what’s behind the eating, to see how her own trauma monster has taken over her heart and taken over how she copes. He has learned to be compassionate with her trauma monster and would like to show other women how to do that too so that the cupboard and fridge doors stay closed while the heart opens wide and we get to Happy Hearted Eating! We can’t diet our way out of ‘stress eating’. So rather than focus on what you are eating, together we focus on what’s eating you. She leads with her heart so she can make sure the people around her know that she cares deeply, including her clients. She asks heart-focused questions so the heart can shine through – and then she gives a hug after. She helps others grow by creating a safe place – even people in the grocery store line up end up telling her incredibly personal things. They know they are safe with her and that she sees the beautiful person they are, even when they feel fucked up. She has a magical way of seeing right into people’s hearts. People feel seen, heard and understood when they are around Niki. She wants all women to feel free – to learn how to tame the whispers from the fridge. To not feel alone and desperate. To not feel ashamed anymore. Learn to flip that switch and feel so sparkly on the inside that you shine!! Let’s all get our Happy Hearting Eating on!! In this episode we cover: · What made her walk away from her corporate job · What traumas she experience in the past and what music supported her in her healing journey · Why music is medicine in her eyes · Why businesses should integrate music much, much more in their every day work life · Her final words before we wrap up the episode Connect with Niki: FB: niki.sibera FB Group for women only who are looking for help with their stress/emotional eating: happyheartedeating LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join us in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
We all know Prince, or so I hope. He is an artist that many have a love/hate relationship with due to him being an artist that might have not been easy to understand. However, no one can deny the genius he was as a musician! And that is what Rebecca and myself cover a lot in today’s episode, and much more! Here’s little bit about Rebecca: Rebecca Lowrie is a Somatic Sex Therapist and expert in men’s sexuality. She has played and worked in the realms of self-awareness and personal/spiritual development for over 25 years, the last 15 of which have been specifically focused on awakening men to their true erotic nature. She is an author, podcast host, and the creator of The Sexual Mastery Activation Cards for Men and The Sexual Alchemy Journal for Men. During this episode we cover: · Why Prince is THE artist that evoked her own sexuality · The advice he might have given her if she met him in real life · Examples of the genius he was as a musician · Time where he played a more specific role in her life · Her take on his life and the saint/sinner analogy · Why she thinks he is empowering women Connect with Rebecca Website: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: @sexualalchemy LinkedIn: Twitter: Check out Rebecca's Online Summit: The Festival of Sexuality Full Replay is available here. LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join us in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
I am back with a solo episode to end my birthday month celebration. In this episode I start with reflecting on having two guest speakers join my Facebook group community and share around freeing your voice and use it through advocacy. Music can truly allow us to find our voice. Sometimes we do need a bit of support with the ‘how’, and that is where collaboration comes in. Which my guest speakers Elisa S. Keeler and Rachelle Babler have done so beautifully. I am beyond grateful for them to share their knowledge. If you would like to check out one or both presentations, you can do so in my FB Group or message me for the replay link. Then I talk about the changes this month has triggered in me and what that means moving forward with Living on the B Side. During this solo episode I cover: · Reflection on my birthday month · Guest speaker’s takeaways for me · Why I chose collaboration again · Some changes for LOTBS after this month --- Send in a voice message:
Dr. Erika Michalski has a robust history of providing enthusiastic keynotes and engaging workshops dedicated to empowering participants and cultivating new ideas about professional development. Erika is passionate about creating environments where individuals feel equipped to tackle new challenges as they move forward in personal and professional endeavours. She chooses to anchor all her work by using four primary lenses: authenticity, neuroscience, positive psychology, and evolution ... in other words, there’s a little something for everyone when Erika gets involved! Erika’s story is one of very high and super low phases. It shows how life can bless us and test us, but also how much of a support music can be. In our chat, Erika shares how one artist has continued to play a massive part in her and her family’s life, especially when her husband went through a very scary health battle. Plus, the amazing gift she organised for her husband with the help of that musician who wrote that one song that supported them through the highs and lows of the lives. On this episode we chat about: · Her take on the importance of music for herself, her family and society · How her wedding song has supported her during a crucial and testing time · Why a mixCD (tape) has continued to be a source of strength · What made her pull over on the Interstate and break down · How she created a special (music based) gift for her husband · Her favourite song and why · Why she