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In today's Podcast episode I share a personal story that I rarely share. It's an episode I've wanted to share for a long time, but because of how painful the lesson was, I always procrastinate and put off sharing it.But today felt like the right day to share it - so here it is.An incredible painful, but very important, lesson that I learned in my mid 20s - and how it ended up being a key factor in us building an incredible business and creating an amazing life. 
New country openings are an exciting time in your business. A whole new market of people who haven't (yet) heard about your products or company.And it can be very tempting to jump on a plane and spend a week prospecting every single person you meet.But if you want to get better results, and a much better return on investment, there's a far better way to approach new openings. 
I've often joked; if I had $1 for every time I was asked 'How do you I more leaders?' I'd have enough money to buy an island in the South Pacific. And really the question needs to be asked differently. Because it's not about 'finding' them, it's about:What can I do to have people want to follow me?What do I do once these people come to me? - because 'Leaders' don't 'Follow' systems or duplication. In today's podcast, I want to talk about the main skill to focus on to allow more people to recognise you as the leader they want to follow - and how you can quickly identify who's a follower and who's a potential leader. 
On today's Podcast, I wanted to share with you 3 simple mindset shifts that you can implement into your life to set yourself free. Of course, simple doesn't mean 'easy' - there is always work involved in building a business and putting your money to work.But if you can have these 3 rules set into your DNA, making them the forefront of every decision you make - you will be able to enjoy financial freedom. 
One of the most important (and often overlooked) keys to creating more financial freedom is how reliable your income is. It's not about how good your bonus cheques are.Not what you're earning on a good week, but if you can live off your bad weeks. The more reliable your income, the more freedom you can enjoy.And a reliable income needs a reliable business, which requires reliable activities from reliable people.And the one way to do that is to avoid chasing the latest trend - because they're simply just too unreliable. 
'Anyone can do this business' - which is awesome. But you don't want to be just 'anyone', you want to be a 'someone'. And that means you need to separate yourself from the crowd when it comes to your business building skills.And to do that, there's 1 key skill that you need to develop that is the difference between building an average business and building a great business. 
Recognition and Social Media are incredible powerful tools in our business.But they can also create comparison syndrome for a lot of people. We see the posts on FB & IG of team members rank advancing and having huge weeks - and it can make us feel like a huge failure. Sometimes, we can even want to quit.On today's Podcast episode, I want to share an analogy I've always used for when people are struggling with comparison syndrome - and hope that it can help you too. 
Winston Churchill famously said: Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. And it's very true - the path to success will never be a straight line. There will be days where everything feels easy, along with days here you feel like a total failure. And especially in Network Marketing - times where you can be making a lot of money and the teams buzzing, and then times where you're not sure if you can pay the utilities bill. On todays Podcast, I'm joined by Erika Dale - and she shares the real and raw story of being in that exact situation above, from struggling, to finding to success, to hitting struggles again, to finding success again. She shares the mindsets and environmental tools she used to get back on top after all the life's challenges - and hopefully she can inspire you to get back in the game after you've been knocked down.You can follow her at @whoiserikadale and
Attraction Marketing is an incredibly powerful, and popular, tool to use in building your business. But it can also be very overwhelming for people:What do I post?How do I create content?And a lot of the problems that people can face come from tackling the process in the wrong order. The How and What are simple, but first you need to know the Why. Once you know the purpose of your posting, the reason why you're creating content, everything else becomes a lot simpler.On today's episode, I take you through the 5 Steps Process to creating your Attraction Marketing system, so that you can increase you connections and find ideal customers for your business. 
There are many ways to build your business - with the ATM (Add, Tag, Message) method being a particularly popular one.In today's episode, I want to share our spin on the ATM method, the AWL system. If you don't have a system yet, you can implement into your team immediately.If you do have your own system, you can use this to tweak your approach and improve results. 
Network Marketing is an incredible industry. It allows people to come in and create incredible, life changing, results. There is truly no limit to the vision. But if you want to turn your vision into a reality, there's one agreement you must make in order to get there. 
Let's face facts - there will be many days that you feel like quitting.We can all have the wall kicking moments, the frustrating messages, the challenging days. And for a lot of people, they are waking up today one negative conversation away from quitting. And then there's other people who seem to be so driven, so focussed, so locked in - and no matter what, they never quit.So how do they do it?What separates them from the rest of the pack?Today, I share a simple exercise you can do to identify any potential weaknesses, become more well rounded and build your resilience - so you never quit. 
