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Author: Kingsley Odoom

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This show brings you a Christian perspective on a wide range of topics from religion, politics, culture to economics. We will be having “Question time”; “filling the shelves”; interviews; "mainstream news headlines"; and "live sessions" tackling specific topics. We hope you will learn a thing or two from this show. So, stay tuned and enjoy the ride. WAKE UP! THE TIME IS NOW
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The reliability of the Bible is quite solid- no other document of antiquity matches up to its authenticity. Yet, there's always been efforts from non-Christians to undermine its authority and credibility. Join us as we run through new evidence supporting the reliability of the Bible. Enjoy!TWITTER: @kingsley_od_PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
A father in Canada faces five years in jail for using the 'wrong pronouns' for his teenage daughter (who is in the process of transitioning to become a 'boy'). Join me as I share my views on the implications of this story, the response of the church to transgender issues and what may happen in other western countries if cases like this are not addressed. Enjoy!TWITTER: PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
Rev Brandan Robertson thinks Jesus was not always welcoming to ALL people. He claims Jesus 'had to repent from his racism' at some point because he used what Brandan considers as a 'racial slur' in the Gospels. These are wild aspersions cast on the nature and character of Jesus Christ and shouldn't be taken lightly by the Church of today. Join me as I respond to some of the comments made by Brandan in his viral Tiktok video and offer my opinion on what is wrong with the ever-growing Progressive Christian Church.TWITTER: PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
Is Equality Act (2019) really about equality or it is preferential treatment at the expense of religious institutions? Join me as I briefly discuss the implications of this law on the church and Christians at large. TWITTER: PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
Our generation has been blessed by the incredible milestones achieved by technology. Life has been made more easier and comfortable for many people. The role of AI cannot be understated in the 21st century. However, are headed towards a dangerous future as we effectively hand-over our lives (personal data) and capabilities to AI. What are the ethical implications to consider as AI becomes more sophisticated as the days go by.Join me as I give a brief review of Prof. Lennox's new release 2084. Enjoy!PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
Join me as I offer my final thoughts on the book- Seven Days that Divide the World. I will also be talking about two interesting topics mentioned by Prof. Lennox- the problems with 'theistic evolution' and the 'God of the gaps' explanation of creation.PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
About the author: Professor John Carson Lennox•Professor (emeritus) of Mathematics at the University of Oxford•Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of science•Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, Oxford.•Author of many books on science and the big questions of life as well as the intellectual defence of Christianity About the book:'With examples from history, Prof. Lennox offers a brief but thorough exploration of the major interpretations, and a look into particular significance of the creation of human beings. The main thesis of the book is that Christians can heed to modern scientific knowledge while staying faithful to the biblical narrative.' In other words, science and Christianity are complementary.PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
The issue of false prophecies and false prophets has become a hot topic in the Christian community these past few weeks. This is largely due to the fact that many 'prophets' got it wrong concerning the re-election of former President Trump. From the conversations I have heard so far, it sounds like the consensus among Christians is that *anyone* who wrongly prophesied that Mr. Trump was going to be sworn in as the President was a false prophet. Is this a fair judgement or there could be a nuanced explanation?Could we apply the same standard to prophets in general? ONE WRONG PROPHECY= FALSE PROPHET?I share *my* perspective on the issue.PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
Ep.005_ Who is Jesus?

Ep.005_ Who is Jesus?


Jesus Christ is arguably the most popular historical figure in the world. Many people have heard about him and there are diverse opinions on who he really is. However, only a few have a deeper knowledge of Christ and have a personal relationship with him. In this episode, we try to touch on the different perceptions about Jesus and who Jesus claimed he was. Enjoy!PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
On our debut episode (check it out if you haven't already), we addressed the question, 'Is the Bible (REALLY) God's word'. This current episode addresses a complementary question- the reliability of the Bible. We will be focusing on two key points why I think the Bible *is* indeed the most reliable ancient book. I hope by the end of this episode, you will understand why– and hopefully have a change of heart– the Bible is central to the Christian faith and what it means for individuals who live by the words in it. Enjoy!PODCAST LINKS: Apple Podcast: Podcast:
We continue from where we left off last week (please check out last week's episode if you haven't already). This time we will be looking at how the Christian value system is the best system for organising and building a society compared to other world religions such as Islam. One of the key principles that sets Christianity apart from the other religions is the idea of Freedom. No other world view provides a perfect balance between freedom and order through transcending moral values than Christianity. Enjoy.GREAT NEWS! The Wake Up Show is now available on 5 podcast platforms: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud. Consider subscribing/following and do leave a 5-star rating on all platforms to help us reach a wider audience. These are the links:Apple Podcast: Podcast: Also, get in touch with Godfred for anything graphic design, he is amazing. Email: kjunior110@gmail.comInstagram: @kwamzy_
Different societies have distinct value systems which guide how individuals live and interact with each other. The value system of a society is usually associated with the level of individual freedoms and tolerance for those with contrasting religious and political views.In the first of this two-part video, we discuss why the Judaeo-Christian value system is the best for organising and building societies as opposed to Darwinian principles.
The Christian worldview is built on biblical truths inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yet, some Christians easily fall for the temptation of discarding certain parts of scripture when it does not align with their own biases. If we claim as Christians that our reference of authority is the Bible (in essence God's word) but simultaneously sideline uncomfortable passages, then we may want to explore further the source of the Bible's authority. This video outlines 4 reasons (there may be more) why the Bible is TRULY and quite literally to some extent God's word to mankind.
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