has an authenticity playlist Connect with Erika: Instagram: @ConsultantBarbie LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join us in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Renée Gray is the Community Development Manager for Australian Start-up Six8. Six8 is a community that uses technology to bring music lovers together with music makers to create live music experiences. The landscape of music has been changing and music makers are suffering with income at a 15-year low and opportunities for emerging artists drying up. Renée speaks of her journey of being raised in a house that restricted the types of music her family was allowed to listen to through to leading a start-up that is taking a stance in the industry to evoke positive change. Renée is passionate about creating a future where live music is normal part of our day to day lives. Through Six8 Renée is kick-starting that future by creating new and exciting opportunities for music lovers and making sure that music makers are fairly financially rewarded. Whilst our conversation centres around the Australian Music Industry, a lot can be learned, and ideas taken away for live music anywhere. Live music has always been an important and deeply rooted part of humans and now more than ever it is crucial to support artists and their craft! Renee shares a couple of wonderful experiences of those kinds of experiences and how we all can contribute, big or small, to ensure live music is something for all to enjoy and for generations to come. Highlights of our time together: · Growing up a little bit unconventional when it came to music · Her experience working and thriving in a music business in Australia · Live music community event during the COVID pandemic · Her take on the current status of the Australian Music Industry · Ideas how we all can support our local artists · The vision of Six8 & how they intend to impact the (local) music scene across Australia Connect with Renee Gray 2022 Hot Sheet For those of you keen to learn more about our Australian music scene and discover both emerging and established artists near you, we’ve curated 2022 Hot Sheet just for you. It includes some tips on how you can get involved with positively contributing to securing the future of music LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join us in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Rachelle Babler grew up in Southern California near the sunny beaches of San Diego and has always been an avid traveller, musician, advocate and creative soul. At the height of her career in forensics in 2017, she quit her job cold turkey to pursue her “why”. Which is 'To empower others to consciously advocate on stage or through music, SO THAT they can heal, inspire and unite the human collective'. She is a #1 International Best Selling Co-Author, TEDx Speaker and proud mama to her two children Austin and Camryn. During our time together we chatted about her upbringing, first career and what led her to take the step into entrepreneurship, which now has turned into a passion for advocacy through music. We touch on the steps she uses in her program and how you can make a start in creating a song to advocate for a cause you are passionate about. “Right now, don't wait, like we may not get that opportunity. I love that with my clients who take the leap to take their speaking to the next level and to really create human impact because we don't know when our time is going to end on this in this lifetime. And you don't want to have those regrets. You don't want to have should have could have would have, I wish I would have done this, or I wish I could have done this or anything like that” ~ Rachelle During our chat we touch on: · Her backstory around music & her childhood · Early lyric writing · She rediscovered her love of music and writing lyrics / music 20 years later · Her sister’s diagnosis of colon cancer & the song she has dedicated to her · Change of career to work with storytelling and advocating through music · How her 'advocating through music' program has come to life · More about the process of her work / program · How make a start yourself in creating a song to advocate for something you are passionate about · Song that describes her life/biz right now Connect with Rachelle Babler Website: FB: LinkedIn: TEDx Talk: LIKED THE EPISODE? Then I am sure others would like to hear it, too. Why not share this episode with them or leave a review on Apple Podcasts so I can reach more people. Join us in the official Living on the B Side Community Facebook group HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Benjamin Yeh is a Business and Transformation Coach. Combining his investment experience and intuitive gift, Ben empowers entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity in discovering their 'True North', start thriving in their business, and live the life they are meant to create! Ben's career has evolved from being a real estate consultant, investment officer for a family office where he invested over $1 billion dollars, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, advisor/coach and overall student of life. Ben launched his Boom Vision Podcast in 2021, a show designed for driven entrepreneurs and professionals seeking clarity, purpose and happiness. This show dives deep on how to create lasting success by building a solid foundation of a healthier mind, body and soul: it starts with a powerful mindset! In today’s interview, we dive deep into what your inner voice actually is and ways for you to get there, with or without help. This includes regular time to reflect to gain more clarity and how music can play a vital role in this. Benjamin explains how music can shift your energetic state, the difference between our