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Church Growth Podcast

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In this podcast we cover ideas and strategies for achieving church revitalization and church growth. Pastor Eric Maggio has been involved in church revitalization ministry for over 20 years and shares how you can see your church grow to be what it was called to be.
22 Episodes
Targeting Demographics

Targeting Demographics


First Impressions

First Impressions


The Tools of the Trade

The Tools of the Trade


In this podcast we discuss why it is important to have a vibrant children's ministry even if your church does not yet have any children in it.   And how a Children's ministry can be the catalyst for church revitalization. 
This episode covers the importance of small groups and how they can play a vital role in your church revitalization and or church growth strategy.  
In this episode we discuss the importance of knowing the community in which you are attempting to reach.  How even Paul paid attention to the demographics he was reaching and how you can be better prepared to see an unreached people group within your own community reached for Christ. 
In this episode we discuss how some tools that have worked so well for church growth in the past may be holding you back from seeing your church grow or be revitalized in the present. 
In this episode we cover the importance of a church website, and why your website is considered to be the front door of your church. 
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