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Welcome to DreamPod - a podcast produced by The Dreamcast Junkyard focusing on all aspects of Sega Dreamcast culture, collecting and the community. Join your hosts as they discuss varied topics surrounding Sega's final console, and inevitably get side-tracked by other gaming news.
95 Episodes
The Dreamcast Junkyard comes together in a crossover with our pals at Dreamcast Years to serve you up a retrospective on everything Dreamcast in its launch year of 1999. Andrew, who hosts both the DreamPod and Dreamcast Years podcasts, is joined by DreamPod regulars James and Brian, as well as Rich and Steve from Dreamcast Years, who all pitch their favourite games of 1999 and face off to the death in a quiz at the Years Podcast
In the first Dreamcast news round-up DreamPod of 2021, James, Tom, Mike and Lewis discuss what's going on in the ever-busy Dreamcast scene. Spiritual successors to forgotten Sega franchises, sealed games being sold, new indie titles, fan translations and GDEMU are all discussed in this loaded episode!Links to things mentioned in the podcast:The Texorcist for Dreamcast: else:
Tom, Lewis and Martin are joined by Anthony Bacon of the excellent Video Game Esoterica YouTube channel to discuss his YouTube journey thus far, as well as everything odd to do with the Dreamcast, legendary developer Kenji Eno, and his game D2. They even squeeze in some chat about the 3DO's failed follow-up; the Panasonic M2, and even the Apple Pippin. You don't want to miss this one!Links to things discussed in the Podcast:Video Game Esoterica YouTube channelJunkyard article going over the Dreamcast PHS / Dreamwire service, and the official Dreamcast wireless adapterDreamcast MIDI Dreamcast SequencerJunkyard article discussing Dreamcast non-gaming software for stock market, betting, car sales, education etc 
Andrew, Tom and Mike are joined by Caspar Field, former editor of both DC-UK and Mr. Dreamcast magazines, for a chat about games journalism at the time of the Dreamcast, and much more.Secrets are spilled, new information about a certain Dreamcast game is gleaned, PlayStation is mentioned an awful lot, and lots of laughs are had.
As we leave the grim year of 2020 behind us, Andrew, Mike and Lewis thought it'd be a good time to talk about what we'd like to see from the Dreamcast community in 2021. Along the way we managed to also discuss what job the Dreamcast would do, debunk some common Dreamcast myths, and stan Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Look back at The Dreamcast Junkyard's best 2020 moments:
2020 was a pretty rubbish year overall, but somehow the Dreamcast community has thrived more than ever before! In this year's RadioSEGA Winterfest episode, Tom, Andrew, Mike, James and Lewis discuss Christmas Dreamcast games, the things we're thankful for this year from the Dreamcast community, and we share some of our favourite Dreamcast music tracks!This episode originally premiered on the 20th of December 2020 as part of RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2020. Thanks again for letting us take part!Songs featured in the podcast (spoiler alert!):"Jack's Theme" from Headhunter Some menu song from Spirit of Speed 1937 that is better than it has any right to be "Stage 1" from Giga Wing"Mexican Flyer" from Space Channel 5"Research Institute" from Maken X
Join Andrew, Mike, Lewis and Rob as they delve deep into the vast library of Japanese-exclusive Dreamcast releases. Pitching two titles each, the gang discuss what is so unique about these games and speculate as to why we never got to see them receive official releases on PAL and NTSC Dreamcasts.Dreamcast games mentioned in this episode:Tsuushin Taisen Logic Battle DaisessenPrincess Maker CollectionRainbow CottonEl Dorado Gate (Volumes 1 to 7)Tokyo Bus GuideDeSpiriaL.O.L.: Lack of LoveSegagagaSakura Wars (Series)Baldr Force EXECuldcept SecondFrame GrideThe Lost Golem
The nights are drawing in and the wind is starting to howl, so the Dreamcast Junkyard team get together to discuss some of their real life scary stories; and also some truly disturbing Dreamcast related experiences.Things mentioned in the podcast:Spring-heeled Jack: The Devil in Devon: Cathedral: Ring Terror's Realm: Park on Dreamcast: Jackson in Sega games:
Another big bit of Dreamcast news setting the internet wild means another DreamPod mini, this time being our discussion on the potential mini, teased by Sega staffer Yosuke Okunari, who said in a recent Famitsu interview: “Next, we’re considering concepts similar to the Mega Drive [Genesis] Mini. If I had to name some ideas, something like an SG1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini.”Andrew, Lewis and Rob discuss the likeliness of a Dreamcast Mini becoming reality, and what we'd want to see from one.More info:
In this Dreamcast news round-up episode of the DreamPod: Tom, Martin, Mike and Lewis discuss what's going on in the ever-busy Dreamcast indie scene. They discuss new and upcoming indie game releases, new hardware, and a fan mod to the much beloved Shenmue.Links to things mentioned in the podcast:A Dreamcast Launch Retrospectacle: Celebrating/Ranking the Games of 9.9.99 (DCJY Article): Gaming Website: https://www.brookaccessory.comJoshProd announce 5th wave of Dreamcast releases - 8 games incoming! (DCJY Article): Undub: Definitive Edition: Signals:
More hot takes. More upset. More betrayal. More #DreamPod. This is Heaven and Hell, part 2, where more members of the DCJY podcast team (Andrew, Kev, Mike and James) reveal what games they consider to be heaven and hell on the #Dreamcast, as moderator Tom tries to keep them under control. Will #Shenmue be thrown into the flames? You'll just have to listen and find out...Dreamcast: Year Two - Unofficial Book Kickstarter link:
Luke Benstead, creator of DreamPi and brand new Dreamcast game engine Simulant joins Tom and James to discuss the continued success of the online gaming scene on Dreamcast, Dreamcast Live, Rush 2049, and his plans for the future with Simulant. Luke last appeared on the DreamPod back in January 2016 so in this episode we recap and catch up after 4 long years!Find Simulant online here: https://simulant.devFollow Luke here: Dreamcast Live here:
Join us in the first part of our brand new "heaven and hell" series, where we get together to discuss our idea of heaven and our idea of hell when it comes to Dreamcast games. Join host Andrew as he attempts to moderate Tom, Martin, Mark and Lewis as they throw out their hot takes and unearth hidden gems. Hopefully things don't get to heated!No Sonic Adventure discs were hurt in the making of this DreamPod.
