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In the first of a two-parter, your hosts James, Mike and Tom run through the results of the 2022 Dreamcast Junkyard 'Top 200' games poll results. We asked you to give us your favourite Dreamcast games and you did in the counting has been completed and so we discuss the games that make up spots 200 to 101; but also discuss the games that didn't make the cut.The full results will be published on our updated 'Top 200' section on the main blog after part two is released, but while you wait for that feel free to check out Bad Game Hall of Fame's excellent article on Spirit of Speed 1937, which we discuss in the podcast.Oh, and the 2016 edition of the Top 200 is here (for now!).Support the show
Tom & Andrew welcome SEGA Powered editor Dean Mortlock and WAVE Games Studios' Daniel Crocker to talk all things indie, magazines of yore, and the future of the Dreamcast scene. There's also the small matter of the first magazine cover mounted Dreamcast demo disc in over 20 years...but we won't spoil things here! Mentioned in this episode are:SEGA Powered: Game Sudios: Postal review: interview with WAVE: in Cult: Power: power:'s interview with Dominik Diamond: Wolfie PodSupport the show
Join Tom and Lewis for this whirlwind trip around the bazaars as they discuss the hottest news coming out of the Dreamcast community! In this episode we discuss the new Dreamcast port of Postal; the re-issue of The Textorcist; unreleased Dreamcast game Fortris; the definitive list of rumoured Dreamcast betas; a fan translation of Sakura Wars 3; and the ultimate niche, niche, niche re-translation and un-dub of Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage.Postal review: The Dreamcast Junkyard: Review: PostalWAVE Games Studios:  The Textorcist:  Fortris: beta debunk list: Dreamcast Beta Confirm / Debunk List - Sakura Wars 3: Sakura Wars 3 English Translation Project - Dreamcast-Talk.comBerserk translation: - Translations - Sword of the Berserk - Guts' RageLost in Cult: Lost In CultSupport the show
Join Tom, Lewis, James and Rich as they round-up the latest and greatest in news from our beloved scene. We're talking potential new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi releases, how we feel about yet another  Sonic collection, the Sega Powered WAVE Demo Disc, Mega Duck on the Dreamcast, Dreamcast-themed bedding and a whole lot more! For links to everything mentioned in the episode, check out our accompanying news round-up article on the blog: the show
In this episode, Andrew, Brian and Mike chat with writer, producer and director Jörg Tittel, who previously wrote for the US Official Dreamcast Magazine. We discuss Jörg's time at the magazine, his love for the Dreamcast, and his experience working on his own game (The Last Worker). He also shares some fascinating stories, detailing his friendships with Dreamcast developer royalty, including Frédérick Raynal (Toy Commander, Toy Racer) and probably most notably, the late Shinya Nishigaki (Blue Stinger, Illbleed) - which led to Jörg being included as a character in Illbleed!*Episode was recorded on the 20th February.Jörg's Twitter: Last Worker (Upcoming game Jörg is working on): thelastworker.comSupport the show
The Dreamcast scene never seems to slow down so here we are again, rounding up all the news! Will you be able to wrap your head around the amount of new Dreamcast games and projects getting released? And what did we think of the Shenmue anime?Relevant Links:Dreamcast indie games - developer, publisher & retailer directory: Score Boy's video on the History of the A'Can: Ghoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer: officially goes Postal this June!: 'next-gen' demo now available: Dreamcast shooters now playable in English!: Gangs (Dreamcast Version) Kickstarter:[lock-on] Volume 003 Kickstarter: the show
For episode 101, we're doing room 101! Ripping off the formula of the classic British game show (which ripped its concept from Geroge Orwell), James, Tom, Brian, Lewis and newcomer Rich (welcome Rich!) each must convince host Andrew to consign one of their biggest pet hates about the Dreamcast to oblivion in Room 101, theoretically banishing them from the world forever. But Andrew has the final say, so if he doesn't agree then it's not going in room 101!For more info on the history of the show, check out the Wiki entry about it.Join our Discord: a big shout out to Back Yard TARDIS on YouTube. Go check out his channel here.Support the show
Let's get this party started! To celebrate the 100th episode of the DreamPod, it's only right that we'd go big or go home. That's why we got the one and only Peter Moore, former SEGA of America president, on the pod to reminisce about his time heading the company during the Dreamcast's lifespan. We are incredibly grateful to Peter for agreeing to do this interview with us!Video footage of our interview with Peter is also available: course we also wanted episode 100 to be about the listeners too, so we're playing the voice notes you recorded and answering all your questions too. Thanks to everybody who submitted messages and questions. This is definitely going to be a podcast to remember!Support the show
This episode is a follow up to episode 95, where we discussed the first round picks for our Desert Island Discs Fantasy Draft. The game consists of us and some guests each building a roster of 4 Dreamcast games that are the only games we can take to a Desert Island. In this episode, Kev, Lewis and Brian take a look at each person's four picks. This will soon be followed by a vote to decide who has created the most desirable Desert Island!Special thanks to PcWzrd13 & Retro Faith for taking part, along with the team from Dreamcast Years. Please note that submissions to episode 100 of the DreamPod have now finished - our schedules got a bit rushed due to it being the holidays! Sorry about that, gang.The Dreamcast Junkyard Discord: YearsRetro FaithPcWzrdYou can donate to support everything we do at The Dreamcast Junkyard (articles, videos, streams, podcast, etc.) by going to our page on Buy Me a Coffee. If you donate and want us to read out a message or answer a question we will! Donate using the following link: the show
