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These are the weekly sermons and lessons from the Winchester Church of Christ.
346 Episodes
Joseph continues his sermon series in the Sermon on the Mount titled, "The Best Sermon Ever." This sermon is focused on the section of scripture that deals with oaths and honesty. 
Joseph continues his sermon series on "The Best Sermon Ever" from the Sermon on the Mount. This lesson discusses Jesus' teaching on Marriage and Divorce. 
Joseph continues his series titled, "The Best Sermon Ever." In this lesson, he discusses Jesus' perspective on Lust and Purity from the Sermon on the Mount. 
In this lesson, Joseph tackles the topic of anger by looking at how Jesus talks about anger in the Sermon on the Mount. 
This is lesson 3 in Joseph's series on the Sermon on the Mount titled, "Best Sermon Ever."
Joseph preaches from the Sermon on the Mount for the second lesson in the series "Best Sermon Ever." 
Joseph begins a series titled, "Best Sermon Ever" on the Sermon on the Mount. 
Keith Parker joins as a guest speaker to discuss the book of 2 Peter! 
This is the Sunday Morning sermon of the Winchester Church of Christ. 
This is the Sunday morning sermon of the Winchester Church of Christ. 
Joseph challenges Christians to see the vision for the future that Micah casts In Micah 4. 
Joseph continues challenging Christians to pray!
In this sermon, Joseph introduces the theme for 2021: The Power of Prayer. 
Don't be stuck in negative thinking! Look forward to the positives of being In Christ! 
The final lesson in Joseph's series titled, "O Holy Night." 
Joseph presents part 2 from his series, "O Holy Night" that is based on the earth-shattering significance of our Savior's arrival. This week's lesson comes from the line in the song, "A Thrill of Hope, The Weary World Rejoices."
Joseph begins a series today called, "O Holy Night." Each week, the sermon will be based on a different line from the famous song. This week’s sermon is titled, "Long Lay the World, in Sin and Error Pining."
Do you have any famous quotes that you cling to? There are lots of them that infiltrate our lives on a daily basis. Philippians 4:13 is one of the most famous verses from scripture and is often misunderstood. Join us today for a sermon titled, "I Can Do All Things."
This morning we had Bill Watkins from Crieve Hall Church of Christ speak to us about Living Out of Fear from the parable of the talents. Thank you for joining us online!
The last few weeks have been fixated on American politics. It's a good time for Christians to be reminded that the Bible tells us we are sojourners and exiles - Pilgrims! - in the countries that we call home. In fact, where we live is not ultimately where we belong. Be challenged with us to learn how we should dwell as strangers in a foreign land!
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