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A weekly show that talks about all the recent news, events, happenings, and trends in the #MiamiTech community.
37 Episodes
In this episode, Gianni, Brian, Maria, Cesar, and Will Discuss:- The latest news in #MiamiTech- Gianni's background - How he got involved in the early days of Ethereum - What he's working on in the NFT space- Miami Coin- and more!
In this episode of the MiamiTech Pod, Michael, Helen, Brian, and Cesar talk about:- Moving SwagUp to Miami- Learning how to bootstrap and scale- Tips on how to work well with your partner- How they are balancing live/work- Lessons learned- and more!
In this weeks episode, Melissa, Maria, Brian, and Cesar discuss:-Building eMerge America’s over the years -The Medina family: A family in business-Collabing with Pitbull - & more  
In this episode, Cesi, Brian, Cesar, and Will discuss:- Cesi's background- Her experience in Crypto- What brought her back to Miami- NFTs- Brian's viral tweet- and more!! Helpful resources on NFTs:
In this episode of the Miami Tech Pod, Chris, Adam, Cesar, Brian, Maria and Will discuss:- Flamingo Capital: the new syndicate their running- Their first two investments- How to contact them for a potential investment
In this episode, Miles, Maria, Cesar, Brian and Will discuss:- Miles background and how he broke into the tech scene- Innovation around logistics and what brought him to start CargoLogik- Growing a team- Sales tips- His thoughts around what's happening lately with #MiamiTech- & more! Follow Miles on Twitter:
On this episode of the pod, Ja’dan, Cesar, Maria and Brian discuss:Miami Hack WeekSoftbank Operator School Startups making moves (4Ocean + Traba)and more!
On this episode of The #MiamiTech Pod, Dave, Will, Maria, and Brian discuss:Dave's background and his journey into starting TealMore about the company and mission behind itHis thoughts on #MiamiTechand more!Follow Dave on Twitter:
In this episode, Michael, Mateo, Maria, Cesar, Brian, and Will discuss:- The Lula story- Their pivot from a ridesharing app to an insurance platform- Raising money- Miami Hack Week- & more! 
In this episode of the #MiamiTech Pod Henri, Cesar, and Brian discuss:Henri's backgroundHis MissionThe State of Venture Capital in AmericaWhy Henri moved to Miamiand more!Follow Henri on Twitter: 
In this episode, Suraj, Cesar and Brian discuss:  ⁃    How to land an influencer animal     ⁃    How Mariaderchi influenced the start of a weather app empire    ⁃    Building ones own freedom by being an entrepreneur    ⁃    What the future holds for #MiamiTech    ⁃    And much moreFollow Suraj on Twitter:
In this episode of The #MiamiTech Pod, Alexandra, Maria, Cesar & Will discuss:Alexandra's backgroundHer time at Gilt, GLAMSQUAD, and other venturesMore about her new venture capital firm ClerisyWhy she chose to move to Miami& more!! Follow Alexandra on Twitter:
In this episode Felipe, Andres, Cesar, and Maria discuss:- The tragedy in Surfside and what you can do to help- More about PADL- Challenges building a paddle board sharing network- PADL’s innovative data play instead of water quality sensors- & more!
On this episode of the pod, Brian, Cesar, Maria and Will discuss: Fundraising news CORAL GABLES-BASED FINTECH PAYCARGO RAISES $125M SERIES B FROM INSIGHT PARTNERSBank Novo $40.7M Series A (we use them)TO CONNECT SPORTS CARD TRADERS, MIAMI-BASED LOUPE LANDS $12M IN FUNDING  Events Recap:Women in Miami TechCoMotion  Transplant Miami Blue Tech & Marine Mobility Mixer - Daniel Kleinman Upcoming events: Happy Hour - Freehold - Wednesday ROI Event - Mana Tech - ThursdayClimateTech Miami - - Thursday 
Live from CoMotion Miami, @CFernandezFL sits down with John Rossant of @CoMotionNEWS for a special edition of the Miami Tech PodThey talk about: -Innovation in urban mobility -Miami as an emerging mobility playground -Electric and autonomous vehicles
With special guest Jon Oringer from Pareto Holdings!In this episode, Jon, Maria, Cesar, Brian, and Will discuss:What brought Jon to MiamiMore about the Pareto FellowshipWhat Jon looks for in Entrepreneurs and more!Follow Jon on Twitter: the #MiamiTech Pod on Twitter:
With special guest Jalak Jobanputra!In this episode, Jalak, Brian, Maria and Cesar discuss:- Jalak's background- More about Future Perfect Ventures- What brought Jalak to Miami- Her perspective blockchain/crypto and where it's heading- Investment opportunities in the space- and more!Follow Jalak on Twitter: The MiamiTech Pod on Twitter:
On this episode of the #MiamiTech Pod, Delian, Cesar, Maria, and Brian discuss:- Delian's background- What he's up to at Varda Space Industries- The famous tweet heard round the world- Thoughts on #MiamiTech- What he looks for in companies- and moreFollow Delian on Twitter:
In this episode, Maria, Cesar, Brian and Will discuss:Miami real estate Craziness,Event recap from the past weekThe Wyncubator competition,and more! 
On this episode of the pod, Cesar, Maria, Brian, and Will discuss:- A recap of recent events- More #MiamiTechWeek stuff- Doge goes nuts- and more!
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