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Building a Life Team

Building a Life Team


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Getting Past Stagnant

Getting Past Stagnant


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Take what you have now and be as successful as you can today. God invited me into the purpose of my life.When we see what you do we know what you value.Age has nothing to do with the wisdom of heaven.Trust the journey; trust the process.You can serve humanity in excellence.Trust yourself.  Don't be afraid to to connect to your inner peace.Contact info: tonyarobersonministries.comFacebook: tonyarobersonministriesEmail: troberson@exchangellc.orgLiving Life on Purpose in "His Purpose":
Contact Details:Glamour Salon - 28801 Southfield Road, Lathrup Village, MichiganTelephone: 248-423-7776Website: www.glamoursalons.comInstagram: @glamoursalonFacebook: Glamour Salon
Show Notes:Without  consistency you lose momentumWorking hard at building someone else’s dream, you need to work twice as hard building your own dream.Set a schedule and stick to it when building your businessFind the time and be consistentTeam is helping others build legacy Building a team helps with consistency and accountabilityPersonal development is key; make sure you are working hard on yourself Don’t be so focused on harvesting that you forget to sow into othersDon’t walk over people, destroy relationships and burn bridges as you build your business and communityDevelop relationships as you build business and communityBe a mentor to others’ reach back and pull people upWebsite: www.zshropshire.infoInstagram: @queen_zippPersonal Facebook: queenzippBusiness Facebook: Zipporah Shropshire LegalShield Independent AssociateEmail: zshropshire@legalshieldassociate.comCell: 989.992.2163
To get to the next level you have to be able to perform at that level.It's ok to dream of yourself in a position.On processing failure:  "When you make a mistake you must learn to move on quickly."On competition:  "Love trying to get the best out of myself."Challenge yourself to succeed.Focus is in alignment with purpose.On team: "Provides opportunity to speak into others' lives."Twitter: Facebook:
She built a global brand that attracted the people she wanted to work with (22 consultants over 4 continents).She researched how to build a sustainable company.She started a global management consulting company from the basement of her home.Align yourself with like-minded positive people.Be adaptable and flexible.Position your company the way you want people to see it.Don't make the same mistake twice.Book Link: https://www.WomenGoingGlobalBook.comAmazon Link: Link: https://www.tonyamcnealweary.comCompany Website: MediaFacebook: Think Global with Tonya McNeal-WearyLinkedIn: 
Stay tapped into collaborative pools of education.There is no such thing as 'overnight' success.Consistency pays off.Remain curious and flexible.We are putting out some form of brand; intentional or not. Be intentional.Branding influences profitability.Curate an experience for your 1,000 true fans.People want to feel that what you have is just for them.Branding positions you to be an industry authority.Website: Rebrand Quiz:
If you don't implement what you learn, it doesn't matter. Leverage free material until you reach a roadblock where you need additional help.The solution is never in anybody else. Implementation and financial awareness are two key things for any business owner. You're going to have late hours figuring  out your business and a coach will not work those hours for you.There's a saying that I quit my 40 hour a week job for a 90 hour a week business and that's true in the building stages of your business.Books Link:
High Capacity Woman Group Shavon SmithWhen you live in purpose it opens doors of opportunity,  Opportunities find you doing what you are called to do.Movement is a sign of progress.  If you don’t move, nothing will happenHave a plan; a vision (write it down).  Vision is being able to see what is invisibleBuild a team; we are better together.  Do not try to build BIG with small minds.  Check your circle You won’t be great and stay comfortableBest Selling Book:  When Obeying God Makes You Look Stupid (website)Contact:  www.ShavonSmith.comFacebook @ IAMShavonSmithInstagram:  @ShavonSSmith
Success of an entrepreneur is about timing. Wait long enough to see the purpose in the valleys.The valley is where the magic happens.You evolve as a person and you evolve as an entrepreneur.Clothing is like a script; I get to read who you are.Fashion is a way of communicating who you are without opening your mouth.Contact:Websites: www.sidewalksafaris.comwww.styleequityacademy.comInstagram: @sidewalksafaris
There is a season of preparation in every business.Do your homework; be prepared and ready so you don't miss your opportunity.Start and build each year bringing your client along in anticipation of the changes.Prepare for change in your business.No matter what remember (1) time, (2) patience, (3) flexibility & (4) money.You must have working capital and whatever you think that is; double it.Contact:Website: www.serenitytearoom.comFacebook: Serenity Tearoom & Fine DiningInstagram: @serenitytearoom
High Capacity Facebook Group my website week's Call to Action:1. Identify the 4-5 things you need to do consistently each day in your business in order to reach mastery.Malcolm Gladwin (from the book Outliers) says it take10 years or 10,000 hours to reach mastery - metaphor for mastery takes time.2. Identify your mission in your business - your work flow will follow it.3. Master the necessary skill of your business by being deliberate and consistent each day.4. You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great and,5. You need mentors and coaches - to guide you but not do work for you.Steven Martin said " Become so good they can't ignore you".You lead your business.
Who is the high capacity woman?  She leads, she’s powerful, strong, unforgettable and brilliantly poised for purpose.   She is a business  or career professional who takes a wholistic approach to life as she builds her business and her life from the inside out.  She is not a spectator of life, she does life high capacity style; not as a myth of the superwomen but as the fierce women she is.She cannot be marginalized because she’s breaking every margin in business, career, leadership and life.Join me on my podcast as we laugh, cry,  talk business and career building strategies, the real deal on how women lead,  and just good old fashioned life strategies for living our best life.  It’s our time ladies.   Let’s do business and life together.Grab your latte, mocha or favorite tea and tune in every Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. and learn what your mama never told you; high capacity style.  See you soon.
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