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George H. W. Bush : The Leadership Lessons

Author: Randal Wallace

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Randal Wallace Presents : "George H. W. Bush" a three season look back at his extraordinary life, career, and his single term as President of the United States. A term that saw the high point of American Leadership around the world as he steered the world through the fall of the Communist superpower, the former Soviet Union. It also saw the United States lead a worldwide coalition against aggression by the Middle Eastern Dictator Saddam Hussein, and setting the example on how to fight such a war with textbook accuracy, overwhelming force, with a clear set of objectives, and leaving after those objectives were met. A lesson sadly we did not seem to learn in subsequent foreign entanglements. Then we will watch the changing of the guard as the Vietnam Generation leads a campaign in 1992 to transfer power from the generation of leadership that won the Cold War.

In this our 11th season, and the first in this series,  we will look back at the rise of George H. W. Bush, the last of the Cold War - World War 2  Presidents, as he climbs up the ranks of political leadership from Congress, to a failed U.S. Senate bid, to earning appointments from Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford , that put him in line for his own run for President in 1980. It was in that race that Bush came from absolutely nowhere, an asterisk in the polls, to nearly toppling one of the most charismatic leaders to ever step in front of a television camera in Ronald Reagan. We will then hear the unlikely story of how Ronald Reagan came to select Bush for the Vice Presidency, the friendship that formed between the two men, a look at the extraordinary accomplishments of the Reagan years, and finally the election and first year of the Presidency of George H. W. Bush. It is an amazing story and the first of three seasons that will examine the the Leadership Lessons we can all learn from George H.W. Bush. 

We invite you to come along with us on a wild ride through the high points and low moments of modern American History, in an effort to show the citizens of today that we are an amazing and resilient nation. 

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In this episode we look at the role of the First Lady, Barbara Bush, in the life of the 41st President. (and the 43rd too)  Barbara Bush was known in her family as the enforcer. She was much more willing to call a spade a spade than her husband was to do so. Her grandchildren and her children talk in several of these reports about how she was the one in the family that enforced the rules, and did not allow any of them to let their heads get to big. I actually helped put together an event here in Myrtle Beach when her son George W. Bush was running for President. We were all warned, don't screw anything up. We didn't thankfully and in my brief personal dealings with her I found her an extraordinarily nice woman with a great sense of humor with a stunningly down to Earth presence.  She is my favorite First Lady. In this episode, I think you will see that come through. You will hear from both her children and President Bush. You will hear their playfulness with each other and their caring nature for one another as they clown around together,  and in the other extreme also discuss the loss of their child Robin Bush who died of leukemia when she was a three year old. The show includes a very personal, and enjoyable interview with Larry King where several viewers call in and she answers each of their questions almost like your next door neighbor would, not at all like a  former First Lady or the mother of a President of the United States. This episode will introduce you to the lady that was the foundation for a political dynasty that dominated American politics from 1980 to 2008.  I think you will really like the person you will be hearing about in this episode.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Welcome to season 11 of our podcast, the first of three seasons that will examine the life, career, and single term of President George H. W. Bush.  His life and political career are full of life lessons and leadership lessons we could all take to heart to help build better everyday lives and help the nation develop the type of leadership in our elected class that we could all be proud to have in charge of our Government. In my opinion, George H.W. Bush was the best President of my adult lifetime and clearly an argument could be made that he was the best one term President in our national history. Only James K. Polk could make an argument to challenge it. In this first episode we look back at the life of the 41st President, as we start at the end of his life with coverage of his passing on November 30, 2018. We will examine his many accomplishments from several people who served under him, from James Baker, the former Chief of Staff, to several different cabinet and staff members plus members of the media who dealt with him during his term. They will all talk about his many accomplishments, his qualities of leadership, his stressing of the importance of family, and his thoughtful statesmanship as the Communist World collapsed around him and he would have to fight a war in the Middle East, a war that has become the textbook example of how to fight a war and win it. We will also look back at his war record from World War 2 , as the youngest fighter pilot in the Navy.  