DiscoverThe Crossing Gate. Twin Cities Division of the NMRA
The Crossing Gate. Twin Cities Division of the NMRA
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The Crossing Gate. Twin Cities Division of the NMRA

Author: Thomas Gasior

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Discussion of model railroading and operations.
7 Episodes
Mike Jordan discusses the operations on his Santa Maria Industrial Railroad layout. The majority of the work on this layout involves fruit and produce packing.  Learn how he adapted the moves the prototype did to get the huge California harvest to the rest of the nation. From cleaning cars to fumigating, icing many times over, and even rebuilding cars due to damage from ice/salt mixtures. He created his own unique one-use car cards and the waybill system. 
Jim Rindt, Mike Slater, and Thomas Gasior MMR discuss the state of today's modeling using electrified railroads as a focus. New products have featured some amazing electric motive power. Is this a resurgence in overhead wire modeling? Do you even need an overhead wire to model an electrified line? From Trolleys to interurbans to the Northeast corridor and more. This episode will leave you fully charged. 
Dan Dossa, William Sampson, and Thomas Gasior MMR discuss Planting your layout. Yes, Planting, not planning. Things you can add to your layout to let visitors know where and when your layout fits in the real world. Is it in the western foothills in 1932, the north woods of Minnesota in the late 1960s, or the gritty industrial alleys of a big city in 1990? Stick around after the credits for the first post podcast "After hours" chat as we discuss more topics.
Ken, Joe Greg Dahl and Tom discuss the idea that large industries or commodities such as ore and coal are great for sustainign your hobby. Large industries increase the plausibility of the layout and narrow your focus, which improves your modeling. Also helps with your modeling budget and time.
Ken, Tom, and Dave Hamilton. the crew discusses Daves's scratch building of four freight cars to earn his NMRA AP Rolling stock certificate. Ken talks about the uses of sanding grout as ground material for scenery and then everyone talks about their favorite recycled containers for storing scenery supplies.
Thomas Gasior MMR, Ken Zieska, Dan Dossa, Greg Dahl, and Dave Hamilton discuss how they keep their layouts running in top form. Tips and tools used for reliability in layout maintenance.
Discussion  about operations on your layout and the use of car cards and waybills. Model Railroading. Model Trains. Scale Models. NMRA.
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