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Author: Donnie Hathaway

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Welcome to Palm Harbor Local! I'm your host, Florida native and Real Estate Ninja, Donnie Hathaway. I am excited to introduce you to your favorite local businesses and maybe even inspire you to achieve your dreams. I'm a big believer supporting small business owners because they have created some awesome products or businesses and let's be honest, they are really great people too. My mission to help the small business owners get the love they deserve and for you to get the chance to meet them. Learn about their dreams, struggles, and what they enjoy doing when they are not running the business. I think you will begin to see that they are just like everyone else and the only difference is they decided to feel the fear of starting a business and do it anyway.
28 Episodes
Cameron Capri – Q Southern BBQQ Southern is a family friendly BBQ restaurant located in Dunedin, FL. Cameron is committed to serving the best barbeque in Tampa Bay and has spent the last 10+ years studying, learning, and mastering his craft. In this episode we talk about how the popularity of barbeque has increased in recent years. Instead of only being able to get some good barbeque on the side of the road on the weekends, you now have restaurants like Q Southern BBQ where you can get your barbeque fix any day of the week. What amazes me is the amount of time the Cameron has put into his craft and lot of it is trial and error until you find something that works. That same persistence is a big part of what helped get Cameron through his first year in business while having to shut down because of the pandemic. Listen in to learn more about Cameron and his story with barbeque! Looking to connect with Cameron!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – us on Instagram - sponsor for this episode is Local Union, LLC. Local Union helps successful small businesses and entrepreneurs take the step to the next level. They offer business and financing planning, process efficiency, and general coaching. Visit their website below for more tips and ideas to grow your business! Learn more about Local Union, LLC -
Bry – Be-efficient SolutionsIn this episode with Bry we talk about how her business became what it is, where her idea came from and what it’s like being a business owner for the first time. Bry is passionate about helping the small business community and this is evident when you listen to her speak about Be-efficient Solutions. We also discuss how important your mindset is as a business owner and personally. Being a business owner can be lonely so being mentally aware and mentally strong is a big component to being a business owner. Bry has worked in several small business over the years which has given her the passion to help this community improve their businesses and their lives. Looking to connect with Bry!·         Instagram -·         Instagram -·         Website - to our email list – https://www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Kendal & Maria – Tips to Talk WorkshopKendal and Maria are Speech-Language Pathologists (say that 3 times fast) with a passion for helping the little ones speak their first words. Being able to communicate, effectively, is such a big part of our society yet we do not put much emphasis on it at a young age. It’s not until later in life when we need it for school or a career that we learn how to be better communicators. Learning how to speak and share thoughts/feelings is what Kendal and Maria look to accomplish with your little ones. Think about how much more confident you feel or could feel if you were better at communicating your thoughts and feelings.Looking to connect with NAME!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – https://www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Angela Fuhler – Suncoast Organizing SolutionsIn this episode we talk with Angela about how she provides organizing solutions to both home owners as well as business owners. My favorite part of her business is that she will help home owners move! We all know how much we love moving. ; ) Angela will help you pack up your home so that when you go to unpack everything can be easily organized in your new home from day 1! We also discuss Angela’s desire to be a business owner. Where that came from and what it was like running a business during the pandemic.  Leave a comment with the one room you have been wanting to get organized.Looking to connect with Angela!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Jenny Goad – Palm Harbor CaresJenny Goad founded Palm Harbor Cares to help the community in whatever capacity was needed. Palm Harbor Cares is a non profit here in Palm Harbor that donates $10,000 every quarter to a different charity in need. To be selected, 3 charities pitch their project to the members who then select the one charity to receive the funds. Anyone can become a member and donate $100 dollars every quarter or donate just one time. Their goal is to always reach $10,000 every quarter to give to a charity in the local community. To learn more or become a Palm Harbor Cares member visit their website below. Looking to connect with Palm Harbor Cares!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – https://www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Stilt House Brewery has been a staple in Palm Harbor since 2013! Sean has a passion for beer and it is obvious from the first time you meet him. We talk with Sean about where is passion for beer begin and about the process of making beer. The neat thing about beer is that any one can do it from home on a small scale but it takes experience and a deep understanding of the process to make great beer. That is something Sean takes a lot of pride in and he’s always open to trying new, untraditional ingredients for the next batch. Do yourself a favor and grab a beer, from Stilt House of course, before you listen in to this episode because you’ll be ready for one after you listen to Sean. Looking to connect with Stilt House Brewery!