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Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros - The Podcast

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Join the AAMP Agency crew as we talk shop with some of the biggest Tour Operators in the country, discuss Tourism Marketing, and voice our ideas and opinions on the travel industry, cool tech and software, and everything in between.
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Tune into this episode and listen as we sit down with Greg and Luke from WaveRez, a booking software designed specifically for boat & jet ski rental businesses. WaveRez was designed to offer seamless integration with TripShock so that watersports and tour companies can increase their bookings! We learn more about that and even touch base on Greg’s very own podcast, the Awkward Watersports Guys Podcast. So sit back, kick your feet up, and press that play button to get started! Want to let us know your thoughts? Shoot us an email:
So there are podcast guests and then there is Kevin O'Neil with Destiny Water Adventures.  We had no idea what we were getting into when we brought Kevin on the podcast. And man did we learn a lot. We were expecting the calm cool and collected businessman crushing the Destin Florida Jet Ski and Boat Rental Market.  Instead, we got the story of a guy from Detroit who used to drop bars down on 8th Mile (That might have been from a movie).  How a guy with no boat experience became the greatest Parasailing captain in all the land.  And how he took this experience and knowledge to create Destiny Watersports. This is an epic tale of accomplishing your dreams and not letting the MAN keep you down.  We also totally go off course and talk gurus, and Kevin's man-crush on Tai Lopez. So sit back and take a listen.  It will be the greatest thing your ears have ever heard.....well or just another fun podcast. Destiny Water Adventures Hit up Kevin at and check him out on the Awkward Watersports Guys Podcast
The gang is back for episode 7 of the AAMP Podcast! Steve, Jaden, Brian, and Alyx (Our Social Media Manager) sat down and gave our opinions on social media marketing and other top current events. We can’t let a day go by without discussing the stock market, so listen for our thoughts on Doge coin and AMC. We discuss our widely different views on the Super Bowl (go Buccaneers!), TikTok vs Instagram and so much more. Click that play button, sit back, and tune into our adventure & activity marketing pros discussion. Let us know what you think or ask us any questions by hitting us up at We’d love to hear from you!
After a long day in the tourism and adventure marketing business, nothing beats sitting down and having a drink with our friend and long term client Andy Kurtz from Seaforth Boat and Jetski Rentals in San Diego.  We hung out at Seaforth Mission Bay and found out about the 40 year+ history of Seaforth starting back with Andy’s dad in 1978.  How he has learned to adapt and expand in an industry that he loves and advocates for and how he would sooner be spending his free time on a boat.  We also got real about the effects of the Corona Virus and how he adapted and had a spectacular year and what steps he is prepping for coming into the 2021 season.  Plus we were able to talk some crap and have some laughs.  So check out Seaforth at and of course let us know in the comments or hit us up at
There is nobody who loves that beach life more than Steve.  In fact, he might have one of the Etsy signs saying "Life Is Better On The Beach" we brought the AAMP Agency team to San Diego where we got to sit down and talk about life on the water and why sailors just have more fun. On the real, we got to check out all of Gone Sailing San Diego's 3 SailBoat which are absolutely stunning...seriously, these boats are beautiful and we now understand why he has the reviews and reputation he has. We also got to sit on his pier located in Mission Bay and record our podcast for the first time, outside on his private dock. Captain Don took us through his days as a CTO for a tech company and over 20 years in the Navy which helped form his passion to become a Sailor.  We also got to hear some very fun and wild stories of his time as a tour captain and as they say, what happens on the water, stays on the water...Or maybe that's just a Las Vegas thing.  Either way, you will be hard-pressed to have a better time and find a better tour in San Diego than with Don and the Gone Sailing crew.  For more info go check out or if you have any questions you can slide in our DM's which is really just our email at
 When you think about Palm Springs you probably think about retired folks playing golf and tennis. You might even think about Coachella or Stagecoach.  But you probably don't think about what a fantastic destination it is to go on one of the most widely recognized and highly acclaimed guided Jeep Tours in the United States.  We got a chance to sit down with Kimberly Renee from Desert Adventures who has been apart of the company and running the show since 1988 when her mom started the company.  They have been running award-winning guided tours in the Palm Springs area for over 32 years.  That is saying something about being an amazing operator and running a fantastic company. Kim tells us about the company's beginnings, their struggles, and how they have become a must-do tour when you visit the Palm Springs area. We also get a chance to talk about some of the things she would do differently and the challenges they have faced along the way. You can check out the Red Jeep website at And of course please let us know what you think or ask us any questions by hitting us up
Episode 3 of AAMPodcast features one of our most infamous clients, Jared Broach with Eat Drink Scare Tour Company. Jared has built businesses in 17 different cities across the United States that run guided Ghost Tours, Pub Crawls, and Cable Car Wine Tours. His company, Nightly Spirits, started out of Washington, D.C., and has since expanded across the nation. He even acquired a couple of tour operators along the way, one of them being Cable Car Wine Tours in Temecula, CA & Fredericksburg, TX. Needless to say, he knows his stuff and knows what it takes to grow a tour business. Click the play button and sit back to hear us talk about Jared's journey, challenges faced along the way, and where he thinks the industry is headed. We also had a chance to BS about booking engines and OTA’s and where we see small and new tour operators get stuck when growing their businesses. After hearing us talk about what we’re passionate about, we would love to hear your thoughts on the show and any questions you may have for Jared or AAMP. You can reach Jared at or contact AAMP here.
Episode 2 is in the books and Steve, Jaden, Brian, and Meghan ( Our Project Manager) sat down and discussed a few simple things tour operators should be doing to help their business.  We discussed how important it is for operators to be regularly posting on social, setting up their Google Analytics, Creating content and videos, and displaying and collecting reviews. We got a little off track talking about jumping off the Stratosphere and Brians's fear of helicopters ( RIP Kobe). And with Mega Millions being over 800 million dollars we each discussed the one thing we would buy if we won. And to wrap things up we are starting a pool, closest without going over, of when we will no longer be required to wear masks into a grocery store or Walmart. I want to hear your predictions or what you would buy if you won Mega Millions.  Hit us up at  We would love to hear from you.
Hey, welcome to the Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros Podcast. Steve, Jaden, and Brian talk about your Google Listings and why they are so important to your business and a few easy steps to make them better.  We dig into why Americans are visiting Mexico. And we ask the hard hitting question...would you do an adventure tour in Mexico? We also discuss people visiting Vegas way too many times, how we miss crab legs and the buffets, and the importance of a hot LinkedIn job title. And to wrap it all up we talk about the software/tech of the week.  
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