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Drive Along with Ron Baker

Author: Ron Baker

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Drive Along is an automotive talk show hosted by Ron Baker. In each episode Ron interviews people with connections to owning, building, promoting, engineering and enjoying vehicles of every vintage and description. Ron is also the president and owner of Driven Productions, a company dedicated to the development and production of vehicle-related media. Podcast episode guests range from car collectors to industry experts, people sharing interesting and unique automotive stories. With over 25 years experience creating and producing vehicle marketing programs, Ron has the knowledge and connections to find interesting people and bring their stories to you.
4 Episodes
Classic Car Shows

Classic Car Shows


Steve Sherriff shares stories from his lifetime of experience in restoring classic cars and preparing them for car shows.  He recounts funny situations and keen insights from the collector car world.  Steve explains how he has enjoyed participating in car shows with his 1937 Rolls Royce.He is a one of a kind character and puts out a challenge for listeners at the end of the show.
Jeep Jamboree USA

Jeep Jamboree USA


In this episode Ron interviews Pearse Umlauf, President and CEO of Jeep Jamboree USA.Jeep Jamboree USA is an organization that coordinates the largest organized series of off-roading events on the planet.Pearse and Ron discuss the Jeep Jamboree program, how it started and what the future holds.  Enjoy this podcast. 
In this episode Ron interviews Maurice Bramhall of Maurice Bramhall and AssociatesMaurice has dedicated his life to classic and vintage automobiles.  He has been a restorer, a dealer, an appraiser and even a car collection evaluator.In this episode he shares insights and stories about car restoration, and car appraisals.  What to watch for and what not to expect. Enjoy.
The Fossmobile

The Fossmobile


In this episode I interview Ron Foss, the grandson of the creator/inventor of the Fossmobile.The Fossmobile was Canada’s first successful internal combustion,  gasoline engine automobile.   Manufactured by George Foote Foss in 1897, only one Fossmobile is known to have existed.Ron Foss has taken on the task of re-creating  his grandfather's iconic vehicle in a full scale replica of the original.  I find out about  the story of his George Foss's  adventures in creating the Fossmobile.  Also we learn, from Ron, the trials and tribulations of recreating a vehicle from the late nineteen century. 
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