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Learn about U.S. Exporting Trends and Regulation Changes that impact the U.S. Commercial Manufacturing Industry as well as the Defense Industrial Base. ITAR & EAR changes as well as Periodic Interviews with People of Industry.  Hosted by Nicolette Reed

23 Episodes
Learn about the CMMC/NIST Cyber Security Requirement Standards for Businesses
EIB EXPORT NEWS - EPISODE 20 - THE IMPORTANCE OF U.S. ALLIES & AI UPDATE; DEEP FAKESLearn about U.S. Programs that strengthen our relationships with our Allies for our mutual benefit ( NATO, UN & More )Learn About AI Generation & Deep Fake ConcernsLearn about AI Regulatory Action *Credits: CSET, World Affairs Council, FulBright New Hampshire & SNHU
Learn How BIS is addressing the latest US Export concerns with (EAR) Regulation Enforcement
EIB Export News - Episode 18 - When Export Compliance Fails, the Enemy WinsLearn about how U.S. content is STILL ending up in places like North Korea, Iran and Russia and ultimately going into missiles being fired into the Ukraine
A review of the Export Compliance trends for 2023Regulatory Changes & Enforcement EffortsRed flags & Countries & Technologies of Concern for Russia & ChinaThe status of AI Technology & Controls What the focus will be in 2024Credits: Mass Export, Kevin Wolf & CSET
Learn about the 3 new Commerce Dept. BIS Rules created to harvest Freer trade amongst our Global Allies, one rule will impact ITAR as well.
China, APEC & You

China, APEC & You


Learn about the recent APEC Economic Leaders meeting that happened last month in San Francisco and some of the outcomes from the summit, most importantly China-U.S. relations. *APEC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, some of the most significant Countries included as members are the U.S., China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Russia but there are a total of 21 countries.
Learn about Safe Harbor and CFIUS Learn how Export Regulations impact Company Mergers & Acquisitions
Learn about the dangers of non-tangible "Deemed Exports" for EAR and ITAR
Learn about the latest changes in Export Compliance regarding Russia
U.S. China Export Regulations - Semiconductors, Supercomputers & AILearn all about the latest technology restrictions on exports to ChinaVisit us at EIB to Learn More: http://www.eib.comFor Semiconductors, Supercomputers & AINew Product descriptions found in those ECCN’s:
EIB Export News - ITAR Update OGL 1 & 2 - Australia, Canada and U.K.Learn about ITAR Updates including the new OGL 1 & 2 Pilot Programs expanding on the Canadian License Exemption
EIB Export News BIS & DDTC 2022 Update Trends, Stats & Emerging Technologies
EIB EXPORT NEWSNEWS BULLETIN UPDATE - RUSSIA & THE UKRAINE (3rd Podcast on this Topic)Learn about the recent events happening with Russia & the War in the Ukraine. Learn about U.S. Sanction Updates oon Russia &
EIB NEWS BULLETIN UPDATE - RUSSIA & THE UKRAINECome learn what's been going on with Russia & The Ukraine since our last EIB EXPORT NEWS PODCAST 7
Learn all about the importance of self auditing your Export Compliance Program for your commercial manufacturing company.Learn More with Us at EIB
EIB PODCAST 5: CHINA RUSSIA CYBER WARSLearn all about the direct impact Russia and China Cyber Espionage Attacks have had on the USA in recent years. Learn about the past, present and recent actions that have been taken by the Biden Administration to counter these threats and attacks, such as meeting the NIST 800-171, CMMC Standard Requirements
Learn About the Burma Myanmar CoupLearn About the Political History of Burma MyanmarGlobal Response to the CoupThe U.S. Response: SANCTIONS Visit Us at to learn more about Export Compliance
Learn About the Changes in Regards to How the United States is Treating China, Russia, Venezuela & Hong Kong from an Exporting Compliance Standpoint. Learn How AES Filing Rules for These Countries Have Changed - Drastically!What Happened to License Exception CIV?!