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An opinionated podcast by opinionated people. Hosted by Marco Arment and Tiffany Arment.
64ย Episodes
Celebrating this year's Cinco de Mayo that also falls on Taco Tuesday, we rank our favorite taco toppings.
The Arment family's favorite enemies, animals, and other bizarre creatures in Minecraft.
Our favorite Bluth family members from Arrested Development.
The best (or worst?) phrases printed on Valentine's Day candy hearts.
This might be the stupidest thing we've ever done. And that's saying something.
Our favorite cookies from these classic blue tins before they're reused to hold buttons and sewing kits.
Our favorite types of cheese, taste-tested live for your enjoyment โ€”ย or at least ours.
Music albums that contain one-hit-wonder singles, but are also really great albums.
We taste-tested 14 instant coffees, from mouth parties to tire fires, to discover if there's anything redeemable about this much-maligned beverage.
Lauren and Jason Snell join us to taste-test and rank all 24 flavors of LaCroix seltzer.
In celebration of World Emoji Day, we ranked our favorite emoji.
Our favorite band names, regardless of the quality of the bands, or whether we've even heard of them before.
Our favorite egg preparations, from simple breakfasts to the fanciest parties.
The culmination of months of research: our favorite heist movies, and why so many movies don't qualify.
Our favorite nuts. Really.
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we rank our favorite TV couples. (Contains spoilers for popular '90sโ€“'00s TV series.)
We taste and rank 12 different "milk" beverages of various animal, plant, and scientific origins.
Our favorite Christmas or holiday traditions from the families that we're stuck with.
Yes, we really ranked our favorite woodland creatures.
Our favorite breakfast foods!
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