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Author: Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend | Glassbox Media

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Around The Coin is an award-winning top fintech podcast. Co-Hosts Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend to discuss all things in the world of crypto and payments, from the trading of shells to bitcoins and everything in between!
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In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Alex Harris, Founding Partner of Fiat Growth and General Partner at Fiat Ventures. Prior to Fiat, Alex led paid growth and partnerships at Chime, flexing his innovation skills and data-driven approach. His deep knowledge of the Fintech market provides superior marketing, business development, and growth strategies for Fiat’s clients.
In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with MacLane Wilkison, Contributor to Threshold Network, the home of tBTC, the only decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin bridge to Ethereum. He is a co-founder of NuCypher, which combined with Keep Network in the first-ever decentralized network merger to form Threshold.
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Scott Dykstra, CTO and Co-Founder of Space and Time, and Purandar Das, CEO and Co-Founder of Sotero.Microsoft-backed Space and Time is the first decentralized data warehouse. Scott also serves as a Strategic Advisor to Sotero and was formerly the VP of Cloud Solutions at Teradata.Sotero is a Web2 data security platform that ensures your sensitive data is never left unprotected. Purandar previously served as CTO at Infogroup and CTO at Epsilon.
In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Miles Parry & Cat Le-Huy, Co-founders of MPCH Labs, the team behind Fraction.Miles Parry has extensive experience building highly secure solutions to protect sensitive data and assets. Miles has worked as a trusted consultant for a variety of government organizations, such as the Ministry of Defense, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Foreign Commonwealth Officer. Before MPCH, Miles founded and built Vo1t (now Genesis), a high-security service that safeguards valuable digital assets trusted by some of the world’s largest companies. At MPCH, Miles is focused on delivering military-grade security infrastructure and cryptographically approved business process management across economic sectors.As a software engineer by trade, Cat Le-Huy has experience working with some of the largest organizations in the world across numerous sectors, like defense, investment banking, MarTech, and FMCG, to help them achieve digital efficiency through various digital systems and strategies. As a veteran with over 20 years of experience and a uniquely creative approach to development, Cat brings together technology, product design, and business strategy. At MPCH, Cat is focused on designing military-grade security infrastructure and cryptographically approved business process management across economic sectors.
In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Eric Shoykhet, Founder of Link Financial Technologies and Atom Finance, venture-backed software companies that collectively have raised $100mm. Previously, he was an investor at Governors Lane, an event-driven hedge fund. At Governors Lane, Eric worked on investments across a variety of sectors including industrials, financials, technology, and consumer staples. Prior to this, he worked in the Restructuring and Reorganization group at Blackstone. Eric graduated from the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania with degrees from both the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences.
Justin Rice is the Vice President of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of Stellar, an open-source network that connects the world's financial infrastructure. In this role, he represents developers building on the Stellar network and coordinates members of the Stellar ecosystem, with an ultimate focus on the growth, development, and ongoing health of that system. Prior to his current role, Justin worked in Stellar product development, where he helped build the StellarX exchange, which utilizes Stellar open-source technology. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from Harvard University.
In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Ramani 'Ram' Ramachandran, CEO of Router Protocol, an infrastructure layer enabling communication between blockchains. After graduating from MIT with an MBA from the Sloan School of Management, Ramani worked at Deloitte, Moody’s, and Schlumberger before moving into crypto in 2014. He built and ran Asia’s earliest crypto fund, returning 4x. Built Fordex - the world’s first stablecoin DEX and Qume, an institutional-grade crypto exchange. He also launched Asia’s first crypto-index token before founding Router Protocol which is solving the problem of blockchain interoperability.
In this episode, Mike Townsend, speaks with Adam Hofmann, Founder & CEO of Nimble Decentralized Insurance.Adam is forever a creative, but shifted his professional trajectory away from music and built a 22-year career in the insurance industry playing all the roles - service, sales, marketing, risk advisor, operations, and owner.Adam took his innate creativity, learned practicality and the thrill of building with a big vision, and became the founder of Nimble.Nimble is a decentralized and democratized insurance protocol built on Algorand; the rails for all people to have the opportunity at lower premiums, investment income, and proper protection.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Hugo Philion, Co-founder & CEO of Flare Network. They aim to be the interoperability chain connecting all smart contract chains, non-smart contract chains, & web2 APIs together.As a former commodity derivatives portfolio manager & a Master's in Machine Learning, Hugo is uniquely qualified to speak about the past, present, & future of DeFi - both on a financial fundamentals basis, as well as the tech driving it.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Darius Tabatabai, co-founder of Vertex Protocol, a cross-margined, order book DEX built on Arbitrum. Darius comes from an extensive background in TradFi, including as the former Global Head of Metals Trading at BAML and CS and former Head of Trading at Crosstower and JST Capital. Darius and Vertex co-founder, Alwin Peng, decided to build Vertex as a vertically integrated DEX that could compete with centralized exchanges in both features and performance.