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The Qiew When The Gays Go Right

Author: Peter Boykin

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The Qiew When Gays Go Right Podcast #GoRight
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Gays for Trump have moved to be Gays Against BidenHonestly, it is much easier to be against someone than for... this will prove interesting! talked a big game on LGBTQ rights, let's see if his agenda serves this. Gay Right have EVERY intention of holding any President to ensuring Gay Rights and Protections in not just America but the world stage. #Qiew TonightA Part of the #GoRight Network#GoRight News with Peter BoykinWebsite:https://GoRightNews.comhttps://TheQiew.comYouTube:
Grenell was the first gay cabinet member—so why does the media claim Buttigieg will be? for Trump is not Gays Against Biden and the Gay Right will continue to hold any President to their promises and the actions for Gay rights and equal protections not only in America but the world. The left gays do not understand this and will spend their time now defending a President that will not do a thing for them but "virtue signal". #Qiew TonightA Part of the #GoRight Network#GoRight News with Peter BoykinWebsite:https://GoRightNews.comhttps://TheQiew.comYouTube:
How to Tell If a Trump Supporter Is Racist non-liberal leftist — that is, nearly every Democrat running for president, New York Times and Washington Post columnist, CNN and MSNBC host, and your left-wing brother-in-law — labels every Trump supporter and, of course, President Donald Trump, a “racist.” they don’t stop there. Leftists don’t only label the half of the country that supports the president “racist,” they label all whites and America itself “racist.” If your son or daughter attends or recently attended an American university, it is close to certain he or she was repeatedly told that America and all whites are racist. According to the Left, whites are divided between those who admit they are racist and those who don’t admit it.The #Qiew TonightA Part of the #GoRight Network#GoRight News with Peter BoykinWebsite:https://GoRightNews.comhttps://TheQiew.comYouTube:
Women’s Sports Policy Working Group seeks to straddle both sides of the trans athlete's issueDoes Sports Have a Trans Women Problem response to President Biden’s executive order, this organization of former athletes pleads with The White House to adopt a ‘science-based’ approach to trans inclusion in sports. #Qiew TonightA Part of the #GoRight Network#GoRight News with Peter BoykinWebsite:https://GoRightNews.comhttps://TheQiew.comYouTube:
Democrats to unveil $3,000 direct cash payments to families with children will introduce a proposal attached to the next stimulus package that would provide $3,000-per-child direct payments in certain households. Why it matters: The new legislation, led by Ways and Means chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.), comes shortly after Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) introduced a similar proposal, lending bipartisan support to expanding cash benefits for families with children. #Qiew TonightA Part of the #GoRight Network#GoRight News with Peter BoykinWebsite:https://GoRightNews.comhttps://TheQiew.comYouTube:
Trump impeached again while Brandon Straka Leader of #WalkAway Arrested ... but the burning question is WHEN WILL MILO be Deported?Topics for #GoRight News today: THERE ARE PLENTY!!! 78,000 Facebook, Instagram Users Removed for QAnon, ‘Militarization’ Policy ViolationsTrump Impeached (Again) as US House delivers articles of impeachment against Trump to SenateDemocrats Move to Ban Trump Supporters From Joining the Military and Holding Federal JobsFirst Amendment Rights Being Eroded by TechnocratsElection Fraud 2024Homicide is on the RiseTransgenders Now have the Right to Die in the Military now! YEAJoe Biden is Made in the USA !But When Will Milo Be Deported? with Peter Boykin**Note This is an Edited Rebroadcast of the Orignal Show***Don't Forget to Subscribe and Hit the Bell Notification Peter Boykin and the #GoRight Movement by Joining Our Patreon at Donation through Paypal Follow Peter BoykinTelegram:
The #Qiew Discusses the Milo Problem we have in America.So the question is do we Fuck, Marry, or Deport ? where is Milo Hiding? Not on Parler but on Telegram if you like a bit of Toxic joy then follow him... for many we had enough...Milo is at least good for shits and giggles... mainly he gives me the shits with Peter Boykin on the and
Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Our Intel Source Says YES, IT HAPPENED! US government, once they determined that this Dominion server was involved in switching votes, then the intelligence community began a search for the server and discovered that the server was in Germany. In order to get access to that server and have it available for use in a legal manner, they had to have the State Department work in tandem with the Department of Justice. They had to request that the government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server.The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US military support in this operation. The US military was not in the lead. But this helps explain why Esper was fired and Miller and Kash Patel were put in place — so that the military would not interfere with the operation in any way.By getting ahold of the server they now are going to have direct evidence of when they were instructed to stop counting. They will also discover who gave the direction to stop counting and who initiated the algorithm that started switching votes. The CIA was completely excluded from this operation.
