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Author: Jacque Nyenhuis & Brooke Fredrickson

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Challenging the culture around food and nutrition from a biblical perspective hosted by Jacque Nyenhuis and Brooke Fredrickson.
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In this episode, we continue our discussion about marketing terms used by food companies to make their products sound more appealing to consumers. In some instances, they are flat out lying about the products they are selling. Hopefully this episode will help you to think twice about claims made by the food and diet industry.  Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast Find Jacque at Find Brooke at 
In this episode, we tackle popular movements in the diet industry such as clean eating and local sourcing. What do these terms really mean? Are processed foods really that bad? We also refer to Mark 7:19 for the biblical basis of our discussion.  Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast Find Jacque at Find Brooke at 
In this episode, we discuss the differences between spiritual fasting and fasting for weight loss. We tackle questions like "Is there a "right" way to fast?" or "How do you fast and honor your hunger at the same time?"  Listen in on one of our best conversations yet.  Find Jacque at Find Brooke at Follow the podcast on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast
In this episode, we discuss the fearmongering messages around food and health in our culture, and how fear of food has no place in the life of a believer. We also discuss how the diet industry uses fear to make a profit and push their political agenda.   Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast Find Jacque at Find Brooke at
In this episode, Jacque explains culinary medicine and how learning how to cook can result in improved health outcomes. We also discuss our favorite spices and the different types of fiber. Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast Learn more about culinary medicine and Jacque's cooking endeavors at Find Brooke at
In this episode, we discuss our culture's obsession with body weight. Body mass index and the problem with its origins Weight discrimination in healthcare and dietary advice Why weight is not a good indicator of health status How expectations of body size have changed throughout time Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast You can find us at and
In this episode, we discuss God's amazing design for food and our bodies, and how they work together to provide nourishment and satisfaction. We address food synergy and why food is better than supplements and meal replacements. Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcast Find Jacque at Find Brooke at Brooke's related blog post: Created for Food, Not Nutrients
In this episode, we discuss how tempting it can be to jump on the bandwagon of the latest diet fad, but also how nutrition research doesn't include other aspects of health, including emotional and spiritual health, or overall quality of life....
In this episode, we tackle more of the principles of intuitive eating, including making peace with food, respecting your body, emotional eating, satisfaction, and gentle nutrition. Follow us on Instagram at @eatwithgracepodcastFind Jacque at...
In this episode, we introduce you to the science behind intuitive eating. We cover the importance of honoring your hunger and fullness, and discuss how diets and intermittent fasting affects these God-given internal cues. Brooke's audio was a little...
In this episode, we define what grace means to us in regard to our faith and eating. Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcastFind Jacque at Find Brooke at
In this episode, Jacque shares her personal and professional journey that led her to reject diets and embrace culinary medicine.Follow us on Instagram: @eatwithgracepodcastFind Jacque here: www.cookingwithjacque.comFind Brooke here:...
In this episode, Brooke shares her story about how the culture of dieting has affected her both personally and professionally. The discussion includes the topics of weight and weight loss programs, and how (or if) they align with a biblical perspective....
01: Meet your hosts

01: Meet your hosts


In this first episode, you will get to know a little about the personal and professional lives of Jacque and Brooke and their vision for the podcast. Follow us on Instagram @eatwithgracepodcastFind Jacque at www.cookingwithjacque.comFind Brooke at...
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