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PodCraft | Learn the Art of Podcasting in Focussed Seasons
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PodCraft | Learn the Art of Podcasting in Focussed Seasons

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Taking you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster! This podcast is all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to make, grow and monetise a great show. In this podcast I cover the full range of Podcasting skills, looking at: Podcasting Equipment – what microphones to buy, when to get a mixer, how to set it all up. Podcasting Techniques – recording interviews, recording outside events. Podcast Editing – what software to use, how to create the best audio possible. Podcast Promotion – how to grow your audience, how to market your brand. Podcast Planning – scripting, episode planning, topic generation. Podcast Monetisation – how to make money out of your broadcast without turning off your audience. And more – podcasting environments, events, speaking skills.I'll be bringing on guests from popular podcasts, talking to novices and experts alike, and generally helping you to create the best podcast possible. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, or feedback on the podcast, get in touch on twitter at @thepodcasthost or through the website at The Podcast Host
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Taking you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster! This podcast is all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to plan, launch, and grow a great show. Brought to you by Colin and Matthew at - PodCraft takes a structured and seasonal approach that helps you to navigate the entire podcasting process, step-by-step. Where Do I Start?That depends on where you are in your podcasting journey. But whether you're an aspiring podcaster with literally no knowledge of how this all works, or an experienced creator looking to monetise a highly-produced documentary-style series, there's something here for you... Podcraft SeasonsThe Basics of Podcasting: How to launch your first episode.Podcasting Equipment: What will you need to record and produce your show? Creating a Podcast Website: Do I need one? And how do I do it?Planning and Presenting Content: Getting behind the mic, and finding your voice. Podcast Monetisation: How do I earn a crust from my content?Creating Powerful Content: How do I keep my listeners coming back for more?Podcasting FAQ: We answer your common questions.Podcasting Conversations: Interviews and case studies to inspire, inform, and help you grow.Highly-Produced Podcasting: Taking it to the next level with your sound. And, you can find everything at PodCraft.netWork With UsWith PodCraft, you'll learn all you need to know about making a successful podcast. But if you really want to 10x the process then check out The Podcast Host Academy. That's where you can join us for regular live Q&A sessions, go through our video training courses on everything from editing to audience growth, and get access to all of our downloadable resources! Support the show (
In the first episode of our tenth season of Podcraft we decide to re-evaluate the basics. As a celebration of our tenth season anniversaray, we are re-examining and re-recording the topics we discussed in Season one. Episode one looks at the benefits of podcasting. Benefits Of Podcasting Number 1: Engagement Voice engages audience. This builds […]Support the show (
In the second episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we debate the answer to one of the greatest questions that every podcaster faces; What are you podcasting for? If you are thinking of launching your own podcast, you should have a reason for doing so. In the show we explore the best way to […]Support the show (
In this episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we continue to explore the first steps in launching your own podcast. This week we focus on audience. We talk about who you should be podcasting for and how to find out who your audience is. Who Are You Podcasting For? An Avatar is your ideal […]Support the show (
In the fourth episode of our new Podcraft season, we talk formats and approaches. You’ll need to consider which kind of format you’d like your podcast to be when beginning to plan out your podcast. And you’ll need to work out the approach you’re going to take to get you there. Let’s run through the […]Support the show (
There’s no doubt that you’re recording a podcast about something you love. And therefore you can probably talk for days all about your topic! However, you only hold your listener’s attention for so long. So how do you figure out what the best length is? And how often should you give your listeners new episodes […]Support the show (
Winging it is certainly a skill, but there’s also something to be said for great planning & scripting. It can be the difference between a listener feeling really engaged with your podcast and thinking it’s a bit of a waffle. Planning & Scripting In the sixth episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we look […]Support the show (
We know that one of the biggest barriers you might have stopping you creating your podcast is worrying about how to set-up your equipment. We’re going to go through how to get your show on tape, how to set-up everything you need to record your perfect podcast. And we’re going to cover recording online, and […]Support the show (
On today’s episode of Podcraft we’re taking a look at something that’s super important. However something that you might not naturally consider. Your recording environment! By this, we mean the place you decide to record and how all of the factors around you can come into play. Recording Environment The recording environment goes hand in […]Support the show (
Without a doubt, editing is the one aspect of podcasting that we’re most frequently asked about. In this episode we’re going to run through some of the options available to you when it comes to editing. What Can I Edit With? You can use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to edit your podcast. Commonly used […]Support the show (
Cover art and music are two ways of branding your podcast and giving it its own unique personality. It isn’t essential to have music in your podcast however. If you want to keep your show really raw and simple then you might avoid using it altogether. But music can create that immediately identifiable opening to […]Support the show (
So you’ve recorded your first podcast episode and now you’re ready to share it with the world. How exactly do you upload it though? In this episode we’ll give you a crash course on podcast websites and media hosting. Here you’ll learn what you need to publish a podcast episode, and the various options available […]Support the show (
