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In today's episode, we are doing another solo but not the usual one. Unlike the past ones where we are talking about real estate updates. Today, we are talking about my family of four’s travel experience post-COVID and how it is a MUST for your overall health plus some quick announcements to all our subscribers. IN TODAY’S EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT:Our VERY FIRST-time travel as a FAMILY with 2 kids, Post-COVID.What Travel does for you and your health.Getting a perspective change through travel.A special announcement to all our Palm Harbor Local Podcast Subscribers!  CONNECT WITH DONNIE: - Follow Donnie: @donnie.hathaway- Follow Palm Harbor Local: @PalmHarborLocal- For more real estate information - www.donniehathaway.comJOIN THE LOCALS  for exclusive discounts and specials from our local business owners and stay up to date on what's happening in Palm Harbor.Together, we keep Palm Harbor local. 
Today I am sitting with clothing-brand entrepreneur, Ariana Agostini who is the founder and creator of Noe + Roe Boutique. Noe + Roe started as an online boutique during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as it was a childhood dream for Ariana. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT:How Ariana started her business during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and her passion to have a clothing brand for women that will make them feel comfortable all the while still working on her corporate career. Ariana grew up in Puerto Rico where her grandfather taught her about hard work and how women should be able to stand up for themselves and do whatever they want. Her childhood dream also revolved around creating her own fashion brand with the intent of eventually having her own store and with enough encouragement from her husband she was able to do so. Ariana also tells the story of how her experience in the marketing arena helped her compete with thousands of online fashion brands. She also highlighted why it’s important to create a unique name for your brand and how establishing your roots in a specific market helps you build your business (which she found in Palm Harbor).If you find great value from this episode, CONNECT WITH ARIANA: -Shop Noe and Roe Boutique: -Follow: @shop_noe_roe on Instagram-Follow: @shop_noe_roe on Facebook -Follow: @shopnoeandroe on TikTok                     CONNECT WITH DONNIE: - Follow Donnie: @donnie.hathaway- Follow Palm Harbor Local: @PalmHarborLocal- Youtube: THE LOCALS  for exclusive discounts and specials from our local business owners and stay up to date on what's happening in Palm Harbor.- For more real estate information - www.donniehathaway.comTogether, We keep Palm Harbor local.
In today's episode, I was joined by our award-winning and lifelong resident of Pinellas County, Mike Twitty, MAI, CFA. He was elected in 2017 as the Pinellas County Property Appraiser. Mike tells us his story of growing up in Pinellas County and how his passion for real estate and development brought him to become one of the most successful private property appraisers in town. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT:Mike’s career in the property appraisal field, and his passion for building and development since his undergraduate studies. He also talks about the greater wealth migration, being cognizant about smart growth and development, and all things around running a property appraising establishment that is big on improvement, adaptability, and growth. Additionally, Mike and his team’s goal is to make sure that they are providing fair and equitable property valuations in Pinellas county.Mike also gave us some tips and pertinent processes we need to know when working with property appraisers whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your property.He also gave us a quick run-through of their new and improved website that people can still access alongside the old one but definitely more improved with all the additional functionalities their patrons will love. Mike also discussed the Homestead Portability Act and all other laws which he thinks could be improved to address the pressing situations in the county. CONNECT WITH MIKE TWITTY:Website: Access Pinellas County Property Appraiser's new and improved website with all the functionalities and tools you love from the old one ( Mike Twitty, MAI, CFA Pinellas County Property Appraiser Facebook: Pinellas County Property Appraiser ( CONNECT WITH DONNIE: - Follow Donnie: @donnie.hathaway- Follow Palm Harbor Local: @PalmHarborLocalJOIN THE LOCALS  for exclusive discounts and specials from our local business owners and stay up to date on what's happening in Palm Harbor.
In today's episode, I was joined by beer connoisseurs Bren and Jon Cueni of Cueni Brewing Company. Co-founders Bren and Jon tell us about their humble beginnings in the brewery industry plus traveling all the way from Ohio to Florida to serve the best tasting beers in the community.IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT:How covid affected their operations and how their close-knit community of patrons helped them through those challenging phases. They also shared their best strategies in producing variations of well-loved beers and gave us a quick rundown of their favorites too (which could become yours too!)They also shared the idea of being able to slow down, recuperate, and just enjoy the good old city of Florida while their business thrives and become one of the most-loved brewing houses in the city. CONNECT WITH THE CUENI'S:Website: Cueni (Q-Knee) Brewing - The name is hard to say, the beer is harder to resist. We look forward to serving you. CONNECT WITH DONNIE: - Follow Donnie: @donnie.hathaway- Follow Palm Harbor Local: @PalmHarborLocalJOIN THE LOCALS  for exclusive discounts and specials from our local business owners and stay up to date on what's happening in Palm Harbor.
