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The Cynics on Disney (CODP)

The Cynics on Disney (CODP)

Author: Bobby Burchins, Amanda Burchins

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Your hosts Bobby and Amanda visit each ride, restaurant, resort at Disney World and give you their thoughts.
28 Episodes
Pirate Empowerment

Pirate Empowerment


Hosts Amanda and Bobby explore a Disney classic attraction at Magic Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean *pronounced Caribbean, or is it Caribbean?* Either way you just read the same two words twice in your head an heard them differently.
The PeopleMover is one of Amanda's must-dos at Magic Kingdom. Bobby contemplates if this Disney favorite can work in real life?
Bobby and Amanda don't necessarily agree on this original Walt Disney World Attraction. The Carousel of Progress was one of the last thing Walt himself had a hand in creating. Which member of the CODP team do you think enjoys the ride most?
From construction on Tron, to the uselessness of the Swiss Family Treehouse. CODP touches on everything Magic Kingdom in this episode
Bobby and Amanda talk about their recent dinner date at Disney Springs. Oh, and Steve was there with them so there's that. Conversation gets derailed and the topic switches to the latest hot topic, the "free" Disney gift shop shirt.
Skipper This Canteen

Skipper This Canteen


The Cynics do lunch at The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. Amanda orders fish, Bobby orders chicken, things are said. Join them in Adventureland at Disney's Magic Kingdom for unfiltered commentary on this table service restaurant.
You know it as the Haunted Mansion but Bobby and Amanda have their thoughts on just how to HGTV this old house into the envy of the neighborhood.
Follow Amanda and Bobby as they bag up merch at Under Armor, Vera Bradley, and of course...the Sperry store.
Bobby and Amanda have vastly different viewpoints on this World Showcase original. Get a quick history lesson on it's origins and the latest rumors and opinion on its future.
Bobby and Amanda dropped by Kennedy Space Center to checkout the visitor center and it's connection to Walt Disney Imagineering.
As a former cast member at Coral Reef in The Seas Pavilion this attraction has a soft spot in Amanda's heart, how will she rate the overall pavilion after her most recent visit.
The State of The EPCOT

The State of The EPCOT


It's 2021 and Epcot construction is in full swing. Bobby and Amanda take a stroll around the second Disney World park and offer their thoughts on its current status and peak into its future.
After nearly a two year hiatus, Bobby finally rides his beloved Mission: Space again. Does it still give him all the feels? He an Amanda talk about this Epcot staple in their first trip to the parks as a podcast.
A dinner trip to Disney Springs found Bobby & Amanda meeting up with friends at Paradiso 37. Is this place underrated?
In this episode Amanda and Bobby head to City Works and give their thoughts on the visit. Spoiler Alert: Amanda saw all those beer taps and decides on ordering.... a water.
What can Walt Disney World Learn from Augusta National? Bobby & Steve discuss the topic in a special episode delivered in audio AND video
IP Overload (a rant)

IP Overload (a rant)


Bobby has climbed back atop his soapbox. This time he laments about the saturation of intellectual property at Walt Disney World and how it's impacted his visits.
Steve Rhodes drops by to discuss his recent stay at Disney's Boardwalk Villas with Bobby and Amanda. They discuss the cost of renting DVC points, the room, view and resort itself.
Bobby, Amanda and their "boss" head to Bog River Grille and Abracadabar for a night of fun at Disney World
Bobby gives you his reasons why you shouldn't expect too much from the anniversary celebration at Disney World this fall.
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