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Dean became the president of the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce as businesses began shutting down due to COVID, so he had quite  the challenge from the beginning.  Dean brings a fresh approach to the Palm Harbor Chamber and took the challenge of being the president head on. In this episode we talk about his experience with other chambers and how that shaped his approach into how he goes about his role as the President. We also discuss what makes Palm Harbor such a unique place to call home so tune in and hear from your president of the Palm Harbor Chamber. Looking to connect with Dean!·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
One this episode we got to chat with Jess Veguez, owner of Jess Veguez Photography. Jess has had a passion for photography ever since she was a little girl and because of the pandemic she was led to starting her photography business in the Dunedin area. We talk about where this passion game from and how she was introduced to photography at a young age. Jess loves connecting with people so I really think you will enjoy this conversation with Jess. Looking to connect with Jess Veguez!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
This is a special episode with Chelsea and Calen from Natural Awakening Essentials. They are the winners of our Business Makeover Challenge that was held last month. Myself and 4 other local entrepreneurs will be spending the next month with them to help them refresh their brand and set up their business to be successful in 2021 and beyond. They produce natural everyday products like soaps, body scrubs and candles that are designed for those people with skin sensitivities or just those wanting to use a natural product. Chelsea and Calen have worked extremely hard to start this business and from the first time meeting them you can see how passionate they are about their products. They have put it a lot of time researching and ensuring they have products that will benefit those who use them. Looking to connect with Natural Awakening Essentials!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list –https://www.PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
On this episode we sat down with Crystal Carnahan who is the owner of Zenfully Aware, a coaching business to help you build a roadmap to address all of your goals. Crystal is passionate about helping others change their life and find their path to live a more meaningful life. Her story is a special one and she had to overcome her own challenges to get where she is today. It was those challenges that led her to starting this career and wanting to help others with their own challenges. We talk about this and Crystal’s approach to her personal coaching in this episode. I hope you enjoy this talk with Crystal!Looking to connect with Crystal!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
In today's episode we sat down with Whitney Boyd. A local photographer right here in Palm Harbor, FL. Whitney has been a photographer for about 15 years now but has had this passion for photography all her life. She is at her best when she utilizes two things we have lots of here in Florida. Families and Sunshine! Bringing out the best in people and showing them that anyone and everyone can take great photos are part of what Whitney enjoys about being a photographer. Listen in as we discuss this and more with Whitney! Looking to connect with Whitney Boyd!·         Instagram -·         Website - the Locals – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Angela and Melina – Tarpon Barbell CompanyIn this episode of Palm Harbor Local we got to sit down with local gym owners Angela and Melina. They are owners of Tarpon Barbell Company which offers power lifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training), personal training, nutrition classes and kids classes here in Tarpon Springs, FL. Angela and Melina are passionate about creating a welcoming environment at their gym. They felt that sense of community was lacking from gyms and is one reason why they welcome all different fitness levels to come in a train with them. They are also a newer gym, opening their doors last year during the COVID pandemic which presented its on challenges of being a business owner. Listen in as we talk with Angela and Melina to learn more about why they decided to open a gym and why they are passionate about the community.Looking to connect with Tarpon Barbell Company!·         Instagram -·         Facebook - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Tom Goodlet – Two Penny PublishingOn today’s episode we sat down with Tom Goodlet from Two Penny Publishing. Two Penny Publishing is a company created by Tom to help authors through the challenging process of taking your idea and putting it to paper. We talk about how they help authors overcome those challenges and publish the book they have always wanted. We also discuss Tom’s Journey of becoming a publisher and why he decided to help others get their ideas in to a book and out to the world. Tune in and click on the links below to get in touch with Tom. Looking to connect with Tom!·         LinkedIn -·         Facebook -·         Instagram -·         Website - to Join the Locals– PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