Most fitness trainers focus on the exercises that will produce the ideal summer body but does that approach yield the best results for long term health? Donnie Hathaway discusses life, fitness, and family with fitness trainer and owner of One True Warrior, Joe McMiller. He dives into his fitness journey and how his life and experiences have shaped how creates training programs for his clients. Joe also shares his journey of discovering what he was passionate about and how he uses that to grow his business. get exclusive offers and discounts from our local businesses sign up to Join the Locals Today! Join the Locals
Most property owners don't actually understand the difference between hiring an attorney or a title company. Donnie Hathaway goes into a deep dive on what title companies really are with the President/Owner of C.A.R.E. Title, Carolyn Kahrs. She explains her experiences as a real estate attorney specializing in title insurance and opens up on why she prefers this particular legal practice more than other areas of law. Carolyn also shares the most interesting transaction she handled involving an elderly couple refinancing their million-dollar property to keep it from going into foreclosure.
In this episode of Palm Harbor Local, we get to know more about another local business that has been here since 2014. Scott Gottscho, the owner of Reel BBQ, shares how helping a friend paved the way to the grill of his life. What started as a promotional scheme has since grown to be the sought-after flavor in Palm Harbor. But it wasn’t all juicy and tender, so listen in and be inspired by the story behind the big black trailer. 
On this episode I had Nina Johnston in the studio to chat about her café, Mangos & Marley. Nina along with her husband Graham opened the café in 2022 after spending some time dreaming about this day. We talked about how Graham and Nina first met and how that played a role in their passion for this business. Nina also discusses some of the challenges they encountered as restaurant owners and how they decided to handle those challenges. Tune in to learn more about Nina and Mangos & Marley! Bonus if you listen while you eat at the café!Looking to connect with Mangos & Marley!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - the Locals – us on Instagram -
Rick Incorvia is a local book author based out of Safety Harbor. He is the author of The Traveler’s Best Seller and several other unique books including action, adventure, mystery, historical fiction, crime, fantasy, and romance which demonstrate is love of storytelling. How Rick started writing his first book is something that stood out to me and the way in which he creates his stories is something that can inspire others. Tune in to learn more about Rick and see how long it takes him to write a book! Looking to connect with Rick!·         Amazon Page -·         Website -·         Facebook - the Locals – us on Instagram -
Today on Palm Harbor Local we are chatting with the owner of CEA Marketing and Second Sol Studios, Kelly Bosetti! Kelly also hosts her on podcast called Learning Curves. In this episode with Kelly we talk about how she got started in the marketing business and interestingly enough it was with home builders. We also discuss the importance of having a mentor or coach to help you both personally and professionally as you and your small business grows. Kelly is now hoping to give back and help others grow their small business while learning from the mistakes and wins that she had throughout her career. Enjoy listening to another one of our Locals share her insight!Looking to connect with Kelly!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - the Locals – us on Instagram -
Today we sat down with one of the nicest people you will ever meet, Evelyn Dufner. She is the owner of My Computer Angel as well as a local artist in Dunedin. Evelyn has been working with computers and helping others for several years now so she has experienced lots to changes in the tech field. We talk about how she loves the creative side of developing a website for her clients but also teaching them how to maintain the site. We also talk about how Evelyn loves to help others and give back to the community. Tune it today to meet Evelyn and be sure to check out some of her art around town.Looking to connect with Evelyn!·         Instagram -·         Website -·         Art Website - to our email list – us on Instagram -
Kristy Moody – Acton Academy Palm HarborToday we are sitting down with Kristy Moody, Owner of the Acton Academy, Palm Harbor which is scheduled to open later this fall, 2022. Kristy talks about what the Acton Academy is all about and how it started with one family looking to make a difference in their community. Kristy, inspired to do the same for the children and families in Palm Harbor has decided to bring the Acton Academy to our community and help inspires others. We also talk about Kristy’s experience in education and how that has led her to starting this new school in Palm Harbor. Looking to connect with Kristy!·         Website -·         Facebook -·         Business Fair - a Local – us on Instagram -
In this episode I sat down with Maggie Butler to talk about starting your first AirBnB (short term rental) business. Maggie and I both recently launched our first short term rental business and have learned a ton along the way. After receiving a bunch of questions and curiosity about launching a short term rental, I wanted to answer those questions and provide you with additional insight into what I learned along the way. I broke it down into 3 sections to take you from concept to guest. Starting with the most important step, Research! Next we talk about different ways to purchase the home and last we discuss the process of listing/marketing your home for rent. Maggie's vacation home is in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. Click HERE to check it out!Follow on IG - @newrivergorgestayMy vacation home is location in the quaint coastal city, Crystal Beach. Click HERE to check it out! Follow on IG - @crystalbeach_cottageSign-up to our email list – us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
