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Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation:  Our Story, Hispanics in Texas
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Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation: Our Story, Hispanics in Texas

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“Our Story” is dedicated to the voices of Texas Hispanics. Our mission is to explore the personal and intimate stories of Texas Latinos. There are so many misconceptions about Texas Hispanics and the conventional wisdom about who we are as a people is often not an accurate representation. Our Story allows our Featured Storytellers to tell their personal stories in their own voices.
11 Episodes
During the Presidential Election Cycle of 2020, the Lincoln Project, played a pivotal role in shaping the opinions and voting patterns of moderate-leaning Republicans and Independents.   Founded by a group of former Republican Consultants, including Mike Madrid, a brilliant Latino strategist from California, the Lincoln Project almost single-handedly took down one of the most powerful political organizations in American History.  Mike Madrid’s insight, unorthodox approach to political strategy, and courageous leadership in perilous political environment, literally changed the course of the 2020 presidential election.  In the Season Finale of Our Story, hear Mike Madrid talk about where we have come from politically, where we are today, and what is likely coming next in American politics.
Robert A. Estrada, the current President of the venerable Texas Exes Association, a former member of the Texas Board of Regents, and a 2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award Honoree, is a Texas icon. Born in Mexico City to U.S. Citizen parents, Robert has lived the quintessential American Dream.  From Brownsville, Texas, Robert has been a success in media, politics and business.  He served as a Special Assistant to the President of the United States and started on of the most successful municipal bond investment banks in the country.  But his biggest success was raising a beautiful and successful family after experiencing a traumatic and tragic life-changing event.  This is his story.
Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez epitomizes what it means to be a citizen servant.  His steadfast dedication to the City of Dallas and his community is an inspiration to those who know him and work with him.  His story of being one of the few openly LGBTQ elected officials in the state and the first to serve on the Dallas City Council is both informative and instructive.  In this week’s episode of Our Story Councilman Narvaez shares with us how he navigated through some of the more complex issues of being a Latino LGBTQ political candidate in the Great State of Texas.
On this week’s Our Story, Adryana Aldeen, one of the preeminent conservative voices in Spanish Language New Media, tells the story of how her faith led her from her loving Catholic home in Mexico to the academic halls of the evangelical church in the United States and eventually to Republican Party politics in Texas and Spanish Media. Adryana’s immigrant story is unique in that she came to the United States driven more by her faith and pursuit of a career in media, rather than solely for economic opportunity.  
This week on the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation’s podcast, Our Story, meet one of the most dynamic, interesting, and compelling Latina voices in the Texas Legislature:  Rep. Ina Minjarez.  In just a few years in the Legislature, Ina has evidenced the ability to craft important policy and forge strong relationships not only in the House, but across all branches of government.  As a result, she is known as someone who can get things done.  Her laser focus on important issues such as mental health and domestic violence has shaped policy across Texas.  Because of her success, she is considered one of the brightest “up and coming” stars in state politics. Here is her story.
On this episode of Our Story, hear the incredible life journey of the venerable and iconic Latina, Former Texas Senator Leticia Van de Putte.  As a sixth generation Texan, with ambitions to become a businesswoman, wife and mother, the Senator accomplished that an much more.  With her dedication to community, her devotion to service, and her exceptional intellect and talents, Van de Putte put her mark on Texas politics as the first Latina Senator in Texas to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  This is her story!
Chuck Rocha is arguably the most impactful political consultant in America today.  His insight, focus and unique approach to engaging Hispanics has literally changed the game of presidential politics.  Chuck’s story of growing up in East, Texas, raised by his single mother and grandparents, provides the back drop to his meteoric rise in national politics.  Always funny and entertaining, hear Chuck tell his story in his own words.  This episode is definitely, a “must listen” for anyone interested in presidential politics.
From a tiny town in New Mexico to the hallowed halls of Wellesley and the Harvard Law School, Regina Montoya embodies the American Dream.  As the grand daughter of immigrants who came to this country with little more than the clothes on their backs, Regina worked tirelessly to make a difference in her community.  And she most certainly did.  Regina literally opened the White House as an executive in the first Clinton Administration. Hear her story in her own words.  This is who we are.  This, is Our Story.
In this week’s Episode, Naomi Villalba shares her sometimes tragic but always inspirational immigrant story.  Born in a thatch roofed hut in the remote villages of Ouxaca, Mexico, Naomi faced overwhelming odds and tremendous adversity to become the Executive Assistant for the CEO at a Fortune 100 business in Texas.  Through it all she never gave up and always persevered.  Her story will make you laugh, sometimes cry, but will certainly leave you inspired.
This week, the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation brings you the story of the brilliant, yet humble, Hon. Miguel Solis.  From his hardscrabble background in the Port Arthur community of Texas, to the hallowed halls of Harvard, Miguel embodies what it means to be a Latino in Texas - always striving to learn more and to make a difference.  And Solis has certainly made a difference.  He is one of the preeminent thought leaders nationally in education and yet, he is always cognizant of where he comes from.  This, is who we are.  
Today’s episode of Our Story includes the fascinating story of Hon. Poncho Nevarez, a decorated and talented former chairman in the Texas Legislature.  Hear the inspirational story of his climb to top of Texas politics, his public fall from grace, and most importantly, his recovery and redemption.
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