You will listen in to his oral history as he tells the story of the shooting down of his plane, that killed the other two men in his plane,  and landed him in the Pacific Ocean. It is a harrowing tale that will dispel the mythology that this extremely nice man was , as Newsweek once called him , "a wimp."  When you listen to this story you will come away knowing he was anything but that description,  and his bravery, strength, and lifelong wisdom helped manage the closing days of the Cold War that would end with out firing a shot. Something that had never happened in the history of the civilized world :  the fall of a great world power without a catastrophic war to bring it about.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this second episode on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis we find the sailors in the water with a nemesis arguably even more dangerous than the Japanese.  It is the predators that roam the oceans known as Sharks. With in minutes of the sinking of the ship the survivors began to see the the fins circling them as they tried to figure out how to survive. You will hear the men talk about how they were covered in diesel fuel and oil, hungry and thirsty, but knowing they had to avoid drinking the salt water to avoid going mad. One soldier talks about how there are times when you pray and then times when you PRAY, and they were all doing that nonstop as they bobbed up and down in 18,000 feet of water.  You will hear tales of madness, hallucinations, disemboweled bodies, shark attacks, and sharks that actually swam right up to them and nosed their life jackets. It is as horrifying a story as any Hollywood movie ever shown. You will also hear about their heroic rescue, the unfair court marshalling of their ship's Captain despite his own heroism at sea, and you will hear some of the movie scene that brought this story back to the forefront of the American public. But most of all, you will get a full dose of the heroism of the American fighting man, and the humility, and gratefulness, that is so much a hallmark of our military as well.  It is a story that will give you the full measure of the sacrifices of generations of Americans that has been made to keep us free. Our Podcast wished to recognize the veterans whose oral history and interviews we used to tell this story, all but one are now deceased : Edgar Harrell, Art Leenerman, Don McCall, Earl Wiggins, San Gabriel, Adolfo Celaya, and Harold Bray, (Mr. Bray is the lone survivor that is still living as of this production. ) JAWS Credit :Universal Pictures(United States, 1975)(Universal, An MCA Company, theatrical)Director: Steven Spielberg | Stars: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine GaryJaws [Original Score] by John Williams released in 1975 Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this first episode in a two part special edition, we look back at one of the most horrifying stories of all of World War 2, the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. This was the story made famous by a scene in the movie "JAWS" when the fictional Captain Quint relives his time in the water with Chief Brody and Matt Hooper.  It is used to explain the character's almost maniacal hunting of sharks.  That is totally understandable when you learn the real story from the survivors who lived through this nightmare. We move you in this episode from finally finding the ship at the bottom of the Philippine Sea to looking at how our  selected survivors ended up on the ship, to the night it went down and left them stranded in the water for five nights and four days.  They were stranded in the deepest area of the Pacific Ocean infested with the most aggressive of deep water predators, As Captain Quint said,  " by the end of that first dawn, lost a hundred men. I don’t know how many sharks there were, maybe a thousand. I don't know how many men, they averaged six an hour." It is an extraordinary story , that captures in one tale the price our nation has often had to pay to be free. Our Podcast wished to recognize the veterans whose oral history and interviews we used to tell this story, all but one are now deceased : Edgar Harrell, Art Leenerman, Don McCall, Earl Wiggins, San Gabriel, Adolfo Celaya, and Harold Bray, (Mr. Bray is the lone survivor that is still living as of this production. ) JAWS Credit :Universal Pictures(United States, 1975)(Universal, An MCA Company, theatrical)Director: Steven Spielberg | Stars: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine GaryJaws [Original Score] by John Williams released in 1975 Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this preview we look at the life of our 41st President , George H.W. Bush and the leadership he brought to ending the Cold War. It was an extraordinary career and he was largely seen as one of the most qualified of all of our chief executives.  Here we look back on all the great examples he set in the leadership lessons of his time in office. This will be the first of three seasons that look at his single term in in office as he deals with the most far ranging number of foreign crisis that has faced any U.S. President, and how he managed them all successfully, from the text book example of how to fight a war with a clear mission, with clear objectives and a unified coalition of nations, to managing the fall of the other military and economic super power on the other side of the world without firing a single shot. It is the high point of a generation of leadership that saw the United States ascend to the status of the singular Super Power on Earth in the 20th century,  The American Century. Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this special edition of our podcast , we pay tribute to one of the true giants of the post World War 2 era, former Vice President and Former United States Senator , Hubert Horatio Humphrey.  He was the happy warrior and in some ways the fundamental decency of this man is probably what kept him away from the Presidency in an era of politics notorious for being shark infested waters,For it was Hubert Humphrey that watched his Presidential dreams get dashed in 1960 when John F. Kennedy's father  allegedly paid to insure the West Virginia Primary was won by his son, and again as the Vietnam War waged in 1968 he saw his campaign lose a close one to Former Vice President Richard Nixon.  Those losses often obscured Hubert Humphrey's major and often forgotten role as the father of Civil Rights in this country. For it was Hubert Humphrey that took to the podium at the Democratic National Convention and argued for the party to champion the cause of civil rights. It was his speech that led Strom Thurmond and many other Southern Democrats to walk out of the 1948 Democratic Convention and challenge Harry Truman for the Presidency. Truman had just integrated the United States Armed Forces and became the lightening rod against Civil Rights for doing so. It was Hubert Humphrey that was also an early champion for a program that would one day become Medicare, and an early champion of healthcare reform as well. Humphrey was a giant of his era and in this episode we hope to give him his long deserved recognition. But we also hope we can touch on the decency and goodness of this great man. For while our nation was extremely lucky to have elected one of its four greatest Presidents in 1968 in Richard Nixon,  it is not without some wonder at what might have been, had Hubert Humphrey ever gotten a bite at the Presidential apple himself at some point. Such was the choice between two of the greatest leaders our nation ever produced in 1968, that our nation had to pick just one of them to be our President.  It does make you long for that era again, when our national leadership produced such great men as Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey to have to choose between. So we hope you enjoy this special edition in honor of a great man, Hubert Horatio Humphrey.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this final episode of season 10, we look at the amazing contributions of our former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. From Mental Health reform, to caregiving, to butterflies, to helping the Carter Center eradicate Guinee Worm in Africa, Rosalynn Carter has often been every bit the leader as her Presidential husband.  We will take sometime to look back at all of those efforts and even see how you can help that work continue into the future.Plus we will listen in as President and Mrs. Carter are honored by President Bill Clinton for a lifetime of work for the people, not only of the United States. but also around the world.  As President Clinton stated, "It can be said of the Carters that they have done more good for more people all over the World than any other couple on Earth."  That is quite the compliment that is even more so a compliment because it happens to be true. In this final episode of season ten we wrap up their life of service to the nation and simply give them their due as two of the greatest goodwill ambassadors the world has ever known.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Thank you, Thank you!! From all of us at the Randal Wallace Presents Podcast where we hit 25,000 Downloads during our tenth season looking back at Congressman John Jenrette and former President Jimmy Carter.  We appreciate it more than we can say. We are also planning on mixing some new features to our show during season eleven. We are planning some special interviews, covering three elections over the next six months, The Myrtle Beach City Council Election, a council our host once served on, and the two Presidential Primaries coming to South Carolina in February of 2024. We are looking forward to season eleven as it kicks off a three season look back at President George H.W. Bush and the fall of communism and it will feature a look back at President Ronald Reagan as well.  Plus , at the start of the season, near the end of September, we will have a very special two part special edition looking back at the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, It is a powerful story you will not want to miss. So join us here on the podcast or at my Facebook page for live video streaming of the various political events "Randal Wallace Myrtle Beach Viewpoint" or come to our website  too  Again, Thank you for tuning in and if you get a chance please leave us a review at wherever you get your podcasts. Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Another special edition looking at one of the most interesting industries in the Florida Keys, treasure hunting.  It is an industry with historic ties to the original big business' in the Florida Keys, that of wrecking. Which was basically salvaging of ships that sank in the reef that runs in front of the various Keys. We will look back at its historic origins. Then we will look at the modern day Treasure Hunters who make their homes along the Florida Keya with a special emphasis on the most famous of all the treasure hunters in the modern era, Mel Fisher. We will invite you to go visit to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum too, It is one of the best museums in Key West and could rank among the best museums I have ever been in.  