Today’s episode we are chatting with Keely & Albert Werly who might have one of the coolest businesses around. They are owners of The Traveling Tap, a mobile bar that can come to your next party or event. Keely & Albert talk about how they started this business with zero experience in running a business and very little experience in the beverage industry. They are a great example of how you can accomplish anything you wish if you are determined and put in the work. We also talk about how the timing of opening their business during the pandemic might have been just what they needed, to be successful. I hope you enjoy meeting Keely & Albert as much as I did! Looking to connect with The Traveling Tap!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - the Locals– us on Instagram -
Brad Bachand joined the podcast today and I know you will enjoy this conversation! We talked about his business, Home Love Construction, and the work they are doing in the area. Something we discussed was the importance of completed the job the right way even if they discovered something during the construction that wasn’t part of the original plan. We also talk about investing in real estate and the opportunities for Short-term rentals or flipping a home after some updates for a profit. Looking to connect with Brad!·         Instagram – ·         Facebook -·         Website - Join the Locals – Follow us on Instagram - 
Congratulations to our Business Makeover Pinellas winner, Stephanie Love with Epicurious One! Stephanie is on a mission to help educate and create a community in Florida around wine. We talked about her passion for wine and how she got into educating others about wine and how it can be enjoyed. Stephanie also talks about how the pandemic helped her reach new audiences and meet other like-minded individuals in her field. We will record a second episode with Stephanie after she has completed the business makeover to see what has changed with her business and/or approach.Looking to connect with Stephanie!·         Instagram - @epicuriousone·         Facebook - @epicuriousone, LLC·         Website - www.epicuriousone.comTogether…we keep Palm Harbor LocalJoin the Locals – www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Rob Goetz who is the owner of Paradise Flooring Solutions. Rob has grown up in the Palm Harbor area since he was 6 years old, and we talked about how the area has changed over the years. Rob also discussed his journey into being a business owner and like most other journeys there were ups and downs along the way. Tune in to learn more about Rob and his company, Paradise Flooring Solutions. Looking to connect with Rob!·         Instagram - @paradiseflooringsolutions·         Facebook - @paradiseflooringsolutions·         Website - www.paradiseflooringsolutions.comJoin the Locals – www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
Today I sat down with Logan Catt who is one of the owners of American Painters, along with his mother. Logan has been around painting his entire life, so it only made sense for him to step into this ownership role with American Painters when the time was right. It was not an easy road for Logan to get to this point but his approach and desire to learn and grow left me inspired after our conversation. Logan and his mother have grown the company from 8 painters to now having 28 painters in a few short years. Check out Logan and all that he is doing with American Painters!Looking to connect with Logan!·         YouTube -@AmericanPaintersInc·         Facebook - @AmericanPaintersInc·         Website - www.paintertampafl.comJoin the Locals – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
Today we sat down with Marilyn Gyselinck, owner of Next Frontier Parenting. When you know exactly what you passion is the only thing that matters is how you are going to pursue it. Marilyn talks about her transition into being a business owner even though it may not have been something she always set out to do. Marilyn is passionate about helping adults and teens have difficult but productive conversations around mental health. She talks about the importance of being open to these conversations and how you can help your teen feel comfortable discussing their thoughts.Looking to connect with Marilyn!·         Instagram - @nextfrontierparenting·         Facebook - @nextfrontierparenting·         Website - www.nextfrontierparenting.comJoin the Locals – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
Today we sat down with Linda Boosinger who is the owner of Restoration & Design Pros. A company that she started a little over a year ago after several years of redesigning her own homes around Palm Harbor and Dunedin. Linda has a special talent for creating a home that you will truly appreciate and enjoy to call home. We talk about this along with her drive to just get things done. When Linda has something she wants to accomplish you better believe it will get done. Enjoy this chat with Linda!Looking to connect with Linda!·         Instagram - @restorationanddesignpro·         Facebook - @restorationanddesignproSign-up to Join the Locals – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram - @PalmHarborLocal
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