inner and outer voice and he also shares some examples on how your intuitive body communicates with you. Yes, our bodies are in constant contact with us, we should learn how to listen and that is different for every one of us. He also shares a powerful morning routine, that includes music, that ANYONE can do and only takes 5-10 minutes maximum. Very worth a listen and give it a try. Main points we talk about on today’s show: · The grinding mentality & being in a hamster wheel · About our mindset and routine and how that impacts our life · Why music helps us shift our energetic state · The definition of our inner and outer voice · How our body is communicating with us and why it is important · His specially designed morning routine & how easy it is to integrate it into our lives · His song that describes his business and life Connect with Bejamin Yeh Website: IG: @benjaminyeh LinkedIn: Boom Vision Podcast: Available on all podcast directories, incl. Apple Podcast: Get FREE Access to Benjamin’s breathwork exercise or book a FREE discovery call: Download a free 1-minute breathwork exercise + 3 curated music playlists (high energy, confidence, self-love/healing): Coaching: If anyone is searching for a transformation coach, happy to connect to see if we vibe and if there's a good fit! Feel free to book a discovery call via my website: --- Send in a voice message:
Emma G has been using the power of music to empower, inspire, and motivate audiences worldwide her entire life. Born with a rare neurological condition called hydrocephalus, Emma G has used the power of music and song writing to recover from multiple traumas, including ten brain surgeries, by writing and singing her truth, sharing her experiences, and turning her lessons into blessings. With features in the Washington Post, Thrive Global Magazine, PBS, Radio New Zealand, and CBC News, New Zealand-born edutainer has expanded her mission of saving the world one song at a time to incorporate her history as an award-winning youth-worker, launching YES Youth Coaching: a completely new approach to youth work combining Emma G’s history as a teacher, lecturer, YMCA youth worker and – of course – an award-winning musician. In this episode we cover: · How song writing can help young people to express in a structured but fun way what they are feeling, esp after a therapy session · How to write a song · Her time as a teenager compared to growing up now · Advice/tips for younger people on how to deal with stress and mental health · How to use your brain and music to recreate your old stories into new ones · Her personal music tastes (and why) · The ONE song that describes her life and or business & why · Her words of wisdom and encouragement Connect with Emma G: Interested to work with Emma?  Youth Empowerment Through Songwriting: The Four Week Online Course “YES Youth Coaching is a completely new approach to helping teenagers navigate adolescence and PTSD in a post-pandemic world: using the therapeutic benefits of music and songwriting combined with safe, creative and effective youthwork practices and guidance. This four week online self-directed program is set up to assist your teenager in writing their life’s empowering theme song in a safe space that honors their creativity, vulnerability, and budding masterpieces. Over the four weeks, your teenager will receive: · Fourteen self-directed video lessons · Worksheets to facilitate their learning · A weekly group Q&A and coaching call for the four week duration · Open door communication via email and WhatsApp · An effective toolkit for navigating stress, anxiety and overwhelm And YOU will receive a bonus digital copy of my book “Reconnect with Your Teenager: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Stressed or Anxious Kid Through the Art of Songwriting” Sign up via this link: Come and share your biggest takeaways from today's episode in my FB Community: --- Send in a voice message:
We all want to lead a healthy and fit life(style), yet sadly it seems tough for many of us to achieve, right?! In today’s episode I am joined by Louise who shares her own health journey that included many of her own health breakdowns where she discovered her breakthroughs! We chat about how music can be used in fitness, from beginners to professional athletes and that it actually goes a little deeper than ‘just putting on your playlist’. Louise also shares more about her life, health struggles and other personal experiences and how that has shaped her and the way she approaches fitness, wellbeing and coaching in the space. In today’s episode we cover: · Her amazing background that leads her to her own coaching business · How understanding our own bodies and those of others can help with everyday situations (such as children’s tantrums) · How to use music more intentional to reduce stress and increase our fitness goals · Why thinking ahead and having fitting songs can make all the difference · What bio acoustic music is and what it is used for · Why simplicity (and music) is key to achieve your health goals About Louise: Louise Valentine is an Award-Winning Wellness Expert, Physiologist, Performance Coach, best-selling author & competitive runner. She’s worked for the NFL, published research & has over 20 years’ experience designing holistic wellness solutions for individuals & companies throughout the U.S. Whether coaching a pro athlete, everyday runner or fitness lover, Louise will empower you to break through to your next level of health & performance without a stressful journey or endless search for solutions! Louise offers free trainings, courses & world class coaching programs at, so you too can maximize your ability to live a vibrant, healthy & high-performance life…with simplicity & ease! Connect with Louise: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Sign up for Louise’s’ free training where she shares a 4-part framework for anyone looking to improve their health & fitness & unlock their potential with simplicity & ease: Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of the Living on the B Side with me, Birgit. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review. The show can be found anywhere else you may wish to get your podcasts too! Be sure to and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and if you know someone who you think would enjoy this episode, please share it with them on social media. --- Send in a voice message:
