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So new year and our first guest to ring in 2022, is one of our favorites, Jared Broach with Eat Drink Scare.  He runs one of the largest ghost tour pub crawls in 17+ cities around the US along with some very cool Cable Car Wine Tours in California and Texas.  This guy is tourism!! In this episode we talked about all sorts of stuff including the upcoming Arival event, things happening in Tourism around the globe and just BS'd about business, and whats all happening around us.  This was a really fun podcast to record and we hope you feel the same.  If you havn't yet registered for Arival, you can do so by clicking here.  We will be at the event all week and we look forward to meeting up with our old friends and making a bunch of new ones.
Hey what can I say, we recorded this great episode talking about our end of the year thoughts and 2022 predictions and then myself like the rest of the country got hit with a nasty cold. So instead of posting this last week before New Years, you are now getting our end of the year wrap up, 4 days into the New Year.  Not sure if this is a fireable offense but I apologize none the less. We talked about Coronavirus, and shut downs and travel and conventions and festivals and ......well, just take a listen.  It was some fun banter to wrap up 2021.  We cant wait for you all to see the new exciting things we have happening at AAMP.  We are growing and have a lot of fun new exciting things in the works.  And we hope you all have an amazing 2022 and we hope to work with a lot more of you as we continue our push to help Tour Operators and Adventure businesses grow and get more bookings.  If you want to hop on a call and see how we can help schedule a Discovery Call by clicking here. Speak to you all very soon. -Steve
Ever wondered what it takes to open up and run a successful Side By Side Rental Operation? Well we had an opportunity to sit down with Greg and Tone from Tuscon Adventure Rentals and learn how a guy from England and his Norwegian wife started and built the biggest Side By Side and Slingshot Rental and Tour operation.  This podcast is definitely one of my favorites, knowing where we started with Tuscon Adventure Rentals as a client, to where we are today.  Greg and Tone are some pretty great people and its been an absolute pleasure to work with them and help get them to the spot they are today. 
The boss is out of town, so we wanted to take some time to bring on some of the AAMP team members! Tune in as Alyx, Kevin, Jana, and the newest AAMP member, Jazlyn, join Jaden to discuss what it's like to be a part of AAMP, our roles, and things to do in Las Vegas. The crew also talks about buffets (a Vegas classic), Adele's residency, and music festivals. So sit back, tune in, and get to know our team!
We talked about everyones favorite social platform, TikTok.  If you havn't been sucked in yet to the addiction/magic that is TikTok you are are either missing out or have way more time than I do.  Like it or not, TikTok is taking the world by storm and has is month after month, the most downloaded app on the Apple and Google app store.  We sat down and talked about content creation and TikTok with Daniel aka the CEO of Las Vegas.  Daniel has been creating a TikTok every day about all the cool things and events happening around Las Vegas, with a few of these videos getting millions of views.  We discuss all things social media and what drove him to get here.  And why you should be using TikTok to help people learn about your business. You can go check out Daniels TikTok here.
Just back from a nice Thanksgiving break and to get the week rolling we now we have a new Covid variant, called Omicron.  Which to me sounds like it's a member of the Decepticons, but what do I know.  But here we are on month 20 of the Covid-19 Virus, and with a new variant, what is that going to mean to the Arival Conference coming up  February 1-4th in San Diego, and the bigger question, is what does that mean for tourism and international travel. Pretty crazy stat but Global Tourism and Travel are down over 2 Trillion Dollars in 2021.  Can these tour operators and travel related businesses actually stand another round of covid shutdowns? We also somehow went down the rabbit hole of backlinks and what it actually means to buy or get backlinks to your website.  But we would love your thoughts or take on how this Omicron variant affects tourism moving forward or when and if things ever return to "normal".  
Steve and Jaden took the new AAMP Studio for a spin on Episode 25. New address, new offices, brand new studio, and a whole lot of things to talk about.  Felt good to get back on the podcast as it's been over a month since our last show.  Plus its Thanksgiving tomorrow so we talked about Steve going out to the Wynn for Thanksgiving dinner.  And Steves's recent EDC experience.  We have been swamped over here at AAMP ever since we came back from the Awkward Watersports Guys event down in Orlando, plus moving into our new facility, there has been a ton of changes and we are so excited to show you guys the new digs and get the show back on its regularly scheduled time slot.  Until next week...hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  
We've made it to episode 24! Sit down and tune into Steve & Jaden discussing this episode's sponsor, Popl, and how useful it is during conferences. They also talk about Facebook & Instagram being down, if TikTok is smarter, product placement, and Telosa. Have questions or comments on episode 24? Send us an email at and we'll get back right to you!
