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The aim of the School of Mission is to see every Christian in the UK comfortable and confident in sharing their faith faith in Christ Jesus through deed and words with wisdom, sensitivity and under the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit.
23 Episodes
Pace Schools Work Team
Starting something from Scratch
Our Vision

Our Vision


A video on what our vision is for the School of Mission.
A quick introduction to who we are.
Can These Bones Live?

Can These Bones Live?


Andy Mason talks about "Bones".
Andy Mason talks about Through the Pilgrim Door
Come Alongside

Come Alongside


Andy Mason talks about coming alongside people
Andy Mason introduces us to the idea of Words, Works and Wonders
Andy Mason talks with Tracy Blake from "Death Cafe" about the impact of grief and loss at Christmas and how we can help ourselves and others in this festive period.
Andy Mason talks with Jackie Davies, Andrew Leakey and Alix Digby West
Andy Mason talks with Christ Harwood about Words, Works and Wonders
Andy Mason talks about Love, Praying, Relating and Creating.
Andy Mason in conversation with Dave Pegg leader of Bright Idea Church and PACE Schools work team, and co-author of "Living and Telling
Andy Mason talks about Ikigai, the art of balancing your mission with what you do well, what you enjoy and what you can earn money or gain the things you need to live a full life.
Unblocking Wells

Unblocking Wells


Andy Mason talks about Unblocking Wells, the things that hold us back.
God's Call

God's Call


Andy Mason talks about answering God's Call.
Andy Mason talks about giving yourself a present at Christmas. Some self love and care.
Andy Mason talks about Doing December Differently and thinking about the Environment this Christmas
Andy Mason talks about doing Christmas Differently and tells of how the Charles Dickens tale relates to life today.
Andy Mason explores the story of the original St. Nicholas and how it relates to Christmas today.
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