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Author: Bassdropkeys YFNN

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From Los Angeles, California, the Good Eats 420 Host Bassdropkeys Your Friendly Neighborhood Negro, discusses all things cannabis, pop-culture, music, coaching, and more. This is the place where you can spend more time with him. There will be special guests and a lot of other surprises along the way.
4 Episodes
In this podcast, Bassdropkeys talks about how much money the website has made since he stopped being sponsored by MagicalButter on Jan 20th. Thank you all for the support. None of this would be possible without all of you. He also talks about what you can expect in the near future on the YouTube channel. If you want to buy a MagicalButter machine, Decarbox, or some merch you can shop here - the show (
In this episode, Bassdropkeys talks about why he is not sponsored by Magicalbutter anymore. Thank you all for supporting me. Support the show (
In this podcast, Bassdropkeys talks about things Cannabis content creators can expect once they break through and start having success. Most creators only think about what they need to do to get success. They don't think about the things that comes once you get it. Also he plays some content on this podcast that was first aired on the Good Eats 420 YouTube channel, Top 10 Ways Cannabis Content Creators Make Money.Support the show (
In this podcast Bassdropkeys welcomes everyone and lets you know what kind of content he will be covering and what you can look forward to if you listen. Stick around to the end of the episode to listen to Dabbing Dragon by Bassdropkeys.Support the show (
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