DiscoverBusiness Insight with Norman Younger - Sharing 25 Years Experience
Business Insight with Norman Younger - Sharing 25 Years Experience
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Business Insight with Norman Younger - Sharing 25 Years Experience

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Practical advice and insight for small business and the self employed, fortnightly. Norman Younger BA(Hons) FCCA MCIArb shares 25 years experience with you - from disruptor to professional investor - bringing you thought provoking and incisive commentary. Learn from Norman's ups and downs, mistakes and successes, as an accountant, businessman, mediator and negotiator, blended with the experiences of the thousands of businessmen and women that Norman interacted with as clients, customers or to whom he was a mentor and adviser through his charity work helping people support themselves with dignity. Satisfaction guaranteed!
12 Episodes
There are times in your business life when radical and often brave decisions are required.  It can require courage of conviction and perhaps a need to jump in, maybe in the face of conventional wisdom. In some ways this is not unlike the hackneyed midlife crisis that happens to "others",  so if you've not experienced one this podcast will give you an insight into what you can learn from it and apply to your business when the chips are down.
Do you have a valuable brand in your business without even realising it?  Once you understand what a brand actually is and what it means for you and your customers, you'll appreciate the importance of respecting it because it is so easy to abuse it, even passively.Brands aren't just for big names, they are for everybody and can be an exciting and lucrative tool in your marketing toolbox.
If you think you are in full control of your business think again! Things are going well...until they aren't. So how can you avoid these nasty surprises?Getting used to watching your business performance dashboard is a fundamental, just like driving a car. There is so much accounting software that can produce the data that most of the heavy lifting is done for you, all you need to do is look at it and make use of it to your advantage.
Time is money in the business world. People who waste your time are an unnecessary distraction and too many of them can seriously dent your bottom line, especially if you charge for your time. If you're selling products they tie up you and your staff when the time could have been spent on more profitable activities such as real customers or business development.In this episode you discover the various types of timewaster, how to spot them and crucially how to manage them to YOUR advantage.
Nobody wants to turn down business but you certainly want to avoid waking up one morning and asking yourself why you took on a particular customer, contract or assignment. Kicking yourself because you were greedy is one thing but asking yourself what would have been "if only" you HAD been bold and accepted the offer. This episode will cover a number of scenarios and give you food for thought when faced with the decision.
Contracts are part of everyday business life but also the source of untold grief for the unwary. Some firms thrive on issuing unfair or dodgy paperwork to small businesses like yours. So what can you do to protect yourself? Plenty! Listen and find out which simple but often overlooked measures can be taken to avoid the pitfalls of signing a bad contract, which could potentially ruin you.
Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd and get noticed above all the online noise that our customers and clients are bombarded with.But in business crowds serve a purpose, it's also called the marketplace, so getting it right is important as you don't want to be selling in the wrong place.Find out in this podcast how to balance being in the crowd with getting noticed and heard above all the noise.
The business world is tough and it's getting tougher. Sometimes you have to face the harsh and maybe grim reality that you're beaten or heading that way. In this episode I'll look at 3 common scenarios and possible responses.
Business plans - you can almost hear people sigh when they are told they need to draw one up. But business plans really do serve a purpose, however unlikely they are to work out in practice, and maybe it's not only lenders and investors who should be instigating them. Listen to my insight - it might change your thinking, especially as we (hopefully) move into the post-Covid phase.
Hiring is easier than firing in the eyes of many employers. In reality hiring is the bit you really need to get right to lessen the chance of firing!Getting it wrong can have catastrophic results.Listen to top tips on how to read a CV properly, especially between the lines, and learn from my experience what to look out for and how to avoid hiring the wrong people.
The phrase that haunted Theresa May is familiar to many entrepreneurs under pressure to get the deal done, many doing so at all costs. How sensible is it to deal instead of walk?
Who doesn't seek business growth?  But where do you start? This simple tip will get you into first gear so you can find the right direction and hit the open road to greater things, quickly and cost-effectively.
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