Join Andrew, Tom, Lewis and Mark for another one of those Dreamcast news round-up DreamPods! This time it's new games galore with new releases and upcoming Kickstarters discussed, as well as an incredibly fascinating unused Dreamcast logo that was recently discovered.We’ve had many people asking us how they can support everything we do (articles, videos, streams, podcast, etc.) with donations. Well now you can donate to the Dreamcast Junkyard on Buy Me a Coffee. If you donate and want us to read out a message or answer a question we will! Donate using the following link: Games covered:Non-casual encounterPapriumShadow GangsGhoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer ‘Tunnels’ demo (developed in Simulant) Relevant links:DCJY Article: Dreamcast news round-up November 2021: Article: Previously unseen prototype Dreamcast logo discovered: Article: Non Casual Encounter - Prologue (Preview): YouTube Channel: the show
The sequel to one of our favourite episodes of last year. Join Andrew, Mike, Lewis and special guest Stephen from Dreamcast Hub as they take another deep dive into the depths of the Japanese-exclusive Dreamcast release library. We also manage to mention GDEMU many times.Dreamcast games mentioned in this episode:Roommania #203Nakoruru: Anohito kara no OkurimonoLet’s Make J-League Professional Soccer ClubNeo Golden LogresBaldr Force EXEFrame GrideMobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon & DXZusar VasarLinks:Dreamcast HubNakoruru translation Gameplay PreviewPodcasts can be patched too:07/11/21 - Made audio quality consistent and added in missing introduction to Frame Gride.Support the show
It's been a minute, but we are back for the third time with our good buddies at the Dreamcast Years podcast, letting them put their spin on proceedings again as we dive into the year the Dreamcast died in the West: 2001. We talk world events, crap movies, and of course games in this beefy two hour + episode. Take a trip back in time with us!Support the show
Join Kev, Andrew, Brian, Lewis & Mike as they break down the first 12 games taken in the Dreamcast Junkyard Desert Islands Discs - Fantasy draft! That we are running via our Twitter account.On it, each person is building a roster of 4 Dreamcast games, that are the only games they can take to a Desert Island. Then we will be running a vote to decide who has created the most desirable Desert Island!Special thanks to PcWzrd & Retro Faith for taking part, along with the team from the Dreamcast Years Pod.The Dreamcast Junkyard Discord: FaithPcWzrdSupport the show
The Junkyard team are getting heated in this extra crazy episode of the DreamPod, and not just due to the heatwave that was occurring at the time of recording. We rage about broken games, engage about upcoming indies and discuss the logistics of how golf would work with guns.Links:The Dreamcast Junkyard Discord: Dreamcast platformer Intrepid Izzy is up for pre-order!: Dreamcast Evangelion typing tutor is now playable in English!: Turb: Fanfan I love me Dunce-doublentendre cover (for visual gag assistance): homebrew Dreamcast MIDI Interface Cable appears!: the show
Dreamcast fan translation fever is at an all time high! Well, it is amongst our staff members at least. Derek Pascarella and Burntends join us for a lengthy chat about fan translations for the Dreamcast and the wider community of talents that make these projects happen. They also give us a fascinating peak behind the curtain at their process for hacking and translating the recently translated Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 (aka Sakura Wars Columns 2).Links:The Dreamcast Junkyard Discord: article about the Sakura Wars Columns 2 translation: article - 5 Dreamcast Fan Translations You May Have Missed: Games Translation - Megathread: stream of Taxi 2: in Fanslation podcast by Chris Hatala: the show
L@@K! RARE! A two person DreamPod! Rated R for Resurrection... Listen in on a chat between Andrew and Tom as they discuss what they've been playing, VMU vs PocketStation, the latest Dreamcast news, the DC community at large and more. Make sure to check out and support places like and find out more about amazing translation projects by people in the wider community by joining our Discord server: Andrew wasn't correct about Halifax (possibly mixing it up with something else!) - Halifax were an Italian distributor who seem to have had a large quantity of unsold stock. Check out this article from Kev for more details on Halifax: the show (
In the second part of a series of crossovers with the Dreamcast Years podcast, we talk all about what is arguably the golden year for the Dreamcast: 2000. Our host Andrew is joined by DreamPod regulars Lewis and Mike, as well as Rich and Steve from Dreamcast Years. The best games of 2000 are discussed, and many debates are had, all wrapped up nicely by a cool IMDB keyword quiz.Support the show (
The Dreamcast Junkyard comes together in a crossover with our pals at Dreamcast Years to serve you up a retrospective on everything Dreamcast in its launch year of 1999. Andrew, who hosts both the DreamPod and Dreamcast Years podcasts, is joined by DreamPod regulars James and Brian, as well as Rich and Steve from Dreamcast Years, who all pitch their favourite games of 1999 and face off to the death in a quiz at the Years PodcastSupport the show (
In the first Dreamcast news round-up DreamPod of 2021, James, Tom, Mike and Lewis discuss what's going on in the ever-busy Dreamcast scene. Spiritual successors to forgotten Sega franchises, sealed games being sold, new indie titles, fan translations and GDEMU are all discussed in this loaded episode!Links to things mentioned in the podcast:The Texorcist for Dreamcast: else: the show (
Tom, Lewis and Martin are joined by Anthony Bacon of the excellent Video Game Esoterica YouTube channel to discuss his YouTube journey thus far, as well as everything odd to do with the Dreamcast, legendary developer Kenji Eno, and his game D2. They even squeeze in some chat about the 3DO's failed follow-up; the Panasonic M2, and even the Apple Pippin. You don't want to miss this one!Links to things discussed in the Podcast:Video Game Esoterica YouTube channelJunkyard article going over the Dreamcast PHS / Dreamwire service, and the official Dreamcast wireless adapterDreamcast MIDI Dreamcast SequencerJunkyard article discussing Dreamcast non-gaming software for stock market, betting, car sales, education etc Support the show
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