So the internet is awash with talk of the Sega announcement that is going to be 'as big as the PS5 announcement'., Kev, Lewis, Mark and Mike sit down and talk about the news, what is it? Is it the Dreamcast 2!? (no) and what could it be?This is the first attempt at a Dreamcast 'DreamVod' - So would love to hear peoples feedback and suggestions on the format, as well as your speculation if watching before the 4th of June.This episode can be viewed on Youtube with added camera Visuals
Your hosts Tom, Mike, Martin and (last and least) James take a look at some of the most interesting upcoming hardware and software releases for the Dreamcast in 2020. Xenocider, Arcade Racing Legends, Wolflame, After the Fall and Terraonion MODE are all discussed in this episode...we hope you enjoy it!
The Dreamcast Junkyard's Andrew Dickinson speaks to Headhunter producer Stefan Holmqvist about the history and development of one of the Dreamcast's greatest action adventure games. Topics range from the origins of Amuze, to the recording of the orchestral Headhunter soundtrack to the reasons behind the game only receiving a PAL release on Dreamcast. It's a fascinating interview and one any fan of Headhunter shouldn't miss!
The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod crew meet The Saturn Junkyard TitanCast crew, in what could be most exciting crossover since Marvel did all them movies. In this episode, we do somewhat of a switcheroo to talk about our favourite games on the opposite crew's console.The DreamPod crew: Tom, Mike, Lewis and MartinThe TitanCast crew: Brian, Simon and NunoThe Saturn Junkyard website:
The original cast of DreamPod Episode Zero reconvene for a 5 year anniversary special. Join Tom, Aaron and Rob as they discuss memories of the beginnings of the DreamPod, then go on to discuss the news of Heroes of Might & Magic III being released, a new game in the form of Summoning Signals, and this year's Dreamcast Junkyard April Fool - the Dreamcast Printer. Finally, the show ends with a series of messages from guests, presenters past and present and friends of the podcast, wishing the DreamPod a happy 5th anniversary. #DreamPodFive
In episode 74 of the DreamPod, Andrew, Tom, Lewis and newcomer Martin speculate about a future where Sega's trusty swirl-embossed box of wonder could have succeeded in the war against big bad Sony and their mighty PlayStation 2. What could Sega have to have done to attract consumers over to the Dreamcast? What might we have seen if the Dreamcast hadn't been discontinued when it did? What games would've been released?
In DreamPod 73, Lewis and Mike deep dive into one of the most obscure and niché corners of the Dreamcast's game library: visual novels. You've heard of them, you've probably seen them. It's those games with all the anime characters on the front that have tonnes of text. Some people even call them "dating simulators". Well, the Dreamcast has some of the best. In this episode, Lewis and Mike explain what these games actually are and clear up many of the misconceptions surrounding them. They also discuss the best of this genre that the Dreamcast has to offer - there's bound to be something worth checking out!As a bonus, the two also cover some of the insane collector's editions that these visual novels (as well as some non-visual novel releases) received on the Dreamcast!Dreamcast games mentioned in this episode:Sakura Wars (aka Sakura Taisen - series)KanonAirEver 17: The Out of InfinityNever 7: The End of InfinityComic PartyReal Sound: Kaze no RegretBaldr Force EXEBlue Submarine No. 6Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (aka Rumbling Hearts)Love Hina: Smile AgainLove Hina: Totsuzen no Engeji HappeningNon-Dreamcast games mentioned in this episode:ClannadPlanetarianUtawarerumono (series)Tears to TiaraAquapazza
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