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APIA Scholars, formerly the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, is the nation's largest 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides college scholarships to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) with financial need. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of APIA students by providing them with resources that increase their access to higher education which serves as the foundation for their future success and contributions to a stronger America. Here's our official podcast! Listen to our staff, scholars, and special guests discuss APIA identity and explore topics from the four pillars that guide our programming: authentic leadership, professionalism, innovation, and advocacy
3 Episodes
Listen as Scholars Evelyn Obamos, Harjit Singh, and Chang Liang discuss their professional experiences working to uplift the APIA community. They'll provide insights on their own professional journeys, advice on how to achieve your goals, and strategies for maintaining wellness along the way!
This episode is part of our Young Professionals Conference. Please enjoy our special guest speaker Tavae Samuele from Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC) as she discusses Pacific Islander identity, leadership, and professionalism! Check out their website to learn more and give support.Music from "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (
"We're not trying to bring out only what's generally known, but really those unique traits that make you you. What're your passions, your aspirations in both career and personal development, what relationships do you value most, what sort of world would you like to see etc.- these are the sort of questions that rarely get asked to our community, but are just as important and powerful when shared"  We're excited to release our first podcast as part of our preconference series for the Young Professional Conference (YPC). In this first episode, listen as APIA Scholars staff discuss what the theme I#Represent means to them and the importance of representation in the APIA community. Music from"Fretless" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ("Cheery Monday" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (
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