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Welcome to DreamPod - a podcast produced by The Dreamcast Junkyard focusing on all aspects of Sega Dreamcast culture, collecting and the community. Join your hosts from the UK, USA, Australia and Japan as they discuss varied topics surrounding Sega's final console, and inevitably get side-tracked by other gaming news. Final nominee in the UK Podcast Awards 2015.
72 Episodes
On this episode of The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod: Kev, Lewis and Mike showcase some of the best music tracks to ever grace the soundtracks of Dreamcast games. The amount of variation between the tracks played is really quite something, so even the most genre-bound music listener is sure to find something they'll love here!This episode originally premiered on the 15th of December 2019 as part of RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2019.Links to things mentioned in the podcast:RadioSega: Saturn Junkyard Anniversary article: Convenience Store 10 Hours (you're welcome!): featured in the podcast (spoiler alert!):"The Power" from Virtua Tennis"Mexican Flyer" from Space Channel 5"Airing Out the Books" from Shenmue II"Samba De Janeiro" (by Bellini) from Samba De Amigo"Let Mom Sleep" from Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio"M-12 Distraction #3" from D2"Sledgehammer" from Battle Crust"Humming the Bassline" from Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio"Escape From the City" (by Crush 40) from Sonic Adventure 2"Stage 1" from Giga Wing"Title Screen" from ChuChu Rocket!"Tomato Convenience Store" from Shenmue & Shenmue II
On this very spooky episode of The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod; Lewis, Mike and Mark (MAZ Gaming) are joined by returning guest Andrew Dickinson (the author of the upcoming 'Dreamcast: Year One' book) to discuss the best (and as a bonus, some of the worst) horror and horror-themed Dreamcast games, as voted for by DreamPod listeners.Links to things mentioned in the podcast:Dreamcast: Year One book Kickstarter: Years: Gaming UK YouTube Channel: article about the creator of Blue Stinger and Illbleed: review of The Ring: Terror's Realm Part 1: review of The Ring: Terror's Realm Part 2:
Episode 67 is here! Where we are joined by the creator of the Dreamcast Junkyard, Tom Charnock, who returns as a guest to the show he created to help us celebrate and discuss the Dreamcasts' UK 20th Aniversary.We discuss what the guys have been up to, talk about the Bleemcast article, that Dreamcast indie Strumwind is being released on the Switch, that Xeno Crisis is out soon on other platforms and that the team are then going to complete the Dreamcast edition.As well as have a bit of a session laying into Sonic Adventure! Despite the fact Kev has still never properly played it. We discuss the Dreamcast collected works: interview with Randy Linden; the creator of bleemcast!
On Episode 66 of The Dreamcast Junkyard Dreampod; Kev, Lewis and Mike are joined by the delightful Andrew Dickenson, author of the upcoming 'Dreamcast: Year One' book well as discussing his formative Dreamcast memories, Andrew talks us through the process of launching and running a Kickstarter campaign. Before a discussion that we have been asked our opinions on many times, that being currently undelivered kickstarters.The guys finally give Shenmue some attention! And anyone who missed the discovery of the new scene that was recently uncovered, can do so here: the guys discuss the updates to the incoming Dreamcast controllers from both Retrofighers and Retro-Bit, whose controller was once again spotted at Gamescom.Lastly, and also Kickstarter themed, the guys have a look at the progress of Arcade Racing Legends. Mike also covered for the site here:
It's the bonus quiz round *AUDIENCE APPLAUSE
It's episode 65 people, Lewis, Kev and Mike are on deck to discuss some Dreamcast tidbits and to then answer the burning questions from the audience. Including a humdinger of a questions from our man Brian V.In among the Dreamcast chat you will also get bonus discussions about the Phantom Menace, Kev's threat to set up the Virtua Tennis world championships, why are Japanese second hand games seemingly in such lovely condition, moaning about why is Altered beast so popular and discussion of Jam tarts! And then shots at the N64 (naturally)
Episode 64 is finally here. 64bits of glorious Dreamcast audio for your ears.It's Kev in the hosting chair and he is joined by Mike as they make up the 2 man panel to discuss the Dreamcast news of late, including the cancellation of a long running project, two different kickstarters and the new range of Josh Prod games. And the fact that Sega Dreamcast founder and guru; Tom, has for the time being moved off into the sunset.We also give a shout out to the team behind 'Seven Mansions' English translation and if you would like to give this a try and check out their amazing work, you can download the project from here:!3OpBXYwb!PTF1a2Y159HlHXkzWpmso-8qaYo670dMPrj8IitlHrUWe also have a special feature with a discussion of the 'best Sports game on the Dreamcast'. In which the pair discuss the vote the DCJY crew had to find the definitive Sports game. 