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Alan the co-founder and CEO of Enya Labs, a core contributor to Boba Network. With more than 20 years of experience in building and investing in enterprise and fintech startups, he leads the efforts at achieving Boba Network’s goal of bringing Ethereum to the next billion users worldwide.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Jack Vinijtrongjit the Co-Founder and CEO at AAG. Jack is a serial entrepreneur, avid investor, and advisor to global Web2 & Web3 tech start-ups. Tech enthusiast with an extensive background in enterprise software architecture and development. He created platforms for scalable applications in omnichannel retail (XY Retail), content management (TOOVIA), and real estate (CozyBid). Jack is a TIBCO alumnus.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Miles Paschini, CEO of FV Bank, a global digital bank providing fintech and blockchain companies with integrated banking, payments, and digital asset custody services. An investor and serial entrepreneur, Miles has built numerous innovative financial services businesses. He was awarded seven patents related to payment processing services during the development of EWI Holdings, acquired by Blackhawk in 2006. In addition to developing the industry’s first cryptocurrency-linked debit cards implemented worldwide. Miles and FV Bank co-founder Nitin Agarwal are the first in history to be awarded a U.S. patent for the development of stablecoin instruments to be backed by sovereign debt and on-chain KYC.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend, speaks with Zach Resnick, Founder and CEO of Unbounded Capital. He co-founded Unbounded Capital with Dan Rosen in 2018. He is also a founder of poker education and content company Just Hands Poker and of discounted biz/first class flight concierge service FlyFlat. During his early 20s, Zach made a living from playing cash games and investing in other poker players, providing a unique understanding of risk management that is largely shaped through leveraging volatility to outperform others in the high-risk high-reward situations of poker. In 2016 Zach made his first personal investment in Bitcoin and began a disciplined due diligence process for investing in crypto assets. He then began managing founding partner Dan Rosen’s capital and the continued success investing gave them the confidence and capital to start the firm in the SF bay area, officially launching in August of 2018.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend sits down with Sergej Kunz the Co-Founder of 1inch Network, a distributed network of decentralized protocols that enable the fastest, most lucrative, and protected operations in major blockchain ecosystems. Numbers-wise, they have 2.7M+ wallets, $194B+ in trading volume, and $55B+ in available liquidity.They also recently raised $175M in Series B funding at a $2.25B valuation.Sergej has been in the crypto space for 10+ years. He and his Co-Founder Anton Bukov created the 1inch Network MVP in 18 hours at the ETHNewYork hackathon in 2019.Before founding his company, Sergej worked as a software engineer. His resume includes Mimacom consultancy and Porsche. He also co-hosted the YouTube show CryptoManiacs.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Trevor Bacon the CEO and co-founder of Parcl, a blockchain-based platform that allows users to invest in a digital square foot of physical real estate in neighborhoods around the world. Trevor has seasoned experience as a portfolio manager at several hedge funds focused on the technology sector — specifically software, payments (where he was introduced to blockchain 5 years ago), and internet. Previous to Parcl, Trevor was a Portfolio Manager at Force Hill Capital Management, where he managed a portfolio of over $500M focused on growth technology. He was also a Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst at Millennium, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Trevor has an MS in Finance from Villanova and a bachelor's degree from Fordham University.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend chats with Simon Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Voltz Labs, believes in a transparent, equitable, and community-driven future, where technology provides equal economic opportunities to all. Simon has been involved in three financial technology startups - twice as a founder and once as an early employee. Simon completed his Executive Education at Stanford.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend interviewed Omri Mor the co-founder and CEO of Routable, responsible for the company’s overarching vision and business strategy In addition to his fintech expertise – bolstered by over five years building finch infrastructure for marketplaces – Mor is also a serial founder, previously founding Down App, Inc. and Ziibra.He approaches every business decision with a customer-first mindset, and is committed to providing tangible value for Routable’s customers.Omri is a seasoned expert in the fintech industry. Prior to Routable, he spent more than five years building fintech infrastructure for marketplaces in order to improve consumer check-out conversion rates.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, Mike Townsend sat down with Timothy Nuy the Founder and CEO of Finclusion Group, which is working to enhance the lives of Africans through simple, convenient, and appropriate financial services. Since its inception in 2018, Finclusion’s proven credit-scoring modules have led to the distribution of 310 million in loans to 240,000 customers across five countries.Prior to creating Finclusion, Nuy founded Fractal Labs in January 2020, creating a unique risk and AI modeling framework to the financial market.Nuy received his Bachelor of Science, International Business Economics from Maastricht University in 2008, also completing a program at Cal Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In 2011, Nuy became the Director of the African Development Corporation, an investment holding focusing on the financial services industry.In March of 2015, Nuy became the Deputy-Chief Executive Officer of MyBucks, a company that operated financial institutions in Africa, Europe, and Australia. In March of 2019, he moved into the role of Chief Executive Officer, paving the way for the founding of his current companies.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Willie Pang, CEO of Limepay

Willie Pang, CEO of Limepay


In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Willie Pang, the CEO of Limepay, an Australian-born fintech that's revolutionizing payments through its interoperable tech stack that allows brands to seamlessly embed financial services, such as Buy Now Pay Later installments.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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