#Breaking #BreakingNews People on the ground in #Germany report that #Scytl, hosting YOUR elections data Improperly through #Spain, was raided by a large #USARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt. Scytl Bankrupt Thread: the CRIMINAL LIARS from the Far-Left might claim none of this ever happened, or that the raid this week didn't happen, even if one didn't happen from this week, it is Irrelevant as from the massive one, the US military KNEW what Scytl was doing & up to & WATCHING THEMFACTS:-This has been an ongoing investigation for YEARS-Massive Taskforce was investigating, watching, & preparing stings against these Darkweb orgs since 2008 & have done MANY-They have been watching Scytl, Canvas, & other #Microsoft & #DNC funded Criminal orgs like Tifa-There is a large force watching these international criminal orgs & their money laundering, illicit drugs crimes & rings, child trafficking & trading, cybercrime, hosting & more, not only in the USA but across Europe which has a very pervasive culture of Crime & Sex-traffick-The law enforcement & cybercrime battles are well funded, well provisioned, & getting more so over time. Trump has made sizeable investments into their infrastructure & will do more in his 2nd term to take the fight to them & #SaveTheChildren from the Leftist Criminals here is a Question for your own consideration & further digging to contribute back to here:Q: Wasn't #RichardGrenell U.S. Ambassador to Germany before moving to the position of Acting DNI? He certainly would have been involved in these previous actions while he was :DDid you know the answer? HE WASFrom Sept 2017 to May 2020 :DOf course, he is very much aware of & in support of #Trump's campaign to #SaveTheChildren which is not only an #American effort but an international one. Grenell as Ambassador oversaw #USA-#Germany Cooperation
MAKE NO MISTAKE FACEBOOK IS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THIS COUP ATTEMPT!!!Fellow Republicans... For a moment I would like all of you, for moment, sit down and think of all things which have transpired during this fraudulent Election. must, take into consideration, all parties who have "DESPERATELY PUSHED BIDEN'S ELECTION NUMBERS OR THWARTED CONSERVATIVE NEWS" in order to understand how many people are involved and how organized this attack on America Coup was!Lets, go back to the time Fox sold to Disney, continuing to conform to the Republican party UNTIL, November 3rd where at which part, WAS THE FIRST FAKE NEWS TO REPORT BIDEN'S LEAD AND WIN OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!Coming into question WHY would a Totally Conservative Newsagency, Leader of ALL OTHER NEWS AGENCIES IN VIEWERSHIP, and the ONLY Newsagency to represent the Republican party ??? Why were they the first to lead this charge of Fraud??? Who were they trying to make look like "Fools."What could Biden Gain, by this TOP NEWS OUTLET, to turn its views TOTALLY IN SUPPORT OF BIDEN???Think deeply, my friends...It has always been CNN and MSNBC the most regarded Democrat-News Agencies, but, Republicans already KNOW they are fake news...What has President Trump done at every single rally since he became President??? He has CALLED OUT all Democrat news stations, while he has put FOX NEWS always in top regard and RELIABLE NEWS!!!What would be the BEST WAY The Democrat party could set up a TROJAN HORSE making Trump and all Republicans look like FOOLS...Wouldn't you infiltrate the "ONLY REPUBLICAN SOURCE" Trump has supported, since the beginning, The News ALL REPUBLICANS have put their faith in to expose the Democrats???And... what have we seen SINCE FOX NEWS has attacked our President in this election...WE NOW HAVE EVERY NEWS STATION, NBC, CBS MSNBC, CNN. ETC... STICKING UP FOR FOX NEWS BEING RELIABLE NEWS!!!!When have you EVER seen CNN Giving full support of Fox News when attacked by Republicans????Now, let's look at, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all other media platforms who have BLATANTLY BLOCKED and REMOVED Conservatives, They have labeled ALL STORIES posted by Republicans as Fake news or "FACTCHECKED THEM" Even more Deviant every political post made, Facebook has posted below it, the projected winner of Joe Biden for President, EVEN BEFORE THIS ELECTION IS COMPLETELY COUNTED!!!!When any source claims a winner of our Presidential Election that simply says that those votes WHO HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTED mean NOTHING!Is it NOT FACEBOOK "SUCKERBURGER" Who stated before this election that NOBODY WOULD BE PREMATURELY CALLING THIS ELECTION AND ALL POSTS THAT DID WOULD BE REMOVED????What has SUCKERBURGER DONE???? There are STILL VOTES YET TO BE COUNTED AND SUCKERBURGER HAS CALLED THE ELECTION FOR BIDEN!!!!!!Make NO MISTAKE... Facebook's SUCKERBURGER is compliant in this COUP and in doing so, has COMMITTED TREASON against the United States, along with all other actors who have complied with this fraud!All of these "ELECTION GLITCHES" all falling in favor of JOE BIDEN????? Are you kidding me???!!!What about the strategically placed States, which took so long totally and remain "Undecided" for DAYS??? These states were CRUCIAL in this plot and known for a great while to be held up in order for the Democrat party to know how the rest of the Nation would vote before PLAYING WITH THE NUMBERS with these KEY STATES.. And what about ALASKA??? Really???? This state has been known to be Republican since the beginning of its statehood, yet it was ONE OF THE LAST STATES TO BE CALLED!?!?None of this can be blamed on a GLITCH or ERROR, this FRAUD, ELECTION INTERFERENCE, or even worse, TREASON by very powerful people in our country needs to have criminal trials of these people, once this election is exposed and President Trump is found to be our President!Make NO MISTAKE... Everything we have witnessed in this election has CABAL, SORRO'S, a Corrupt Democrat Politicians, and MOSTLY IMPORTANT, Media and Media Platforms, so powerful, they could even SILENCE A PRESIDENT!!!!The Democrat Party has declared WAR on our nation... No doubt this Coup Plot goes as high as people in our DOJ, CIA, and FBI! This MUST be exposed or our nation will be taken over by this "Orwellian Evil Party!":#Qiew #GoRight
