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Author: With Smalls and Cappy

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DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation brings you episodes focused on life, hockey, heartfelt human stories and incredible guests.
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The DAWGPOD is back! This is a terrific episode as we sit down with Denver University’s David Carle and discuss his miraculous journey that began with heartbreak and ended with triumph! Coach Carle discusses life, second chances, recruiting, coaching influences, DU’s current squad and, of course, GIVING BACK! This is a must listen and we can guarantee you will have a new appreciation for the Pioneers head coach and his amazing and unlikely journey to the top of the NCAA coaching ranks.  In addition, we hear from recipient Patrick Donnelly, who is on the transplant list and waiting for a new heart.  
Back again this week with another inspirational front-end guest, Porter Johnsons who is officially a cancer survivor and just rang the bell! The fantastic Porter goes into his journey as a cancer survivor and why he has the nickname "crab." Next is the infamous Marc Moser who is the Colorado Avalanche play-by-play announcer. Moser goes into his career journey and how a northern California kid becomes the announcer for the Avalanche. Moser also discusses his life away from the rink with topics such as WWII, Music, and more! Join us this week for more inspiration, laughter, and amazing stories!
This episode features a trifecta of amazing guests! The first being Alex Tanguay who has played over 1,000 NHL games and has over 850 career points. Tanguay discusses everything from the 2001 cup run to his youth hockey experiences. The second guest is the powerful Graysen Cameron from Alberta, Canada. Graysen was a survivor of the Humboldt accident. He broke his back and at one point was never told he would play hockey again, but made an inspiring recovery and was the first Humboldt captain since the accident. You will catch a sneak peek of his story but stay tuned for a deeper dive on Graysen in the future... Our last guest is the wonderful Cooper Tippett, Cooper is a lively energetic, and funny hardcore hockey fan. Cooper gives some insight into dealing with MPS (Morquio Syndrome) and his favorite part of being a DAWG. 
This episode features Reed Low, one of the enforcers of the St. Louis Blues.  We discuss fighting, fighting and more fighting.   We talk candidly about the role and the heart of the enforcer in the NHL.  Reed gets vulnerable about his hard fought journey to and through the NHL.  Our Giving Back  section features Jared Smierbach and Matt Heath of the Fighting Amish, the friends and teammates of Jonny O who led the charge in St. Louis to create a magical weekend og GIVING BACK.   
Episode 7 features former Humboldt Bronco, Tyler Smith. This powerful "can't miss" podcast includes Tyler's journey to the SJHL, his admiration for Coach Darcy Haugen, the bond with his teammates and the special work he is doing now. We also talk about our recent trip to St Louis and chat with Jonny O and Amber about what it is like to loved by so many.  Episode is LivePublished: Apr. 01, 2021 @11AM EditUnpublishAdd a TranscriptGet episode better indexed by search engines.Add Chapter MarkersListeners can tap through & see what’s coming up.Create a Visual SoundbiteBest way to share to social media for engagement.Share Episode OnFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore OptionsEmail Link to Episode CopyDirect Link to MP3 Copy Download MP3
This episode features former Avalanche and DAWG Nation friend and ambassador, Jan Hejda.  We discuss life in the elite Czech leagues, a gold medal in the World Championships, the Russian Super Leagues and Jan calling himself up into the NHL.  In addition to talking about his nine year pro career, we also talk life and family.  Our Giving Back  section features a tragedy too close to home, Cappy's own brother Nigel.  Give this first live audience episode a listen! 
Episode 5 features part two of Milan Hejduk.  Milan discusses growing up in communism, the Cold War, and the Fall of the Berlkin Wall, and the Prague Spring.  This episode also dives into the personal side of Milan with stories of the Hejduk wedding and raising two elite hockey sons.   We were also honored to have Cody Beekman from On the Bench with Beeks on to discuss his connection to the legendary Milan "Hejduck." 
The DAWGPOD Episode 4 features "the Duke,"#23...Milan Hejduk!!  Milan reaches out to a fellow Czech and recipient who is battling cancer to offer encouragement. We cover his journey from the Czech Republic to his prolific carreer in the NHL with the Colorado Avalanche.  From winning the gold medal with the Czechs to  the 2001 Stanley Cup to the untold Hejduk wedding story, Milan shares stories from his career, life, and his ten year journey with DAWG Nation. 
A nominator discusses the loss of their teammate and friend.  Part 2 of our interview with  the legendary Peter McNab includes must listen to stories of "the Big Bad Boston Bruins" era.  We cover the fight with the New York Ranger fans and the bench clearing brawl with the Colorado Rockies! Peter shares deeply personal stories from the heart.   
A heartfelt conversation with a recipient fighting for her life and an interview with a the legendary Peter McNab, sharing stories of his breakthrough into the NHL, his 14 year carreer, and some of the best moments of hockey during his era!  These must listen stories told by the color analyst for the AVs are not to be missed!
We are thrilled to share our first ever DAWGPOD. This inaugural episode includes a candid interview with Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar as he talks a little Avs and some gems from his past. 
Preview of the DAWGPOD

