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We cover pop culture, social issues, lists, life lessons and various other pertinent and impertinent musings.
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Have you had Kenough? Never! The Chair and Holly recap all things Oscars 2024 and finally put awards season to bed (we'll miss it! really!). We cover everything from winners to presenters to fashion, and everything in between -- and yes, we spend ample time gushing about the already iconic "I'm Just Ken" musical number (sorry, not sorry). The Chair avoids gloating about his impeccable predictions (Emma! Last Repair Shop!) in this episode that is chock full of all things glittery and golden!&n...
After a long break, Pod from a Chair is back with our (and hopefully your) favorite episode of the year: Oscar picks and predictions with our favorite Academy voter Barry Sandler! Spoiler alert: The Chair and Barry agree on most winners! Will their unity serve them well in their Oscar pools? Listen as The Chair, Barry, and editor Holly dish on all things Oscars 2024, and yes, we can't wait for a live version of "I'm Just Ken."
This television season saw the departure of some of our all time faves and Emmy darlings: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Succession, Ted Lasso, and Barry. In this ep, the Chair and Holly unpack the final seasons of these critically acclaimed shows -- and ** SPOILER ALERT ** give our hot takes on the final installments. We'll miss those rascally Roys, the Greyhound underdogs, Noho Hank's style, but most of all Midge's humor and hats. With bonus Somebody Somewhere content (tini tinis for ever...
The Chair and Holly are back to discuss the 95th Oscars -- a night of well-produced entertaining television. Wait, is this the Twilight Zone? We unpack what made the night so charming and watchable (the speeches! the Daniels! that hot editor!) and why we have hope for future broadcasts. Of course we do have a few quibbles -- would you expect any less? Tune in for this ep covering it all, including the last time the Chair ever has to discuss Lydia Tár!
Don't call it a sequel -- it's now a trilogy! Our 3rd (!) annual pod with special guest and Academy voter extraordinaire Barry Sandler. We talk all things Oscar predictions: Michelle vs. Cate, Austin vs. Brendan, Gaga vs. singing on a fighter jet.. and much more! Get your googly-eyed rocks ready for a memorable episode as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.
Did you really think we'd let an awards show go by without talking about it?! This time, the Chair is joined by very special guest (and friend of the pod) Dion Rabouin, as we dig deep into the 2023 Grammys! The Chair and Dion break down the biggest awards of the night and talk about what should have won (Renaissance... or maybe not?). Be prepared for some truly "unholy" takes (we see you Madonna). The Oscars even enters the conversation (duh). All this and more!
Roll out the red carpet... it's awards season! The Chair and Holly unpack the newest crop of Oscar nominations, calling out the snubs and celebrating the surprises (we love you Stephanie Hsu!). This episode is jam packed with piping hot takes and shocking disagreements (find out who's a real Tár head and who is... definitely not). Take it to Mach 400 with CGI Tom Cruise and come along for our first stop on our Oscars marathon.
It's Thanksgiving y'all -- and this year The Chair and Holly have decided what they're thankful for... pop culturally, that is! While we all gather with our friends and family and toast to good health and good fortune, we can also toast the shows, characters, legends, and icons we've come to love this year -- and we can promise that this list does not disappoint (we're looking at you Tanya McQuoid and your Italian fantasies!). Gobble gobble!
The Chair and Holly are back again to unpack another awards show (shhh, you know you love it!). This time it's the 2022 Primetime Emmys -- and woooo, what a mess it was! From the disastrous opening number, to a host of bizarre choices (we're looking at you, Pete) we cover it all! Tune in for our favorite moments (Sheryl Lee!), best looks (Jean! Jean! Jean!), and some surprising hot takes (is White Lotus is as good as it thinks it is??) All that and more on this ep that is 100% better th...
It's time for our annual (yeah, we can call it that now!) Summer Must List! Find out what the Chair and Holly are watching, reading, and revisiting in this all things pop culture roundup. We cover everything from Abbott Elementary's Emmy futures (lookin' good) to Showtime's underrated gem I Love That For You, all the way to the Chair's love for MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, Mel Brooks's audio book, and the accuracy of the Netflix algorithm (we feel seen!). Tune in for coverage on Jordan Peel...
Episode 13: Pride Pod