This is a fun show and we hope you will enjoy it too. The finale of season Ten looking back at Rosalyn Carter,  and a wrap up  on  Jimmy Carter,  plus a special show on former Vice President Hubert Humphrey is next week,  and then after a break we will start our look back at President George H. W. Bush in season eleven,   Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Welcome to our first ever Travelogue edition of our podcast.  We recently headed off to the Florida Keys for a much needed vacation. I have friends, Jennifer and Jimmy Hornsby, who live in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, and I stayed with them on the first day and the final day of my trip and it was they who suggested that the videos from the trip would make a good podcast. I thought that was a great idea and WALLA!! A new feature for our show was born!! In this episode we chronicle some of the amazing history of the Florida Keys from Henry Flagler's building of the Overseas Railroad that has now become the Overseas Highway A1A, to the boat of and house of Ernest Hemingway and his influence throughout the Florida Keys.  a spotlight on two of the historic watering holes of Key West in Sloppy Joes and Captain Tony's Saloon where Hemingway once drank and Jimmy Buffett got his start. We will also introduce you to the Sea Turtle Hospital where saving this endangered species goes to an entirely new level, learn about the History of Diving at a museum in Islamorada, feed some Tarpons at Robbie's, and climb all over Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas National Park. But no trip to the Florida Keys and Key West would be complete without a visit to Mallory Square overlooking the water at Sunset. Mallory Square is home to the Shipwreck Museum, Mason De Pepe for Cuban delicacies, countless shops, and the Sunset Celebration that features some of the most eclectic group of entertainers anywhere in America and in this episode we will introduce you to the most famous of all the buskers there, Dominique and his Flying House Cats! The Best Cat Show on Earth! It is all here in a road trip across the Florida Keys that everyone should get the chance to take at least once in a lifetime!!A Link to photographs and videos from the Florida Keys vacation that were used in this podcast: Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
It is the most horrific tale from the most catastrophic war the World has ever known. It is the story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the warship that had just completed its top secret mission to deliver the uranium needed to build the first atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima , Japan. It would be sunk by a Japanese submarine as it traveled through the Philippine Sea on its way to Leyte, in the Philippines.  the story was largely forgotten, even at the time, by a U.S. Government that had just won the war, announcing the sinking at the same time as the Japanese surrender, and by the American public anxious to move on from the war that had so dominated their lives for three and a half years. It was only revived, and brought back to the public consciousness by a pivotal scene in a summer blockbuster movie in 1975. In the movie "JAWS", the fictional Captain Quint of the shark hunting ship  "Orca" was said to be an Indianapolis survivor, and the speech he gave about the event  was the heart of the movie. In this preview, we use portions of that dramatic cinematic moment, delivered by the Shakespearean theater giant, Robert Shaw, and directed by the legendary Stephen Spielberg, to lead you through a preview of the tale, as told by the real survivors of the sinking of the Indianapolis. It is a gripping, horrific, heroic, and in the end hopeful story, of the largest naval catastrophe of the war. In a coming two part podcast documentary special edition at the start of our podcast's 11th season in late September. JAWS Credit :Universal Pictures(United States, 1975)(Universal, An MCA Company, theatrical)Director: Steven Spielberg | Stars: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary Jaws [Original Score] by John Williams released in 1975Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
For years, on any given Sunday, if you were in Plains, Georgia, you could visit the former President's local rural Church and attend his Sunday School class. He taught it himself. It is one of those great regrets in life that I would live within 8 hours of Plains , Georgia, and be friends with a former Congressman who could have gotten me in to hear him, that I never scheduled a chance to go. I bet that most of our audience has also never heard the former President conduct a Sunday School class. So in this episode that is exactly what we are going to do.  One of the local television stations in the Georgia Market went to Plains and recorded the Sunday School class in 2019. In it he teaches about the Christian Trinity, the need for God's teachings of peace and how a generation of war has led to the United States falling behind the Chinese in several aspects of economic growth.  It is a fascinating class and we air it here in its entirety.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this episode we look back at arguably the greatest ex-Presidency in the history of our Republic.  It has been said that no one has done more good , for more people, in more places throughout the world than Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn Carter have done through the efforts of their Carter Center.  