So far we’ve walked you through to the point where you’ve uploaded your first episode to your media host. At this stage, you have a podcast. But it still can’t actually be found in all the places people actually listen to podcasts. That’s an easy fix though, don’t worry! In this episode we’ll tell you […]Support the show (
Planning and launching your first podcast can be a steep learning curve. But once you’re actually putting episodes out there, the pitfalls are a little different. Now the battle is about keeping things consistent, sustainable, and enjoyable. So once you get past your first 20 episodes, what then? That’s what we’re going to help you […]Support the show (
In this episode, we’re talking microphones.  I cover the best microphones for podcasting, and how to choose the right one for you. For the full info, listen to the episode below. Or, you can always read our popular article on the subject: The Best Podcasting Microphones Listen to This is Episode: Series 2: A Guide […]
It’s time for an in-between-isode, otherwise known as an interruption to normal programming! If you’ve been listening long, you’ll know Series 2 is all about Podcasting equipment, taking you through the audio chain from start to finish. Well, this is a little break from the techie chat, and instead a conversation with the founder of […]Support the show (
In this episode I’m introducing the topic and format of the next series of PodCraft, and it’s something a little different. Next, I’m including an interview I did with the Boagworld guys a few months ago talking about the Podcast Host. If you’re interested in a little more detail on the business, then this is […]Support the show (
In this episode, we’re talking microphones. We cover the best microphones for podcasting, and how to choose the right one for you. You can also read our popular article on the subject:The Best Podcasting MicrophonesFor series 11, we’re looking at your next steps in terms of equipment. In this series we’ll be going through all of the kit you can use for podcasting, from one end of the audio chain to the other – microphone to editor. For each type I’ll be covering Entry level and pro level, and talk about the lifecycle, ie. what you should start with and how/when you can upgrade.Equipment is where a lot of us totally geek out, spending far too much money on shiny new bits, and I’ve been more than guilty of this in the past. I’m hoping that this series can help you choose and sensible starting point, and guide you through the upgrade process over the coming years.Gear Mentioned in This EpisodeSamson Q2U (USB and XLR)Shure MV5 (USB)Blue Snowball (USB)Blue Yeti (USB)Rode Procaster (XLR)MXL 990 (XLR)Shure SM58 (XLR)Rode Smartlav + (Lav mic for smartphone)ATR3350 (Lav mic for digital recorder)Resources MentionedThe Ultimate Podcast Equipment GuideBest Podcast Making AppsUpgrade Your Equipment In Line With Your SkillsI genuinely think that you should only upgrade your kit in line with your presenting and production skills. In the beginning you don’t need a £300 microphone, you need to practice talking to your audience.Then you need to practice your editing and audio production. Then you need to practice your storytelling and writing. THEN, you’re ready for really good quality kit.Don't Upgrade Everything At OnceIn a similar vein, don’t do it all at once. The most basic reason for that is that you’ll spoil the fun of buying new shiny bits by blowing it all at once! The more practical reason is that you really want to make sure you’re using every bit of kit you own in the best way possible.For example, start with the microphone. Learn how to speak into it properly, cutting sibilants and plosives, and maintaining a good distance. Then, learn it’s other quirks, such as background sensitivity and recording pattern.Once you know you’re using the mic in the best way possible, THEN you can buy yourself the next bit of kit. If you do it the other way around then you’ll end up confusing bad results with one piece of kit with bad use of another. You need to know the first element is working perfectly before you can hone your skills with the next.Automate Your Podcast ProductionAre you a coSupport the show (
In this episode we’ll cover why you might want to use a digital recorder in your podcasting efforts, and how to choose the best one for you.We’ve discussed digital recorders in the past, and in fact you can find  current definitive guide here: The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market. This episode discusses the very same stuff with a little extra detail.We'll cover: Why Might you Need a Digital Recorder for Podcasting?Mobile recording – capture an interview any time, any placeRisk mitigation – avoid recording to a computer and the crash risk that posesBackup – Record to Digitial Recorder PLUS PC for the best of both worldsWhat Digital Recorder Should I Buy?Each option depends on your own unique situation, show format, and budget. Zoom H1 or Tascam DR-05 - the lower cost 'lite' modelsZoom H4 - mid-range optionZoom H5 or Zoom H6 - premium options Also MentionedAlitu: The Podcast Maker App automates your podcast productionThe Podcast Host Academy - work with us to plan, launch, and grow your podcast  Support the show (
On this episode of PodCraft we're talking Mixers - when and if you might want one. It's not cut and dry by any means! Let's look at the arguments.And you can also check out our Best Podcast Mixers roundup if you're already won over to the idea of getting one. We'll be mentioning some of our favourite models in this episode too. When Might You Think About Getting a Mixer?Here are the reasons you might want to go ahead and starting looking at mixers:You want more audio inputs - eg. more microphones, along with Music, Skype, etcYou want more control over those inputs, such as levels, EQ, compression, etcYou want to start using pro level equipment, such as XLR condenser microphones that need phantom powerYou want to increase reliability and qualityYou want to cut the computer out of the equationYou want to live produce, creating your show like a radio show, cutting down on editing.Why Might you NOT Want a Mixer?There are plenty of reasons NOT to get a mixer, such as:You simply don't need one. Most podcasters don't. Cost - mixers, decent ones that is, are expensiveComplexity - mixers can look intimidating to beginners, and sometimes having too much customisation options just leads to paralysis. Which Mixer Should I Go For?As always with podcasting, it depends on a few different factors. Here are 3 solid options though. The Yamaha MG10Samson MXP124FXThe Mackie Pro FX8The Rode Rodecaster Pro Mentioned in This EpisodeHow to set up a Mix-MinusThe Podcast Host AcademyAlitu - The Podcast Maker AppSupport the show (
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So I am at the part where it is said the photos with mixers in them are all just fluff and facebook comes and shows me Patreon with a photo of a mixer saying "join thousands of podcasts on Patreon" hahahaha too perfect.

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