Episode 13: Pride Pod


We're back! After a short hiatus, the Chair returns with Holly to break down all things pop culture and Pride. From the upcoming Bros, to Netflix's sweet-as-sugar Heartstoppers, and all the way back into LGBTQ history, we celebrate it all, while asking some very important questions (we're looking at you Ryan Gosling as Ken). It's all gay, gay, gay and that's A-OK!
Here we go... the Oscar podcast to end all Oscar podcasts (until next season, of course). Yes, we discuss the slap (how could we not?), but that's not all in this episode where we breakdown all things Oscars from the truly bizarre choices (that set? anyone?), to the equally baffling musical numbers (Beyonce, we still love you but we need to talk), and even the fashions (we see you Timothee). Oh we mention the awards too -- promise! Like Gaga said to Liza, we got you.
The Chair and Holly are back to unpack the upcoming Academy Awards -- well the ones they choose to show us this year! Joined by Academy voter (and dear friend of the show) Barry Sandler, we predict who will win (hint: Will Smith) and who should win (again, Will Smith). Will CODA upset The Power of the Dog? Will Jane Campion take home Best Director? Will the Chair throw his phone at the TV? All signs seem likely! Join us for some hot takes and more on this all-things-Oscar pod.
Episode 10: Oscar Buzz

Episode 10: Oscar Buzz


It's awards season so you know what that means... Pod from a Chair is back! In this ep, The Chair and Holly talk Oscar prospects in anticipation of the Oscar nomination announcement on February 8th. Will it be Benedict vs. Will vs. Andrew? Does Olivia Colman have this race locked up? Will Lin-Manuel finally EGOT? Have we all fully processed how good Nicole Kidman is as Lucille Ball? (Quick answer: No, we have not). All this and more on the pre-nomination gab fest!
It's all things Emmys 2021: the show, the winners, the fashion, and more. The Chair and Holly dissect it all - from Rita Wilson's rap to the Rose family reunion, and all the big wins (Jean! Michaela!) in between.
Presenting our first ever mini pod — a slightly shorter podcast episode on one topic only -- where we tackle the season finale of Mike White’s water cooler HBO black comedy (drama? comedy-drama? oh who knows!) The White Lotus. Who is the real villian? Is Rachel Patton Carmella Soprano 2.0? Did we really need that suitcase scene? Does Jennifer Coolidge have a spot picked out for her Emmy? All that and more in this full-of-spoilers take on the show of the summer!
It's time for Part 2 of our summer pop culture roundup: what we're watching, reading, listening to, and revisiting! Part 2 tackles the Olympics; the dreaded last year of Donald Trump in the new bestseller I Alone Can Fix It; why neither of us is going near the new films Black Widow and Jungle Cruise but are instead revisiting classics like Palm Beach Story, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Exorcist and Snowpiercer; and how Billie Eilish’s new and riveting Happier Than Ever album/cd (Note: Do they ...
The first installment in our 2-part episode about all things summer pop culture: what we're watching, reading, listening to, and revisiting! Part 1 is all about TV and includes our read on Mike White's HBO series White Lotus (start the Jennifer Coolidge Emmy campaign), Apple TV's surprising Schmigadoon!, the much anticipated second season of Ted Lasso , and the return of Netflix's Never Have I Ever (Team Paxton?).
Live from your phone, it's Pod from a Chair! The Chair and Holly welcome back special guest, author, superstar, and expert on all things SNL, Stephen Tropiano, to discuss their own personal favorite SNL moments. This episode has everything...
Live from your phone, it's Pod from a Chair! The Chair and Holly welcome special guest, author, superstar, and expert on all things SNL, Stephen Tropiano, in this first part of a two-part episode reflecting on 46 years of Saturday Night Live history.