Episode 63 of the DreamPod is here! This episode sees two new hosts - Lewis and Mark - join your regular hosts Tom, Ross, Ross’s squeaky chair, Mike and James. The team cover a range of topics emerging from the booming Dreamcast scene; including the replacement console shells coming from TR Fight Stick and Beharbros, Segagaga's strange commentary from the past on 'crunch' in the gaming industry, the DCHDMI internal mod, the recently launched European and UK Sega Shops and official Dreamcast merchandise. Other topics include a discussion on the upcoming Japanese Sega Dreamcast Guidebook, PLAY Expo Blackpool, and a look at the Official UK Dreamcast Magazine from November 2000. This is DreamPod 63, and we hope you enjoy it!
Episode 62 is a bit of a diversion, as we took part in a live panel at PLAY Expo Blackpool. Regular hosts Tom and Mike joined Adam Koralik and DJ Slope from Slope's Game Room to chat about their history with the Dreamcast and take questions from the audience. Thanks to The Retro Hour UK for arranging this panel talk!
DreamPod 61 is here, and hosts Tom, Mike and James get together once again to discuss the burning issues in the world of Dreamcast gaming. In this episode, topics include the dance phenomenon known as ‘flossing,’ Spirit of Speed 1937, the weird crowd effects in Sydney 2000, and the recently released A to Z of Dreamcast Games by one Mike Phelan Esq. Elsewhere, your hosts tackle how well Fade to Black runs on a Dreamcast, Retro-bit’s upcoming Bluetooth controllers, and Shenmue and Shenmue II finally launching on current gen systems. We’ve packed a lot into this episode and we hope you enjoy it!
Regular DreamPod hosts Tom, Mike and Kev are joined by bonafide YouTuber royalty in the form of not one, but two special guests: Adam Koralik and Max Shockley (aka DreamcastGuy). As ever, topics of conversation veer wildly from the point, but we know you’d have it no other way! In this episode, topics include our favourite surprises from this year’s E3 convention (and Adam’s experiences at the event), the Atari VCS debacle, Shenmue, the new Dreamcast VGA to HDMI converter boxes from Pound and Beharbros, upcoming video projects from both Adam and Max, and there’s even a special (and totally unscripted) appearance from Kev’s infant daughter. We were intending to have some questions from our Facebook group too, but time restraints meant we couldn’t squeeze those in sadly. On the plus side though, DreamPod episode 60 offers two special guests for the price of none, so it’s not all bad!
DreamPod Episode 59 is here, and regular hosts Tom and Mike are joined by the newest member of the Junkyard team, James. In this episode, your intrepid hosts discuss Mike's ever-growing collection of Japanese games he can't pronounce the names of, the strange messages on the Bleem! Gran Turismo 2 packaging, Ikaruga on the Nintendo Switch, Shenmue on PS4 and Xbox One, Dreamcast VR, the upcoming releases from Joshprod, and which other Dreamcast games should make the jump to the Switch. This is DreamPod episode 59 and we hope you enjoy it!
Episode 58 of the DreamPod has landed, with just a two man team of Tom and Mike taking presenting duties. The skeleton crew does not mean a threadbare episode though, as your hosts discuss the latest and greatest news and topics from the Dreamcast scene. These include the new games coming from JoshProd, the wireless PS4 Dual Shock adapter from Brooke Accessory, online play between Dreamcast and PC Doom thanks to Shuouma, an update to the Dreamcast Now online service and a brand new book diving deep into the Tony Hawk franchise that pays some great attention to the two Dreamcast instalments. Elsewhere your hosts discuss obscure Taiwanese games machines, the recent interview with Bernie Stolar and historic flags and ancient Greek literature. It all goes a bit high brow in this episode of the DreamPod…
The Junkyard team return with episode 57 of the world’s greatest podcast called DreamPod! In this episode, regular hosts Mike, Ross and Tom turn their attention to the burgeoning online scene that is sweeping the Dreamcast community by storm, and discuss the DreamPi and their experiences playing newly resurrected multiplayer titles online once again. Other topics of discussion include upcoming Dreamcast indie titles, the new versus cables from Dreamcast Live and of course some chat about the current gen titles currently being enjoyed on the PS4, Switch and Xbox One. This is DreamPod 57, and we hope you enjoy it!