AI trading bots are all the rage at the moment, and there's a lot of positives to be seen. Having an automated system that can help you enter into the stock market - can be invaluable to the new investor. But how do they actually work?And not from a technical point of view - but from a money making POV. Are they really the safe, reliable and smart investment that they're sold to be? 
Everyone knows that consistency is the key; it’s not what you do once, but what you do consistently that really matters. The most successful people, in any industry, are those who are the most consistent.  Anyone can go to the gym and eat well one day, the healthiest people consistently work-out and eat well. Anyone can hit 1 good golf shot, the top players (and earners) hit consistently good golf shots.  And in this business – anyone can blitz for a week, even a month. But if you want to reach the top of your company (and stay there), it requires doing the work consistently. I'm sure you already know this - but why do so many people still struggle with consistency, even when we know how important it is?And often, we can be our our worst enemy, when we let one bad day turn into a bad week, into a bad month. So today, I wanted to share the simple mantra I use to help avoid one bad day taking me off path and ruining my consistency. 
Recently I did a Podcast episode talking about my Golden Rule of Investing - hopefully taking the fear and frustration out of getting started in the investment game. Today I wanted to create a similar style episode, hopefully helping take out the overwhelm when it comes to content creation and marketing.  Because, as we always know, an overwhelmed mind does nothing. Take the overwhelm and frustration out by always focussing in on this 1 Golden Rule, make it the primary purpose of your daily activities, and you will see a change in your business. 
Imagine you're driving home one day after a long day of work; you're tired, stressed out and frustrated.And then, out of nowhere, a young kid in a bright red Ferrari cuts you off as he flies off the highway.  You slam the breaks, smash the horn, yell obscenities out the window.An hour later you're home, still rattled by the event.And then the phone rings...On today's Podcast, I share this story, as one of the most powerful business stories I ever learned - and how it can help you, and your partner & team, build a stronger and more successful business. 
There are so many different ways to build your business - which is great.But it can also be overwhelming. Especially thanks to all the tools of Social Media these days - it can be daunting to start.So daunting that some people will never get their business off the ground. An overwhelmed mind stands still.With that in mind, today I wanted to talk about the 2 key ways to build your business - reverse engineering the process so you can cut the overwhelm and focus on the best way for you.Plus - the 2 common mistakes that people can make that will definitely NOT work.Get your tickets to Freedom Fest 2022 at
The ABCs of Connecting

The ABCs of Connecting


I truly believe that as human beings, we are natural born connectors.It's totally natural, and 'normal' for a child to go up to another child in the park, introducing themselves and become great friends straight away. But then as we grow, that natural connection starts becoming unnatural. It starts becoming much harder.And then we join NWM - and it can become very hard. Some find it easy, but most people can find it very challenging. And that can make business growth very hard. If connection is a struggle, your business will generally stall.In our business, and in any business, connecting and networking is essential. It's the foundation of what we do; meeting people, connecting and then offering value and solutions for their challenges.My wife Angie is someone who loves connecting. She is one of the Unicorns who can seem to make best friends so simply and easily. And so I've asked her to join me on the podcast this week, and share her top tips on connecting, and the simple ABC framework she uses.For tickets to Freedom Fest - head to
Warren Buffet is probably the most successful and well known investor of our time. He has amassed an incredible net worth, and helped many people do the same. And when it all boils down, he states that it comes back to 2 Golden Rules:Don't lose money.Don't forget Rule Number 1.And whilst he certainly knows more about investing than me, those two rules can give them impression that he only backs winners. That he has 100% record when it comes to investing. And that's not true.And it's that fear of loss that holds a lot of people back from even starting investing. The mindset that you have to get 100% of your trades correct is overwhelming, stopping people from ever starting. In today's Podcast episode, I want to give you a variation on Buffet's first rule - one that's more realistic, and more actionable.
Procrastination - we all do it, and then we realise what a bad idea it was. It's something that prevents so many people growing their business, and it stops any momentum that we were hoping to create. The more we procrastinate, the less we produce, the poorer the results we see - we end up spending more time to achieve less, and end up further from freedom than closer. In todays episode, I wanted to look at 4 practical tips that you can institute into your business, and life, straight away and start seeing better results from your actions. 
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