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Villains Make the Tale

Villains Make the Tale


Your Villains must be as carefull crafted as your heros. The audience always loves a well crafted bad guy.
How do you keep your writing career going while you manage the work load of life? Craig Rainey shares his thoughts on the topic.
Dialogue is one of the most difficult components of writing. You have to be good at it.
Craig Rainey shares some basic tips for being a good writer. It doesn't take an English teacher to know the rules of the writing road.
Craig Rainey talks about those colorful sub characters. Why are backing characters so important? How do you come up with them? What makes them memorable?
I converted Stolen Valor to a Screenplay. I had a lot to learn about the differences.
Craig Rainey talks about his process in writing his Carson Brand series and how he is suffering from plot block on the 3rd book.
I had to start all over with my publishing marketing. What a time!
Craig Rainey talks about his experience watching the popular Paramount TV series.
Craig Rainey discusses the difference and why it is an important difference.
Craig Rainey talks about the importance of Sub-plot and Theme in writing. He shares the themes he attached to his books.
Craig Rainey talks about the idea that we are not to be trusted with our inalianable rights.
Craig takes the politics out of the events of the day. Sorry about the 10 seconds of loud music in the 12th minute (whoops).
Craig Rainey shares the background of his main character in his action thriller series and how he came to write him that way.
Craig Rainey discusses the importance of checking what you are told and knowing what you believe in.
Craig shares some of the bizzare experiences he has had with the supernatural.
Craig received a Man Up book for Christmas. The gift sparked a look inside his thoughts on manhood.
Craig Rainey talks about how he entered the film business and the pitfalls all upstart actors face in Indy Film.
Craig's Writing Career

Craig's Writing Career


Craig Rainey talks about his influences and the circumstances that led him to be a published author. Carson Brand, the hero of his new action thriller series is explained.
Craig talks about his early years when he entered the film biz, became an author, and his experiences as a novice drummer.
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