DreamPod episode 56 is here and your regular hosts Tom, Ross, Mike and Kev get together to discuss the latest news from the Dreamcast community. The new batch of releases have been teased by JoshProd and the team look at the games in the reveal video, and also discuss the upcoming wireless controllers and connection cables revealed by Retro-bit at CES 2018. Elsewhere, the team discuss NFL 2K1 and Ooga Booga being brought back online, old games-related TV shows, Dreamcast email addresses, games with beards in them, Shenmue’s best-in-class dreadlock technology and Sega Saturn emulation. Oh, and the release of the long lost Agartha is also brought up in conversation. This is DreamPod episode 56 and we hope you enjoy it!
DreamPod episode 55 is here, and your usual hosts Tom, Mike and Rob are joined by John Linneman from Digital Foundry. In this episode, the crew discuss Christmas trees, the impressive number of releases for the Dreamcast in 2017 and new Kickstarter shooter Xeno Crisis coming to Dreamcast. The main meat of the episode however, focuses on guest host John Linneman and his involvement with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. We discuss how John got involved with Digital Foundry, the games we’d like to see analysed, and John’s love for the Dreamcast. This is DreamPod episode 55 and we hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!
Episode 54 of the DreamPod is here! In this episode, regular hosts Tom and Mike are joined by special guest Darran Jones, editor of Retro Gamer magazine. News items discussed include the RetroPie VMU emulation console, VMU-boy and the call from SLaVE developers for help completeing this new Dreamcast indie game by ironing out the final few bugs. The main meat of the episode focuses on special guest Darran though, with his history with the Dreamcast, his previous life as a Dreamcast collector and his views on the scene as a whole all discussed. Finally, Darran's knowledge of the Dreamcast library is tested with a quiz. This is episode 54 of the DreamPod and we hope you enjoy it!
Episode 53 of the DreamPod is here, and regular hosts Tom and Mike are joined by Facebook group moderator Kev for some Dreamcast related chit-chat. In this episode, your intrepid hosts tackle such exotic topics as the Compact Flash enabled Dreamcast, Intrepid Izzy and Dreamcast: The Collected Works being successfully funded on Kickstarter, an update on the new Dreamcast releases from JoshProd, online gaming on the DreamPi. The episode is rounded out with some questions from the listenership. The team also wax lyrical about Mario Odyssey, the Neo-Geo: A Visual History book, Doom on Nintendo Switch and whether modding arcade sticks is really necessary. We hope you enjoy episode 53 of the DreamPod!
In this feature-length episode of the DreamPod, the Junkyard's denizens once more assemble to talk about everything that is happening in the world of Dreamcast. After introducing DreamPod initiate and car boot shark James to the show, Mike inches closer to the holy grail of a complete, all-regions, Dreamcast collection in pickups, before Rob, Tom and Mike talk through a series of exclusive reviews that debuted recently on the site, including Flashback, Hermes, 4x4 Jam and Ganryu. And the chaps even get time to squeeze in some chat about the legendary Buggy Heat. So for all this and more, start listening to Episode 52 of The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod, the world's number one Dreamcast podcast.
DreamPod 51 is here and your regular hosts Tom, Rob and Ross get together to discuss all the important issues from that thing known as the internet. Rob joins us live from the decadence of the Future Publishing offices while sipping champagne from a diamond-encrusted unicorn horn, and Ross has been sipping the finest Japanese whiskey that bitcoins can buy. Meanwhile, Tom’s been on the cheapest gut-rot lemonade he could find in the local corner shop. But we won’t that gulf in opulence perturb us, as we delve into the recent news about SEGA Forever, Hover: Revolt of Gamers (the new JSR-inspired game with music from Hideki Naganuma), the Shenmue III delay, the finer points of the Akura HDMI adapter, a new Dreamcast-themed t-shirt from underground clothing label Damascus and also the discovery of new playable characters in Cosmic Smash! This is episode 51 of the world’s greatest Dreamcast podcast called DreamPod and we hope you enjoy it!
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