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For this episode, I had the pleasure to talk to facilitator, witchcraft and ritual creator, and photographer Charlyne, who founded "The Occult Therapy“. I got to know them over a friend who is their client and was talking about her experiences in such a fascinating way that I wanted to meet Charlyne.On Charlyne’s own journey of learning and practicing body piercing, rope suspension, and also performing with these elements on stage, they reconnected to spirituality and found profound access to their own healing. Fascinated by these findings, Charlyne started to share these gifts as a full-time job. By allowing the dark into our lives we can rewrite our own stories and become the empowered humans we are supposed to be. "Find your light through the darkness. Bleed, surrender, embrace the pain, release." writes Charlyne.Charlyne lives and works mainly in Berlin and identifies as non-binary. They use different pronouns (they/them/he/she) according to the situation.You can find out more about Charlyne's services here: https://theocculttherapy.comRecorded by Siri BerlinSiri on InstaSiri's art on Insta
For this episode, I met with the incredible life drawing hosts from the Berlin-based sessions called "Sketcherei" - Liana Gilman and Alexandra Rudneva. Their (now online) events are always fun and diverse and leave a lot of space for the self-expression of the model - and of the sketching artists. The goal of Sketcherei is to connect artists - sketchers and performers - around the globe. The focus of every session is catching the motion and dynamic of the human body, but Sketcherei always has performance at the heart of everything. Coming from a Russian art background hostile to non-academic artists, Alexandra and Liana were keen to create a community for artists of all kinds to enjoy the drawing process. If you like to get a glimpse of how much thinking and creation can be behind an online life drawing session - or if you just would like to know what two passionate Russian women are doing in Berlin - this episode is for you.Cheers!Sketcherei: we talked about you can support directly if you like:Berlin Strippers CollectiveYulia TsvetkovaRecorded by Siri BerlinSiri on Insta
Were you always interested in what it is like to be naked in front of people who look at you constantly? For 2 hours? Are you interested in what is going on in the head of an art model before during and after a session? Then this episode is for you.Last week I met Danna, a former artistic gymnast, and skilled costume designer from Glasgow in Scotland for an interview to talk about her main job as an art model.  Coming from a long line of artists there are many perspectives that influence Danna's work.  Making the world a better place from wherever you stand in life seems to be an important aspect. And one way she is doing that is by showing up as her vulnerable self in her life drawing sessions. Without the world of life drawing going online, I probably wouldn't have met Danna.  Today, she is one of the most inspiring models I ever had the chance to draw and I am looking forward to times when I can meet and draw her in person. Thanks, Danna for your time, and for being. (PS: The cover image of this podcast is in fact a painting I made inspired by so many session with her I participated in.)If you want to check Danna out or book her for a session you find her here: mentioned a few fellow artists during the chat.You can find them here:Life Drawing with Sketcherei Design by: Siri
For this episode, I met with William Holley, a passionate trumpet player and artist in his spare time, an architect/engineer when it comes to his occupation. William, originally from England, just moved to Hamburg for a new project.We met some time ago in Berlin at one of the amazing life drawing sessions he is (was and will be) hosting at Keithbar in Berlin Neukölln. William’s goal for his event series is to create a space where people meet and feel seen as the person they are and create a space where people are comfortable enough to try out new things. You should see his welcoming smile and friendly hugs he hands out freely to everyone joining his piece-of-art-life-drawing-event. If you are curious to find out some secrets of a well-hosted and enthusiastic life drawing session or if you just enjoy someone bringing joy into the world, listen to this episode.- By the way: The cover of this episode is a drawing I made when William was modelling at Keith Bar in 2020 - Here you can contact William and  also have a look at his art: this FB group you find all events: place where it all happens: people we mentioned in the episode:Expansion StarpowerCameryn MooreHugo Rex TibiricaRecorded by: Siri Berlin
For this podcast, I met Andy Buru, an inspiring, well-known, and fun to talk to rope bondage teacher and therapist from Stockholm in Sweden. I met Andy a few years ago at a tantra festival in Ängsbacka, where he also teaches sometimes.  As rope bondage and kink, in general, seem to become more and more popular around me,  I thought it might be interesting getting to know Andy a little better. So I asked him for an interview. In this episode, we talk about a  project that is very dear to Andy: The amazing conscious kink event series "Salongen" ("The Parlour") where BDSM and art meet. These play parties will be taking place in a theatre setting and are a co-production of Andy Buru and colleagues from theatre and opera.  Listen to the interview to discover some of the secret ingredients of this playful artistic project.If you want to know more about Andy Buru, his passion, lessons, and sessions you can find a lot of inspiration and information here: www.andyburu.seThe event series "Salongen" has no official homepage, yet. But if you read Swedish you can catch a glimpse here: we recorded the session on International Women's day, I asked Andy which women were most influential in his life. Here is some nutrition for your brain, body, and soul:Ruby May Carellas Lewis Herman Perel, Andy, for being such a delightful person to talk to.Recorded by Siri Berlin