Preview of the DAWGPOD


Looking forward to dropping our first episode on Thursday!
Jake Schroeder, also known as Opie from Opie Gone Bad, shares his journey of music, life with the Avs,  and of course his role in inspiring us all with the National Anthem.  He also covers his incredible work with the Greatest Generation and the WWII veterans that have touched his life.  Jake's passion for using the lessons from these veterans to impact the lives of companies and underpriveldged youth resonates with all. He covers his conversion into a Jeremy Roenick fan. We also had the honor of visiting with Sam Beveridge, a recent amputee and DAWG Nation recipient.  Despite the amputation and near death experience, Sam is healing and overcoming  new barriers and setting high goals, all with a positive "can do" attitude. 
This episode features the Indiana native John-Michael Liles. JML covers his career as a defenseman in the NHL for the Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins.  He shares important life lessons from the AHL and even stories from the wine cellar.  We also talk about making tough guys cry with our most recent recipient, Joe Bradley who was recently declared cancer free from prostate cancer.    
Episode four features a glass ceiling breaker, Samantha Hiller.  We cover her journey from an elite girl’s youth hockey player to a decision to be an hockey official at age twelve. From there, her skating abilities, hard work and perseverance opened the doors to being one of only ten women invited into the AHL as the first female ice officials. We also cover her time as an AVS ice girl and her road into the EMS world as a paramedic.  In addition, you will be inspired by the Smith girls, daughters of recipient Todd Smith who lost his battle with cancer two years ago.  He would be proud of his girls’ resilience as they have loved one another through the grief of their father’s passing.  They are GIVING BACK as DAWG Nation volunteers and are constant reminders of the importance of continuing to walk alongside our recipients. Give these powerful ladies a listen!
Episode three features long time referee Dave Jackson. We cover his incredible career in the NHL spanning over 1500 games. Imagine the stories! That’s right, Dave is only one of five refs in the NHL to ref more than 1500 games! Talk about a guy who is part of hockey’s history and a good friend of DAWG Nation. Best crowd chirps, most witty player come backs, most harrowing moments, the many eras of the NHL, and Dave’s new position with ESPN…it’s all in there! In addition, we talk with Nicole Stone, wife of Van Stone, who inspires us with her love story as she helps Van recover and readjust to life after a traumatic brain injury. 
Episode two features current Avalanche Logan O'Connor. We look back to the playoff loss against the Vegas Golden Knights and ahead to the Avs preseason opener vs none other than... the Vegas Golden Knights.  Is there remaining animosity to work out with the Knights or is it a new team, new season?  We cover childhood, including first crushes. Logan O'Connor has been big part of Colorado hockey for a long time, from DU, to the Colorado Eagles and now for the Avalanche, and course the DAWG Bowl! It was a pleasure to have Logan, a long time DAWG supporter on the show!
After a two month hiatus, the DAWGPOD is finally back for season two! We start things off with a bang as we’re joined by NHL agent Peter Wallen. Peter represents a plethora of NHL and international players, including Avs captain Gabe Landeskog! Take a listen for a “behind the scenes” look into the negotiations that kept #92 in an Av’s sweater. At the same time get a rare sneak peek into the life of a sports agent in today’s competitive pro sports landscape. Of course we also talk about life, overcoming and of course, giving back. Click here to listen, you won’t be disappointed! 
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