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Ready finally ditch fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety in order to take the next step into your DREAM life?! Book your free Clarity & Connection call today! with Joanna: with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
If you're ready to LOVE your job AND make lots of MONEY join me in my 1:1 coaching program. You get to have both. I did it and so can you!Apply for coaching here -> with Sarah:www.sarahthegriefcoach.com with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
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Ready to FINALLY feel better? Anxiety, worry, confusion, doubt can all be things of the past! Join me in my 1:1 coaching program where together we'll move through your emotions and remove all the blocks getting in your way of creating the most epic life!!Apply here -> with Krystal: with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Your passion is waiting for you to jump ALL IN. Ditch that 9-5 that drains your soul and finally start taking action toward a life you absolutely love. Apply for coaching today! with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com with Jourdan:
Apply for 1:1 coaching! with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com with OnenO: Joe Dispenza Research Study:
Ready to do big things? Apply for 1:1 coaching and let's move through fear, anxiety, doubt, and overwhelm so you can finally create the life you can't stop thinking about! with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com with Jess:
Grab your free 5 Step Guide to Living Your Purpose! with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com with 
Rachelle gives us the juicy details on what it's like to be a psychic. Learn how she navigates her day when the spirit world is constantly knocking at her door.Ready to clear your shadows and heal your inner child? Ready to release the grip of fear, worry, and anxiety? Join Lisa in a free Breakthrough Session to get started on releasing all your baggage of the past so you can stop bringing it into your future. Rachelle: Rachelle is a psychologist & psychic medium from the Netherlands. She and Saskia are Not Your Average Psychic! Connect with with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com
Finding Purpose in Art

Finding Purpose in Art


Learn how Mari ended up in the jungles of Peru and rediscovered her purpose & passion in life. Ready to discover and live your purpose in life? Want to be SO LIT UP about the work that you're doing in the world? I know you are! Join Lisa in a free Breakthrough Session to start your journey. Mari:"I am a self-thought visionary artist with a big interest and love for nature and all things mystical. Through my artwork, I hope to reconnect people to nature and the divine because I strongly believe in the healing powers of this sacred connection. I rediscovered my love for art as a result of transforming and healing my own live with the help of traditional healers and plant medicine of the amazon rainforest. After many years of living in the Peruvian rainforest I am now settled back in my home country Germany, raising my 3 year old son and painting as much as I can."Connect with Mari: www.marigoldart.com with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Twin Flames

Twin Flames


Aldyn tells us what a Twin Flame is. Learn how you can navigate and heal yourself when you're in a relationship with one. Ready to clear your blocks and get out of your own way? Ready to stop living by the grip of anxiety and worry? Ready to finally heal the inner child?Book a free Breakthrough Session with Lisa to start your new life today. Aldyn:"My success in my spiritual journey has led me to serve Twin Flames in uniting on their ascension path together in peace, love, and harmony. As a Certified Ascension Coach utilizing the work of my spiritual teachers, Jeff & Shaleia, I provide clear support and guidance along your Twin Flame Ascension Path through coaching, readings, intuitively channeled artwork, and other services to assist you in creating your Heaven on Earth with your one true love."Connect with Aldyn: with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com
Veronica shares a fun exercise on how to connect with your psychic gifts. Learn what the month ahead of September will hold for us!Is the feeling of anxiety and constant worry controlling your life? Ready to break free from its grip? Schedule your complimentary consult with Lisa today at About Veronica: Veronica Moya is an Argentinean-American psychic and channeler. Moya was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch out for 2021 by Yahoo News. Moya is the creator of the "Self-Aware Child" which is a Meditation Practice designed to speed up a child's emotional development, leading to greater personal & academic success. She holds psychic development classes for children & teens worldwide. Her mastery in her craft spread like wildfire among celebrities, business tycoons, and political officials. She became the go-to person of prominent individuals. And a featured guest at the New York Mayor's mansion for three consecutive years. She hosted a weekly column in Buenos Dias Nueva York in Telemundo.Connect with Veronica: with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Getting Into Alignment

Getting Into Alignment


Bethany talks about her book Get Aligned Now. Learn the key principles to get into alignment with everything you want to manifest!Grab your free workbook:Start living in your purpose & passion today!5 Step Guide to Living Your Purpose Bethany:Bethany Londyn is a soul, human, and company optimizer. Londyn has been internationally recognized for her signature coaching and energy healing services; workshops, as well as writing for many media outlets such as ThriveGlobal, YogaJournal, & MindBodyGreen along with her book, Get Aligned Now released in 2019. Her mission is to support others in experiencing truth.Connect with Bethany:Http:// with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Mary talks about channeling light language, her trauma release at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat, and how to take your power back from your past. An important message to stop hiding in the shadows and embrace your feminine nature. She then shares a month ahead Tarot reading for August! Finally, say goodbye to your 9-5! Together let's get crystal clear on your calling and create a roadmap to get there. Step by step - I've got you along the way! Schedule your free Breakthrough Session today at Mary: With no models for such practices, Mary Haberski was into all things witchy as a young child. She could be found running naked through the woods in the rain, burning incense and spell candles in the trees, and breaking rocks open to see the crystals inside that she loved so much. She was born an empath with sensitivity to energies physical and non-physical. At age 14 she bought her first deck of oracle cards and recall practicing yoga long before she knew what it was. It has been Mary's honor to teach, heal and inspire 10’s of thousands of people globally through yoga, meditation, energy healings, and tarot readings. She is also the CEO and Founder of the 501c3 ocean conservations and sustainability non-profit Daana Blue. She was awarded the Global Woman Award for Inspiration and has also been featured on Girl Central Television, Voyage LA Mag, Shoutout LA, The Inertia, The Fabulous, Female Creatives, The Amplified, Yoga Audacious, Exceed Evolution, DOT Music. She is a speaker and mentor for the Skillify panel and has been on The Modern Sacred Circle and Abundance Secrets Podcast.Connect with Mary: www.maryhaberski.comwww.daanablue.com with Lisa:
Agape Prayer Warrior

