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Side Hustle While Serving

Author: Shelia Fitzgerald

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Side Hustle While Serving features stories, challenges and wins of active duty entrepreneurs who are side hustling while serving. Join Shelia for your bi weekly spill to learn actionable strategies to juggle a business, serve successfully and tools for wherever you may be in your journey. We will dive deep into intentional interviews with our sisters and brothers in all different branches, with small business and passive income streams that have been been launched while serving. Lets celebrate and connect with the elite 1%
3 Episodes
We’re back at it for episode 3! Today on the show, we have a woman who truly epitomizes the theme of this podcast “Side Hustle While Serving”, Her name is Telia Garry. Telia is a Active Guard Recruiter who teaching at colleges part time for her side hustle. When I was thinking of this podcast, I knew I would have to get Telia in the guest chair because ever since I’ve known her she is always juggling a side hustle. Teaching is her constant so that’s the one we’ll focus on today. How many...
Today on the show, we have Makeup Artist extraordinaire Shaharlee Blake aka Harlee. Shaharlee is a Washington DC-based Makeup Artist, and Beauty Educator. I first met Harlee as a Flight Attendant here on Andrews in the DC area. I always knew she was talented at makeup, so I was elated when she finally decided to take the leap to turn her talent into a profitable revenue stream. On this episode, Shaharlee breaks down:•How she transitioned from a civilian job in Saudi Arabia to makeu...
Welcome to the first episode of Side Hustle While Serving. I’m your host Shelia Fitzgerald and I’ll drop a new episode every other week. In todays episode I share the overall purpose for this podcast, frequency and a little bit about me. I talk about why after a 1.7 GPA, a missed promotion and overworking for the same pay, I was inspired to launch and grow my side hustle while active duty. I delve into the types of stories I’ll be covering with other dope active duty entrepre...