In today’s episode I chat with Eric Bauberg, a Holistic Life Coach and Motivational Entertainer who works with people one-on-one as well as in groups through his workshops. Eric’s story is a sad yet fascinating one, where surrender plays a massive part in. If he did not learn to surrender, then the tragic death of his beloved sister could have had a different outcome. Yet, through being able to surrender he connected deeper with his sister and this enabled him to finally step up and into the person he is today. Listen to this incredible interview to gain insight into how to deal with a terrible loss of a loved one that turned into a journey where music and coaching come together and inspire others towards their greatest self. A bit about Eric’s work: In his one-on-one coaching, he guides self-aware individuals to tune their minds and their bodies, so that they could create more ease and flow as they move towards their greatest self. When Ben is hosting workshops, he tries to teach certain principles, certain tools, while telling his own story and infusing his own original music in there to really influence the energy, but also to really ground the message of what he is trying to say and where it has brought him in life. During chat we cover: · Eric’s life up until the moment that changed his life forever · What he calls the ‘gift of tragedy’ · Why he felt he led a double-life · Moment of his sisters’ passing & what surrendering has to do with it · How music played a particularly big part in this tragic phase of his life · The message he now shares with others around spirituality & music · Examples of how he moved from ‘fear to fuel’ as a musician Connect with Eric Bauberger Website: FB: IG Spotify: Connect with me:  My FB group:  My email list:  IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode of the Living on the B Side podcast I welcome Philippa to the microphone. Philippa is a proud Northerner, who studied law at university, and she spent most of her career exploring the UK, subconsciously seeking "home". She settled in the beautiful city of Bristol where she now lives with her husband, two teenage sons and Bob the dog. During her own personal transformation, through healing childhood trauma and learning to love and live for herself, she arrived at her soul mission to guide people to be the truest versions of themselves because she believes that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. She proudly supports Nacoa (the National Association for Children of Alcoholics). Discovering a joy for writing, wild-swimming and even running (slowly) in mid-life has been a fabulous surprise. Philippa has a podcast (Meeting of Minds) and is a certified coach. Her memoir, I See, Me, was released on 30th November 2021 and is available in paperback and on kindle at Amazon. During our time together we chat about: · Why she created a music playlist about her life story · Her take on the messages we receive around who we should be or shouldn't be · When she realised she needed external help and seek therapy · How younger people can use music to stay true to themselves · Why one song can help you potentially figure out how you are feeling · Her message to younger people in the world & how music is connected to that Connect with Philippa Robinson Website: IG: @safeandsupportedcoaching Her book ‘I See, Me’ on Amazon: Connect with me: My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is for all the females out there – young and old alike. Mother and daughters. Female friends and of course dads and the females in their lives. Shawna will share her knowledge around the maturation of a female, ideas, tricks and of course why belly dancing can be super beneficial for not only this monthly cycle but far beyond. We are also diving into how her book idea came about and what she hopes to achieve and change through it. Main points we cover are: · How this book came into life · What belly dancing has to do with this cycle · Why belly dancing is super beneficial for a woman · How music can be a communication tool around the female cycle · Which artist & song reminds her about belly dancing Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my Podcast if you have enjoyed this episode. More about Shawna: A healing intuitive, health coach and educator – and mother to five beautiful children. Her dedication to women, their children (and their animals) is evident in the commitment she puts into Natural Health & Fitness, pouring out her spiritual gifts for the healing of others. She is passionate about creating a world where people can trust their intuition about their individual health journey. Shawna has committed to her spiritual purpose: recruiting a “Host of Inspired Women” to support the revolution of bringing masculine and feminine balance into healing. A little more about Shawna’s Book ‘Keepers of the Earth’s Secret’s Keepers of the Earth's Secrets is a beautifully illustrated book helping women and girls expand their perspective of menstruation by using nature metaphors to explain our monthly cycle. What if our daughters could see their cycle as sacred? Join us on this beautiful journey and see how women are truly the keeper of the earth's secrets. Connect with Shawna Smith Book link: FB Group: FB Profile: Connect with me: My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