Hello wonderful humans, in this episode you follow me and my dear friend Boaz onto two meetings because we decided after the first talk that we needed to add a few more things. And we could have talked even longer. So here you find the essence of our talks. During the first recording, Boaz was still in Berlin. In the second one, he was visiting his birth country Israel.  Living in (between) two cultures while creating a new one is the main topic of this episode. We talked about Boaz art projects, his time in the military, masculinity,  and relations. I am impressed by how deep our talk went and I am still very touched by Boaz poem "My forefathers" which you can listen to at the end of the podcast. Here you can find Boaz creations and contact him:https://digitalboaz.com don't forget to check out the Sketch-O-Mat by: Siri BerlinIf you like this podcast, please share it with your friends, subscribe or leave a comment on our social media. Thanks a million. Siri
In this episode, you meet Sergio, an open hearted engineer from Spain, right now working and studying in Maastricht in The Netherlands. I met Sergio on an intense tantric workshop in Croatia in 2019. I got to know him as a kind human being, who is always committed to personal growth. And he has one of the most inviting smiles I have ever seen.Recently he created his own men's group - due to his own longing to have a deeper connection with other men. In this episode, we talk about his way of creating a circle, the benefits, and challenges.Sergio:"In October 2020, I started a circle of men. It's been now 5 months and I can surely say that it's one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. Not always easy to put yourself and your insecurities in front of other men, but definitely worth every time I did it. Here is an interview I did with a dear friend where we go a little bit deeper on the topic and my experience. Last but not least, I really really want to thank the men that had the courage to start this journey, stay and show-up in every meeting we have. I have loved seeing how much we are progressing all together and I keep loving every meeting we have  Love you guys."If you are interested in creating your own men's group and you don't know where to start, you can contact Sergio and he will be happy to help: s.molino.aguado@gmail.comA few good ideas on how to create a men's group Sergio found on this page: Gray describes a men's group as:"A men’s group is when a group of men meet regularly in order to better themselves as individuals. It is not a spiritual group, though spiritual things certainly can take place. It is not a therapy group, even though therapeutic benefits do occur for all who attend. It is not a self-help group, even though selves do get helped.It is simply a regularly held group container wherein men are able to heal parts of their psyche, and become sharper, wiser, and more well rounded as people."Recorded by Siri Berlin, Sweden
In this episode, you meet Tarn, a smart, spiritual, and sensual human being, writer, editor, and journalist from the UK, right now living in Berlin. I met Tarn at a conscious event dinner table in Berlin. She is one of these light-like people, who - even when they just flicker by - leave a wonderful sparkle behind. In our conversation, we talk about the healing potential of hallucinogenic plants, her own experiences with substances, and about people she interviewed in the realm of psychedelics.Tarn is also the host of a 9 episode long podcast about psychedelics. It's called "Psychonaut Sisters" and you find it under this name on the main podcast platforms.Article by Tarn about a couple using psychedelics:"The couple using mushrooms as relationship therapy"The video about sex & psychedelics: by: Siri Berlin, Sweden
In this episode, you meet Simon, a friend I met on a project in Germany. After the project ended we stayed in contact and a beautiful friendship developed. And because I never shut up about my passion topics - in this case my wish to become a sex therapist - he opened up about his desire for kinky play. If you are interested in Kink or BDSM and need some good ideas on how to get started and what to avoid - or if you are just curious - this podcast is for you. Here are some links for further research and support:General Info: in Germany : kink do you like? let me know in case you have some good tools, pages, groups, workshops you can recommend to beginners. I will publish them after reviewing here in the show notes. Thanks.Recorded by: Siri Berlin, Sweden
After listening to the two first episodes of my podcast Sex & Art some of you asked me to share a little bit about myself. In this podcast, you'll get to know me and my perspective to Art and Sex a little bit better. Melanie - my dear guest from episode 2 - had the idea to interview me.  And her beautiful questions led to me talking about my spiritual and artistic awakening, my projects and what makes art and sex so precious to me.If you want to reach out to me you can write me an email: siri@siriberlin.deor connect with me on Instagram: Facebook: case you are interested in my art and life, you can also subscribe for my monthly newsletter: projects you find on my homepage: is coming soon)If you want to get to know my wonderful interviewer Melanie - I highly recommend to check out her
In this episode, you meet Melanie, a lovely human being, sociologist, coach and sexual healer. By listening to Melanie you will get to know a sometimes rebellious introvert with a big passion for human beings. She recommends: "Dare to ask for more! Dare to be wild! Dare to be bold!"And she also sells Yoni-Eggs. I am intrigued. We met 6 years ago in a body-awareness workshop for women in Berlin and I am very thankful for the opportunity to reconnect over such an interesting topic.I highly recommend to check out her services. You can find her
 In this episode, you meet Isabell, a friend of mine from Berlin. She is a nail polish lover, occasional comedian, smart woman, activist, and artistic soul. In her mid 20ies, she was diagnosed with HIV, which clearly changed her life. Not only for the bad, though. Listen to her story and find out how she copes with humor, actively educating others and how she manages to find good in the bad...Isabell says: "I don't want to downplay HIV. It is a very serious infection. But I can live until I am old, wrinkly, and grey. I can have good and bad relationships, I can have children - or not. Like all other human beings." -----------Find out more about Isabell's work as HIV ambassador: you want to find out more about HIV/Aids you can follow these links:U equals U = undetectable means untransmittable: Aidshilfe: https://en.aidshilfe.deIf you want to support Isabell's and her coworkers' work you can contribute here:
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