This is In this video we see how the President of Mexico has refused to endorse the Media's Unconstitutional Selection of President choosing to wait until the Constitutional Process reveals the Official Outcome of #Elections2020. We also provide reading and commentary of the Article "America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated" by The Federalist#Qiew #GoRight
The Race is still on! The Bookies Have not paid out on the Media's Endorsement of Biden., there's this thing called the US constitution...#Qiew #GoRight
America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated video begins with film footage of Paper Vote Counting issues.#StopTheSteal We provide reading and commentary of the Article "America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated" by The Federalist Then we conclude with experts discussing the High-End Technology, (owned by names such as Pelosi, Feinstein & Soros) Vote Count Manipulation that must be done by higher-ups on the food chain.#Qiew #GoRight
Every legal Vote Counts is a Primer on Legal Voting and Election Fraud read from also contains footage of Dodgy Michigan Counting, Democrat Election Observer Testimony about Corruption, Ballot Copying & a Special Boom at the end.#Qiew #GoRight
Biden Obama America's Unfortunate LegacyThis video discusses how the Biden Obama Doctrine is America's Unfortunate Legacy and presents facts about the Biden/Obama bombing of Weddings & Civilian Casualties from Airstrikes that have been hidden from the American Public by the Left Wing Media. We introduce the Trump Doctrine which ends Biden's endless wars (& Corruption) and is resulting in Middle East Peace deals that make the whole world safer. Again The Gays of the World asks that Americans Support Donald Trump to Keep the Vote Safe! Please Like Share and Subscribe. For more information about The #Qiew please go to #Qiew #GoRight
A Reading of a BBC Article Vote Rigging How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs. updates from Trump Campaign & Sydney Powell!#Qiew #GoRight
Mexico President Refuses to Endorse the Media's Appointment of JoeThat's it! Mexico President Refuses to Endorse the Media's Appointment of Joe Biden! the cunt from Australia and that other cunt from Israel who started ISIS with that cunt Obama! You remember the girlyman pretending to be a man married to that ex-tranny footballer? #Qiew #GoRight
You do not have to be afraid of the Boogieman you have to be afraid of the Democrats (or the Left)The Trump Accountability Project... they are coming for us! How do you know if you are on that list? Biden is the President for All they say... but it is nothing but a #BananaRepublicBiden Republicans used to be the party they claimed of the corporations and fat cats but now look at who is REALLY backing the Leftist Blue... corporations who hold NO loyalty to the USA but only to the green.While Republicans are now the party of the working man the common man.. ironic is that is how the Democrats used to say they were a party of... what happened?Only time will tell how our future will work out, but let's fight against the evil, for we should not go quietly into the night...The #Qiew says GOD BLESS AMERICA now FIGHT FOR IT!#Qiew #GoRight
Tyrants want to Take Control of America We All know the Vote Count is Wrong, the Election is ALMOST Stolen. We have to fight for our REPUBLIC, America is the World, and if it falls so does the world. and simple we have to understand that our Government system consists of Representatives that WE THE PEOPLE elect and that these people decide for us what we need.The original Consitution also said they decided who our President would be, but things are changed and the inmates are deciding who the warden is going to be and this is sad.We have to fight for justice, fight our Republic, and fight for an open and honest voting system if we are going to continue this great nation.For if we don't it all goes to the Tyrants... and then all is lost#Qiew #GoRight
McConnell Stands Firm with Trump Democrats Spent Four Years Refusing to Accept the Validity of the Last ElectionSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) affirmed on Monday that President Trump is well within his rights to look into allegations of voter fraud and explore his legal options moving forward in the contested presidential election and reminded Democrats that they spent four years “refusing to accept the validity of the last election.” the establishment media’s apparent dismay, McConnell is not deeming the presidential election over, nor is he urging Trump to concede.“The president has every right to look into allegations and to request recounts under the law and notably the Constitution gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday, blasting the projections and “commentary of the press.”“The projections and commentary of the press do not get veto power over the legal rights of any citizen, including the President of the United States,” he continued.“Our institutions are actually built for this,” the majority leader said. “We have the system in place to consider concerns and President Trump is 100 percent within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options.”Read More on Brietbart here: The #Qiew Discusses How Great it is that GOP officials are sticking up for TRUMP#Qiew #GoRight
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