In this episode we look back at many of the ways they have been contributing in their life after the White House. We will also get a look into the term the President spent in the White House in an unprecedented way. He kept a daily diary. Several years ago he published it, without any alterations. He left it just as he found it. It was blunt. Here we will listen in as CBS News Correspondent Leslie Stahl talks with him about the diary and his rather blunt opinions of Ted Kennedy. Ronald Reagan, and several congress people he served with. This is an interesting episode that ends with a look at the President as he enters Hospice Care in this final chapter of his life. Just a note, this episode was intended to be the Season 10 finale but after some further thought we added two more episodes, one on the President teaching Sunday School and one that features a spotlight on the First Lady Rosalyn Carter.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this episode , we let you listen to Jimmy Carter in his own words. You will be treated to a campaign video chronicling his time in office, an interview conducted by the President of Emory University where he served as a professor for many, many. years and an interview conducted by the daughter of the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott King. Plus he will be talking with Larry King and Piers Morgan and throughout you will hear the former President talk about foreign Policy, faith, family,  personal principles, a Changing World,  Studying at Emory University, being flexible,  advice for Presidential candidates, The Carter Center,  and having Goals. You can a learn a lot of really good life lessons from President Jimmy Carter as he has spent a lifetime setting a good example for all of us on the proper way to spend a life, no matter your beliefs or disagreements with  him  on his political and  policy positions.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
For me this series has been a learning experience. It is the section of our history documentaries that I had the least knowledge and I have come away with a deeper appreciation for the single term of Jimmy Carter.  He actually got more done than you think and that he ever got credit for having achieved. He was ahead of his time in the field of Energy policy, he brokered peace treaties in the Middle East, and with the Soviet Union, and he stood the course to break the back of inflation, a policy that began under his appointee Paul Volker and continued under Ronald Reagan.  Carter made the Vice Presidency a much more modern and important job with his partner Walter Mondale.  He also signed the treaty that returned the Panama Canal to the nation of Panama. In this episode we look at those achievements and listen to a couple of historians who believe that if you were buying stock on a Presidency rising in esteem over the next half century they would advise an investment in Jimmy Carter. I guess the jury is out on that,  but as anyone who has ever assessed Jimmy Carter they would probably say don't bet against him either.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this episode, we look back at John Connally's relationship to President Richard Nixon.  In this episode we feature two calls, one just after Nixon was re-elected President when you see that Connally has enormous influence over the President. He is giving the President advice on how to conduct the second term and which changes he needs to consider making for that term. In another call we listen as the men discuss an incident that had occured at the White House just the day before. President Nixon had invited the Ray Coniff Singers to perform for a reception honoring the publishers of the magazine "The Reader's Digest" (My Dad's favorite magazine) . Just as the program was about to begin one of the singers, Carol Firace , confronted the President and implored him to stop the bombing of Vietnam and for God to bless Daniel Ellsberg.  Firace got kicked out of the event. We will look back at that event, the young lady it involved, the news coverage, and how it became a significant protest event in the history of the White House. Then we will listen in to President Nixon and JOhn Connally as they discuss what had happened. We hope that after these three episodes you will have a better feel as to what a major figure John Connally had been in the previous 20 years of political life in America, especially the Southwest. We hope you also can learn enough to make your own decision as to whether you think he would have tried to sabotage the Carter Administration.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
This is the first of two episodes where we give you a chance to listen in on John Connally giving advice to Presidents of the United States. In this first episode, we listen to the Texas Governor advising his old friend and mentor Lyndon Johnson as to how things look on the ground throughout the south just before the 1964 election. It is with Johnson that Connally had the most influence and in whose debt Connally was the most in for his own remarkable career. John Connally had been LBJ's campaign manager throughout many of the Presidents political races and Connally had Johnson's ear. It is also worth noting that it was Connally that managed both of Johnson's campaigns for the United States Senate, one in which he called in his vote totals on time only to watch the Johnson lead evaporate into a loss to former Texas Governor W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel, and then, seven years later,  it was John Connally who was on the ground in Alice, Texas when LBJ won his Senate seat by 87 votes in one precinct in which it was alleged the voter roll sheet had been signed in the same ink, with the same handwriting, to carry Johnson into history over another Texas Governor, Coke Stevenson. In this episode you will hear the two men discuss the 1964 campaign and where Johnson stands and just how big a disaster a Robert Kennedy appointment to the Vice Presidency would be for the campaign in the South.   Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Texas Governor and Nixon Administration Treasury Secretary John Connally has emerged in recent days as a possible player in activity that has long been alleged to have gone on between the campaign of Ronald Reagan and the Iranian Government.  The rumor of an October surprise has been out there for years but no one could quite ever tie the entire thing together. However, just this year, after President Carter was admitted into Hospice Care, a former Texas Speaker of the House, and well known political player named Bill Barnes, a protege to John Connally, stepped forward with a tale that captivated the nation.  That his mentor, John Connally, had traveled around the Middle East and tried to broker a deal between the Islamic militants that were holding our hostages in Tehran and the Reagan Campaign manager who was himself a former spy and would later become the CIA chief Bill Casey.  Could it be true? While no evidence exists that ties Ronald Reagan to any of this activity personally, no one seems to be willing to defend Bill Casey. John Connally's name never surfaced in two separate investigations of these allegations. But it is hard not to take Bill Barnes seriously because he is a credible political figure in a way the late Anna Chennault was not when accusations arose about the 1968 election. In this episode, we will look at the life of John Connally, his influence over two United States Presidents, his place in history as a passenger in the car with John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in Dallas, and finally the embarrassing political situation he found himself in after a disastrous run for the White House in his own right earlier in the 1980 election cycle.  Which could explain how a man of such stature could have gotten himself involved in skullduggery like this accusation belies.  Did John Connally really attempt to cut a deal with Iranians on behalf of the Reagan campaign?  While it sounds improbable, it is a story that has a credible witness and certainly it happened at a moment when a man who had been one of the most influential figures in America had suddenly found himself on his way to political irrelevancy.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
In this episode we draw the crisis to a close. Jimmy Carter has lost his bid for re-election and Ronald Reagan is on the verge of the Presidency.  In this episode we take you through the story of Jimmy Carter's frantic final days as he races against time to end the hostage standoff before he leaves office. We will also take a look at the media who covered the story, mainly for ABC News. For it was under the leadership of ABC News President Roone Arledge that a new show was born, "Nightline" which had been known for a while as "America Held Hostage" . Arledge had a vision of a late night news program that could compete with "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" but he had yet to find the type of continuing story that could build a steady audience. They had covered the death of Elvis Presley but that had been sort of a one night event. The Hostage Crisis would be that story he had looked for and it would captivate the nation for 444 days. By the time the story was over, ABC News had a hit on its hand, "Nightline with Ted Koppel" was born, and they would cover those final days  where Jimmy Carter would literally work, with no sleep,  to the very end of his Presidency to insure that every single American Hostage would come home from Tehran, Iran,  alive.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
Election Night 1980. The Iran Hostage Crisis is going on, the economy is struggling, and the ABSCAM scandal has several candidates seeking re-election while either under indictment or after conviction. It is with this back drop that both of our subjects, Representative John Jenrette and President Jimmy Carter, are facing re-election. It did not go well for either of them. In this episode we will let you watch the evening progress as the networks zero in on the ABSCAM Defendants elections for at least some drama because the Carter efforts are fairing so badly.  Ronald Reagan will be elected in a landslide and John Jenrette will lose in a surprising squeaker to John Napier. This election is also a treat because it will feature just about everyone , save Lyndon Johnson, we have focused on throughout our podcast run.  Jimmy Carter, John Jenrette, Henry Kissinger, Barbara Walters, Frank Reynolds, Ted Koppel, Walter Cronkite, and even Richard Nixon will all be featured at some point through out the night. Finally, the episode will end as former President Gerald Ford is interviewed  while Ronald Reagan comes out to address the nation for the first time as President - Elect and the two will talk on live TV.  It is a big night for the Republican Party as they win the Presidency and the Senate for the first time in a generation and break the New Deal Coalition that had dominated the nations politics since 1932.  Questions or comments at , , , and Leave us a review at wherever you get your podcastsThanks for listening!!
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