Agape Prayer Warrior


Debra and I speak about Agape prayer, nutrition, and the power of morning routines! Tune in until the end to listen to a beautiful prayer.Ready to discover what your soul is calling for in this life? Download your free workbook to start living your purpose today! About Debra: Debra is a Life Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Intuitive Oracle Reader, Agape Prayer Warrior, Reiki Practitioner, Book Author, Award-Winning Raw Food Chef.  Lately, she has been into wild edible foraging, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and sacred sensuality.She is writing her next two books:  one, a collection of raw food recipes from over the years, and the other, the story of my own journey, through healing, spirituality, sexuality, food, intentional community, race and culture, and more.  She is also working on some group coaching programs, and makes award-winning Raw Chocolate!She is here to help raise the frequency and bring the community together across different backgrounds, to co-create the New Earth.  She especially loves working with GenZ + Starseeds, but has friends and clients of all ages!Connect with Debra:To stay in touch, you can visit and sign up for your FREE e-copy of Morning Rituals Playbook:  25 Ideas to Create Peace + Balance in Your Life.IG:  Debra Jill Mazer or Debra MazerConnect with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.com
Novalee shares all about numerology! Learn how she helps people change their names based on the frequency of numbers. A fascinating episode!Have you been feeling stuck & unfulfilled? Are you ready to call in freedom to your life? Is there a little voice knocking at your door that you were made for more?I know you're here to do and have big things... Join me in a free Breakthrough Session and together let's find out what's getting in the way of the life you *actually* want. Novalee:Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned professional numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles. From twelve-step programs to internationally acclaimed professional training and Balinese mask workshops, she has explored personal growth techniques and the keys to understanding and illuminating the human condition through all her work. Yet, the years of training pale in comparison to the life-altering experience of changing her name with the help of numerology. Blown away by the potency and accuracy of this ancient esoteric tool, she studied for years and is now an expert within her field.Novalee is the author of A Little Bit of Numerology, the host of The Numerology Podcast, and the founder of The Numerology School.  She offers 1:1 name change sessions, mentorship, training, and talks about the sacred spiritual science of numbers and letters.Connect with Connect with Lisa:
Making Money, Honey

Making Money, Honey


Morgan shares her story of how she left corporate to build a successful spiritual healing business. She shares concepts about money that will help you create a lot of it!Is there a voice knocking at your door that there is something more for you in this world? Is your 9-5 job slowly draining the life out of your soul? If you are ready to discover and start living your purpose - book a free Breakthrough Session here: About Morgan: Morgan Balavage helps healers make tons of money doing the work that they love so that they have the freedom to live the life of their dreams. You can find her on all social media channels @splendid.yogaConnect with Morgan:Insight Timer freebie: www.splendid.yogaIG: Insight Timer profile: with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Hoʻoponopono Prayer

Hoʻoponopono Prayer


Jess shares how the Ho'oponopono prayer has transformed her life from drugs & alcohol to living in alignment on her soul's paths. She also shares amazing manifestation stories that you must hear! Are you ready to follow your highest excitement and step into your purpose? Is there a little voice inside asking: "What's my purpose?" "Is there more?" "What am I here to do in this world?"If you're ready to create a life of freedom, impact, wealth, and fulfillment - I can help. Schedule your free Breakthrough Session today at Jess: Jessie is a wife, mother, compassionate lover of all humans, and an accomplished self-love seamstress. She has woven together the beautiful tapestry of her life with daily rituals and self-care practices that she has cultivated over many years in search of the light within.   Moving to the island of Hawaii to work as a nurse during the pandemic, she encountered her life's purpose: guiding others to the light that she herself discovered on her own soul journey.  She works to assist people in unlocking their own karmic laws; achieving this goal through deep-forgiveness work and practices of letting go.  Nothing brings her more joy than sharing these gifts with others to empower, cultivate awareness and raise the vibrations of all humanity.Connect with Jess: with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
Heather gives us a month ahead reading for July via a deck of playing cards. Find out what July has to offer. Are you ready to discover your purpose and follow your highest calling? Download my free workbook - 5 Step Guide to Living Your Purpose with Heather: with Lisa:
Listen as Shelby recounts a frightening diagnosis that leads to open-heart surgery and a spiritual awakening. Learn how she overcame severe anxiety and how she speaks to plants. Are you ready to step into your highest calling? Your purpose. Your excitement. Your mission.If you feel a calling that there's something more for you in this world, book a free Breakthrough Session, and let's get started! About Shelby: Shelby is the Co-Founder of The Successful Nurse coaches where she supports new nurse coaches in creating a lucrative coaching practice. She believes that in all things, even tough things, there are lessons to be learned and that you are in control of how you show up in the world.Connect with Shelby: (The Successful Nurse FB Page) on InstagramConnect with Lisa: http://www.lisaconto.com
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