Join the AAMP Crew for a happy hour edition of the AAMPodcast! Steve, Jaden, and Jana, grab some hard seltzers and sit down to shoot the sh*t for an hour. We discuss what it's like to work from home, Steve's horse NFT purchase & his upcoming all-inclusive vacation in the Bahamas (butler included), and of course we had to mention the Swimming Pigs Tour from our client - 3N's Vacations Services! So sit back, grab a White Claw, and tune in! Have any questions? Send us an email at
In episode 22 of the AAMPodcast, Steve and Jaden briefly discuss whether AAMP Agency now has "beef" with the east coast. Not only that, but they discuss why purchasing engagement is appealing to some operators, TripAdvisor and its users, mask mandates, and more! So, sit back, tune in, and shoot the sh*t with the AAMP crew! Have some feedback or questions? Hit us up at
In Episode 21 of the AAMPodcast, Steve first dials in a friend, Kevin, and they briefly discuss a certain recreational activity and leaving negative reviews for Arby’s. Also on this episode is Zeke Kuch from Swell, to talk about its incredibly useful platform and its review/chat/automation and integrations with booking systems. Zeke elaborates on how Swell makes it easier to engage with customers, increase conversions, and assist with review generation. So sit back, tune in, and don’t forget to subscribe! Have a question? Send us an email at
In this episode, the AAMP crew sits down with Sydney Paulsen, the CEO of Tip Jar! Sydney elaborates on how she started living in a sailboat, and the creation of Tip Jar. She discusses their mission of connecting customers to tipped workers through a cashless and seamless tipping platform! Sydney dives into Tip Jars' functionalities such as shared tipping, privacy and security, and more. So sit back & tune in to learn more, and don't forget to subscribe to the AAMPodcast! Have questions or want to share your thoughts? Send us an email at
In episode 19, the AAMP crew sits down with Andy from Love Cloud Vegas, one of the most unique tour operators in Las Vegas! Love Cloud offers romantic experiences in the air, including weddings, delicious dinners, and even a mile-high club experience. Andy elaborates how his idea took flight (pun intended), memorable encounters with customers, and how Love Cloud provides unforgettable & intimate moments to couples from all around the world. Want to let us know your thoughts? Send us an email at hey@aamp.agencyDon't forget to subscribe for more tour operator interviews, tourism business content, and a little bit of BS.
Trust us when we say, you NEED to listen to this podcast and Paul's story from corporate sales to co-owner of Dreamland Safari Tours. In episode 18 of the AAMPodcast, Jaden and Steve sit down with Paul Gagner! Paul recounts his experiences working in a corporate environment and meeting wife and fellow co-owner Sunny, living in a van, and becoming owners of one of the best tour companies in Kanab, Utah. Paul also discusses their tours, getting permits, and his insane journey of rock climbing at Baffin Island which is above the arctic circle (yes, you read that right)! During his trip, Paul slept on the side of mountain peaks, ran out of food, and ended up waiting for two weeks before being rescued. You can read more about his journey here!  If you have any questions, comments, or want to let us know how your mind is blown, send us an email at
In episode 17 of the AAMPodcast, the AAMP crew sits down with Peek Pro Sales Enablement Manager, AJ Cindrich!  We briefly discuss Texas Road House and dive deep into talking PEEK with a PEEKSTER. AJ enlightens us with the new features of the PEEK Pro booking platform, how Peek came to be, and what Silicon Slopes is. Make sure to listen until the very end because we discuss our partnership with Peek Pro and an amazing offer that AAMP and Peek had created together to help grow tourism businesses. When you become a new client of Peek Pro, they will cover your AAMPsite website set-up fees ($750 value)! Check out this site to learn more about it!Want to let us know your thoughts or have a question for us? Send us a message at, and don't forget to subscribe!
Hit play, sit back and listen in as the AAMP Crew sits down with DJ Osbourne, the owner of Tracked Out Adventures. DJ tells us about his professional riding days & journey, how he became a tour operator, and about the adventures that Tracked Out Adventures provides. From backcountry snowmobiling in Park City to UTV & Motorcycle tours in St. George, in this episode, DJ elaborates how Tracked Out Adventures strives to provide one-of-a-kind and personalized experiences.  Make sure you check these guys out if you're in Utah, and don't forget to subscribe to AAMPodcast!Want to let us know your thoughts? Send us a message at
This episode of AAMPodcast is sponsored by PicThrive! Tune in as we discuss what PicThrive is, why we like it, and how we can see it being very useful for tour operators. Not only that, but we sit down with the general manager of Glacier Raft Company and fellow PicThrive user, Brandon Gonski. As a PicThrive user himself, we talk about what it's like to be a rafter and how Glacier Raft Company successfully operates. He also describes how the platform has increased revenue to the business, captures valuable marketing data, and improves their marketing efforts.Have any questions or want to let us know your thoughts? Send us an email at and don’t forget to subscribe!
In episode 14 of AAMPodcast, Courtney from Ivory Star Productions joins us to talk about life in Public Relations! The group also gets a little heated as we discuss the recent controversy over Lil Nas X and cancel culture. Do you think Lil Nas X went too far or is his recent music video an iconic publicity stunt? Send us an email at and let us know what you think!
In this throwback episode, tune in to listen to the AAMP Crew sit down and discuss St. Patrick's Day, weddings,  Filipino culture & holidays,  dim sum, and more. Don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to send us your comments or questions, contact us at!
Tune into episode 12 of the AAMPodcast to hear Jaden and Steve discuss a variety of interesting platforms such as Patreon, and even the well-known app - TikTok. We’re all about tourism and we’ve been following an impressive tour guide from Pedal Tavern in Nashville, Mick Corey! Listen in as we bring the legend and viral sensation himself to discuss how he began promoting the tour operation by leveraging the platform, what it’s like to have him as your tour guide, & so much more. Check out his TikTok profile @pedaltavernmick , and don’t forget to subscribe to the AAMPodcast! We’d love to hear your thoughts or answer your questions, so feel free to send us an email at
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