Stephanie Zee is a Transformational Breakthrough Coach on a mission to raise the world's consciousness through heart, soul and healing... She specialises in guiding people to come into alignment mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She focuses on powerful Breakthrough Transformations, Personalised One to One Coaching, Group Masterminds and Live Events that help take her clients from lacking clarity, feeling overwhelmed, lost, burned out and low vibe to awakened, happy, focused, confident, high vibe and in alignment. During out chat we talk about her personal journey that includes music, how and why. Singing, dancing and her current favourite style of music is only the tip of the iceberg! Stephanie also shares different ways related to music and sound that can help you tune back into your own personal frequency and start receiving your ‘downloads’ or guidance again to create a happier and higher energy life. The main points we cover are: · Why clearing space is a big first step towards reconnecting with your own frequency · What your current music choices say about you and your emotions · Her own personal stories related to music · Her favourite songs for her current stage in her life and business (and why) Connect with Stephanie here: Connect with me more, join one or all of the below: My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
Have you ever thought about how the meaning of music, or more specifically a song can change for us over time? In this episode I share my thoughts on this question as well as an exercise that you can do very easily that can answer this question. If you are a little bit like me, then self-development can be a bit tricky at times; you might feel you aren't getting it or not making enough progress, etc. etc. However, you probably are further along than you think, and this is where music can help you find proof of that. Come and take 10 minutes out of your day and let’s spend some time together, on the B Side of life. On today’s episode: · My reason/inspiration for creating this episode · How to use music to find proof that you are making progress · Simple exercise that you can do to see this for yourself · Example how I used it for myself with a specific genre of music Connect with me more, join one or all of the below. See you there! My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
Life is all about getting up and try. And try again. And keeping our desires and goals in our minds an hearts, even if we get ‘burnt’ at times. Pink’s song ‘Try’ has been my ‘go to’ song that helped me to come out of my numbness and starting to feel emotions again. Today I share how I am slowly making this transition from numb to trying. How I feel this particular song is more than a love song, it is so much more (I wonder if Pink realised that when she wrote it?!) If you are feeling a little numb right now, spend these 10 minutes with me and see if I can inspire you to find your song(s) that help you come out of that numbness and back into trying to create a better life. Quick overview of today’s episode: · Recap on my episode 31 ‘Numb’ · Where I am now emotionally and what I have done and doing · What this song means to me and how it has helped me If you haven’t listened to the episode ‘Numb’ and how I ended up there, you can do so here: Connect with me more, join one or all of the below. See you there! My FB group My email list IG & FB: @livingonthebside Twitter: @livingonBSide --- Send in a voice message:
Do you ever feel numb?

Do you ever feel numb?


This time on my Podcast I share with you how 'Numb’ by Linkin Park presented itself to me at the right time and allowed me to recognise how I currently feel. Yes, as you can guess, it is numb! This must be one of the most annoying and hardest emotions to break through, yet there are small steps we can take to move away from it and back into a happier us. I hope this episode makes you feel less alone if you are in that space, too and inspires you to hit ‘play’ on songs that help you feel better. During this episode I share with you: · A little bit about the actual song itself · The reasons how I ended up feeling this way · What I started to do to change this feeling and move into a happier place Do you or have you felt ‘numb’ before? I would love to hear your experiences and how you moved out of this. Connect with me here: My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
Do you remember the song ‘Turn back time’ by Aqua? It is the title song for the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ with Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie centres around one woman, played by Gwyneth, and two storylines, showing two paths her life could take depending on whether she catches a Tube on the London Underground or not (hence the 'sliding door' title). This song got me thinking about how often we might have ‘sliding door’ moments, what we can learn from them and how to not get stuck in the loop of revisiting those moments. Join me whilst I ponder this question centred around this song (and movie) and let me know your thoughts on it. Main points on today’s episodes are: · 1:27 What the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ is about · 3:30 Why learning to make a healthy decision that is good for us is important · 6:30 How music can assist us with healing from those ‘sliding door’ moments Connect with me My FB group > My email list > IG & FB: @livingonthebside --- Send in a voice message:
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