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Due By Midnight

Due By Midnight

Author: Dustin Bucher and Dawson Reprogle

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Two university students discuss how they attempt productivity and what tools they use to stay on-top.
6 Episodes
Dawson loses (and finds) his sole pen, Dustin’s made about text edit not working on his MacBook, Dawson “gets” an “iPod”, and they discuss spring break’s absence and robots on campus Show Notes Fisher Space Pen Pencil holder picture Timbuk2 Tuck DankPods Starship Lime Edited by Dawson Reprogle, Artwork by Alysa Grady
Dawson and Dustin discuss how they set up their iPhones for productivity and focus, and compare Windows and MacOS’s home screen setups. Show Notes: Dustin’s Home screens: ( 1 | 2 | 3 ) Dawson’s Home screens: ( Productive | Chill ) A good article from BetterHumans about managing notifications Edited by Dawson Reprogle, Artwork…
We discuss the apps we use to take notes in class, the hardware we use, the techniques we have refined, and also emoji keyboards. Show Notes: iPad Apple Pencil Ulysses Tom Scott’s Emoji Keyboard Notability OneNote Notion Bear Zettelkasten Drafts Obsidian Field Notes Edited by Dawson Reprogle. Artwork by Alysa Grady.
#2: Assignment Triage

#2: Assignment Triage


We discuss Getting Things Done and how it shapes our assignment workflows, Dawson reveals his new task management system, and we both discuss how time tracking went Show Notes: Getting Things Done Omnifocus Drafts Field Notes TickTick (App Store/Play Store) Todoist (App Store/Play Store) Satellite Tracker Timery Edited by Dawson Reprogle, artwork by Alysa Grady
Dawson discusses his lukewarm feelings towards Apple Calendars, while Dustin fawns over Fantastical. Then, both discuss how to build a schedule, healthy habits for doing so, and tips & tricks for your schedule. Show Notes: Apple Calendar Google Calendar (App Store/Play Store) Fantastical Todoist (App Store/Play Store) Weekend Wednesdays Edited by Dawson Reprogle, artwork by…
#0: School Workflows

#0: School Workflows


Dustin and Dawson discuss their workflows and how they’re changing them for the new semester. Show Notes: Reminders Todoist Notability Pomodoro (Web App) Timery Drafts Fantastical Bear Ulysses The FOCUSED Calendar 2021 NASA Calendar Edited by Dawson Reprogle. Artwork by Alysa Grady.
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