In todays SPECIAL episode we talk with the "Fab Five" which includes myself and 4 other local entrepreneurs who have come together to help refresh a local small business.  We have created a unique way to refresh the local small business community and want give a complete business makeover for a small business in the Pinellas County area. Being small business owners ourselves we know and understand what it’s like to run a small business during a challenging time and want to assist a business that may be in the market for an overall makeover. What does a business makeover look like? A combination of business consulting & coaching, marketing exposure, web development and new logos, photos, and branding. Meet the rest of the Fab Five! Maggie Butler, Co-founder of Local Union, LLC - Bert, Matthew Bert Web - Veguez, Jess Veguez Photography - Ingram, our journey as we accept applications, work with the winning small business and refresh their business to be set up for a strong second half of 2021. - NOW - to learn more about the podcast and Join the Locals? – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Kenny McLaurin – McLaurin InspectionsIn today’s episode we sit down with Kenny who with him and his wife, Alissa, run McLaurin Inspections, a home inspection company here in the bay area. Kenny has years of experience working on homes in his family businesses in Michigan which led him to Florida to start his own company and be his own boss. Kenny and Alissa took a big chance on themselves when they decided to move to Florida right has the country was shutting down due to COVID. We discussed how the managed to survive and what they did to kick start their business here in Florida in this episode and more! Looking to connect with Kenny!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
In this episode with Brandon Stanley, we talk about his latest project, The Dunedin Mix, which is set to open in Downtown Dunedin later this year! The Dunedin Mix is a great concept coming to Dunedin that will feature retail vendors, food and craft beverage vendors and a co-working space on the upper level. We also talk about how Brandon got to this point where he has the skills and knowledge to develop this project. He grew up with a family of construction workers, putting in lots of work, hours and making sacrifices along the way. Tune in to learn more about Brandon and his new concept, Dunedin Mix!Looking to connect with Brandon.·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Angel Bueno is an Insurance agent with John Galt Insurance here in Tampa, Florida. Insurance can be a boring subject for must of us but when it comes to home owners and automobile insurance you need to have coverage and not just any coverage. The correct coverage for your current time in life. That’s where Angel’s approach creates tons of value for his customers. He gets to know the people he works with so that he can better understand what type of coverage will suit them best. Angel wants to ensure that his customers are educated on their options and choosing the best options for their currents needs. We talked about this and what’s it been like opening a insurance agency during 2020 in this episode, so tune in and learn more about our favorite topic… Insurance! Looking to connect with Angel!·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Dr. Elizabeth Ho – Grace Dental of FloridaOn this episode Dr. Elizabeth Ho with Grace Dental of Florida joined us to share more about her practice and her background! Dr. Ho spent 12 years serving in the Air Force as a dentist while traveling all over the world and continues to serve in the Air Force Reserves while running her practice here in Palm Harbor, Florida. Her experience in the Air Force has helped shape the way she runs her practice, Grace Dental of Florida which is located right her in Palm Harbor. Listen in as we discuss Dr. Ho’s experience and how she has been successful in running her practice during Covid 19. Looking to connect with Dr. Elizabeth Ho!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Lagniappe Interiors is a small boutique store in Largo Florida that sells repurposed furniture, home decor and clothing accessories. Ava Mundy opened the doors to Lagniappe Interiors in the middle of 2020 after she discovered how much she enjoyed giving old furniture life again! She started with one piece of furniture for her family and 1 year later it grew into this new business and passion that Ava could not pass up on. She had no plans to start a business at such a young age and in the middle of a global pandemic but with the help and support of those around her she made it happen. Ava's story is a great example of how success is not obtained by one person. It takes the help and support of those people around you to achieve your goals and she had just that when she made the decision to open her store. So, if you have thought about doing something outside your comfort zone then take Ava's advice and just do it!Looking to connect with NAME!·         Instagram -·         Facebook -·         Website - to our email list – PalmHarborLocal.comFollow us on Instagram -
Today’s episode is a special one! This local nonprofit does a lot for our local community to help those in need. Tamara Black is the Executive Director for Feast Food Pantry which is a local food bank that provides food and personal care items to those in need in Northern Pinellas County. They are located right here in Palm Harbor, FL. With the impact of COVID-19 they have expanded their service area to include anyone who needs food and personal care items. It’s amazing how many families they help out and how quickly they adapted to the impact to the pandemic. This is a great way to get involved in your community so I hope you enjoy listening to Tamara and please share with anyone who might need to hear this. Make it a great day!
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