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ARTPRENEUR Ottawa 2020 is a multi-day conference presented by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with Wallack’s, Invest Ottawa, and SHIFTER Agency. It brings together leading local and national creative experts and business leaders to assist artists in building their creative professions. With COVID-19 grinding the gig economy to a halt, Artpreneur will address the economic, social and cultural disruption on the arts sector in Ottawa and beyond. The Conference aims to deliver a valuable experience for delegates, with opportunities for rich conversations and connections in an open, welcoming environment with a wide array of speakers and panelists. Speakers will address what recovery means to them as artists and organizations of all disciplines aim to restore or innovate the sector through the initiative, adaptations and the lenses of equity, sustainability, technology and collaboration.
4 Episodes
Portfolio Careers: How artists build and sustain their practice, and what a pandemic means for these multifaceted professionalsWhat does it mean to be an “artist”, “dancer”, “musician”, “writer”, etc…? The arts industry offers many career options for the emerging professional, but there are no set paths, especially in this time of pandemic. How do we build a career that will sustain us, artistically and financially? How has COVID-19 affected this delicate balance? Jenna Richards leads a panel discussion with Jacqui Du Toit, Sarah Hopkin, and Claudia Gutierrez about arts entrepreneurship, identity, and portfolio careers.Presented by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with Wallack's, Invest Ottawa and Shifter Agency
Follow along with the presentation slides HERE!In this session Nik Ives-Allison (City of Ottawa) and Marisa Gallemit (Ottawa Arts Council) present key findings from Counting the Cost of COVID-19 in November 2020. This joint project of the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Arts Council looks at the economic costs of the pandemic faced by those working in the arts, culture & heritage and the businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions that support them. In this presentation, we  focus on the impact of the pandemic on artists & cultural workers including solopreneurs and freelancers. While the income & job losses experienced in the sector have been staggering, there have also been some glimmers of hope with the launch of new businesses, supports and ways of working. Are you an artist, cultural worker, business owner or the manager of a non-profit/cultural institution who would like to participate in this research?  Please contact Marisa Gallemit ( to schedule an interview or participate in a focus group.
Today we are witnessing the limitations of an entrepreneurial state driven by the neoliberal logics. The three crises that we are enduring—public health, social and economic—have shone a light on the paradox of labour and embedded reality of artists. In testing times such as these and to envisage a path forward we need to understand where we are now and how did we get to the present crisis? How did the systemic evolution of the cultural labour market premised on the introduction of competition saw the subsequent transformation of artists into cultural entrepreneurs?This keynote will highlight the political economy of the labour of artists and explore the options as to whether we go for a reset or reinvent a new way forward.Zainub Verjee is the laureate of 2020 Governor General’s Visual and Media Arts for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in Canada. She is currently involved in the national campaign on Basic Income and is the co-author of the public letter to the Prime Minister of Canada on Basic Income Guarantee.An artist, critic, a writer, a keynote speaker, arts administrator with expertise in cultural policy and cultural diplomacy, over four decades she has contributed to international and national policies and legislation pertaining to the culture sector including the international instruments like the Status of the Artists and Cultural Diversity. She continues to work on issues of Artist Labour, Artist Income, Racial Equity, Cultural Planning, Intellectual Property, Digital Ecosystems of Art, Cultural Institutions, Cultural Diplomacy and Culture Trade.  Former Executive Director of the Western Front, her work on the British Columbia Arts Board led to the formation of British Columbia Arts Council, as well as she has contributed to the formation of many other institutions. An active member of civil society, she was the Vancouver Moderator of the Spicer Commission – The Citizen’s Forum on Canada’s Future. Currently, she is the executive director of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries in Toronto.Presented by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with Wallack's, Invest Ottawa and Shifter Agency
Born an Ottawa native, City Fidelia is a soulful street poet, rapper, singer and songwriter. He launched Real House of Ensemble, a creative agency and arts resource hub, during the pandemic in July 2020 filling a resource gap for local creatives – with big goals for the future.  This discussion will provide an overview about how businesses can continue to dedicate resources towards economic growth and innovations within the hip hop community, which deserves more recognition for sustainable contributions to the music industry and arts sector, locally and beyond. In conversation with Kevin Bourne (Shifter Agency/Magazine), they discuss the local arts and music industry, prior to, and in recovery from the pandemic, committing to your craft, collaboration,  and working to lift up your community through new projects and creative spaces. Presented by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with Wallack's, Invest Ottawa and Shifter Agency
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