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S2E14: API Security

S2E14: API Security


We use API's almost every day, every.minute and it a hidden aspect of our technology use. API is fast becoming a threat vector and needs to be looked at. In this episode, Sku and Doc looks into Top 5 issues plaguing API Security.
This is the final part to the 2 part series of the iPa88 breach and notification. 
Recently, a Mal;aysian payment gateway named iPay88 released a press release stating that they have been breached. Team #securitylah breaks down the press release to make sense of what happened. 
In this episode, team SecurityLah talks about data breaches and why it happens. Sky gives his top 5 reasons and Doc tears it apart. 
NSO's Pegasus (a commercial malware/spyware) has been hitting the news for sometime. Team #securitylah looks at the genesis of Pegasus/NSO, what has it been and whats happening with it in Thailand. 
S2E09: CWE-655

S2E09: CWE-655


CWE or the Common Weakness Enumeration by MITRE is a catalog of identified weaknesses that should be looked at and addressed. In this episode, Doc goes into this particular weakness and shares how most organizations miss this and how it affects security for the organization. 
Team SecurityLAH continues the discussion on the appointment of CISO for organizations due to regulatory and environmental requirements, and at the same time tearing apart the formation of IT Security in organizations. 
“I see, I sow”.. said a podcaster once about CISO position. It’s now a regulatory requirements for some industries to have CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). Team SecurityLAH reviews this position in greater details, but also looks at the evolution of how IT Security from IT itself, in a holistic view.  
Singapore is seen to lead the Asian region in technology. This also includes having updated legal and regulatory framework to support this growth. Singapore has made proposals, through CSA , to make changes and keep their CyberSecurity laws updated.What are the proposed changes? Tune in and find out!
Cyber penetration is now fast becoming a common occurrence. But where do we draw the line? In this episode, we review a recent incident involving the International Committee of Red Cross, whom had informed the world that they have been hacked. Data was stolen, internal networks were compromised. What's the impact? Whose affected? What's next? 
Russia has declared military operations against Ukraine, declaring both Donetsk and Luhansk independent. It’s no longer a war of words, but physical/kinetic and cyber war at large, out in the open. SecurityLah looks into the geopolitics aspect of this war, analyzing past history and the current standing of the situation, beyond just war but also other aspects that provides key information on why the current situation is happening. 
This is the continuation and final episode of the OCBC phishing incident. The team picks up from where it left off in the last episode, with Prof joining in to give her views on the matter. 
Over the year end of 2021, a massive wave of phishing attack targeting customers of OCBC Singapore was executed. We got heads up from one of our listeners who were kind enough to give us some juicy bits about this incident as we deep dive into the incident. This is the first part of the 2 part series on the OCBC phishing scam. 
Welcome to Season 2 of SecurityLAH!In this opening episode, we look at trends that is upcoming, some already here and some destined to dominate the way we look at NCIS (Network. Cyber and Information Security). 
Team SecurityLAH would like to wish all of our listeners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!The team will be taking a break, practice our vocal chords a bit, maybe laze at a beach somewhere for a while since we have 
In a casual chat, the SecurityLah hosts had an internal discussion about security stuff, besides talking about topics for the podcast. This is one of those discussion, that SecurityLah felt should go to a wider audience than just the hosts itself. The team looks at risk management, specifically when dealing with vulnerability management. 
We were recently alerted to a report that National Bank of Pakistan may have experienced a cyber attack. Client facing banking infrastructure was seen to be down, causing panic to its customers. Our resident Securitylah financial expert takes a stab on the matter, hoping to give some sense of clarity into the incident.  
China recently published their laws related to data secrecy and privacy. Team SecurityLah looks through some salient points on what the law says and how it affects China, its people and the global as a whole
In a recent report by one of the CTI providers, it was identified that a few government agencies of Indonesia was compromised by a threat actor. In this episode, the team looks at the claims of the compromise and whether its true or just rumours. 
A site, containing visa information to Thailand was left open and discovered by a researcher. What happened? How much of data was potentially left open? What's the impact of that incident? Answers to all those questions in this episode of SecurityLah!
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