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Current 5th year professional basketball player Toddrick Gotcher joins us on ‘Starting at Faith.’The Dallas, Texas native has had plenty of success with the game of basketball since his high school days; talents he took with him to college at Texas Tech University. After going undrafted to the NBA in 2016, Gotcher used his faith and strong foundation with God to press on into a solid professional career as he currently plays in Greece’s top division with Charilaos Trikoupis.As a believer, Gotcher identifies the many positive results of keeping faith involved not just in his career, but in life as well.
Current 9th year professional basketball player Kelvin Martin joins the podcast and offers many great perspectives on his success route with the game of basketball, having faith through his journey and much more!Martin is currently playing with Dolomiti Energia Trento in Italy. He played his collegiate basketball at Charleston Southern University and has won a championship in Europe back in 2019. These are all accomplishments of his which he credits to his faith and consistent work.The Adel, Georgia native has come from humble beginnings which he currently uses with his nonprofit organization “Rare Heart” hosting and sponsoring many events for his hometown.
Coach John Mosley joins the podcast and discusses his basketball journey as a player and coach, strong relationship with God and experience of being apart of Netflix’s Last Chance U Series.Mosley has coached at California State Bakersfield, Master’s University and has had plenty of opportunities to become at Division 1 head coach, but he believes it was God’s plan that led him back to his alma mater, East Los Angeles College.Being someone who has been involved with the game of basketball for a great time now, he offers tons of insightful information for both players and coaches in this episode.Special thanks to Coach Mosley and the Netflix team for setting this interview up!
Current 5th year professional basketball player Joe Thomasson joins the podcast and discusses how aspects of faith and prayer have been essential in his career.The Dayton native comes from very humble beginnings, but offers insight of how even smaller beginnings can achieve much success through belief, hard work and perseverance.Stay updated with Thomasson as he finishes his current season with Gilboa Galil in the Israel Winner League!
Current professional basketball player Alex Johnson joins the podcast and discusses his relationship with God impacting his basketball career and life.Johnson has had a very successful 8 year professional career up to this point spending time in Canada, Romania, Chile, Ecuador and the NBA G-League. Through his many achievements and experiences on and off the court, he offers great information on the importance of keeping God involved in everything you do.
Dayton, Ohio legend and current veteran professional basketball player Kenny Hayes joins us and talks about his journey with the game of basketball.Kenny has had a very successful professional career. From playing in the NBA G-League, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain, France, China and currently Turkey in his 11th season he’s always identified a strong work ethic as reasoning behind his success. Hayes is also the owner of the 9Teen Way Foundation which he’s used to host a charity basketball game and give back to the community.
Current 11 year professional basketball player Jamal Shuler has had success on every level he’s played at. From his collegiate career at VCU to his professional career in France, Germany, Ukraine, Israel and most recently Greece, Shuler identifies faith and hard work as keys to his success.Shuler is also more than an athlete, owning a newly launched clothing brand “Juler Clothing.” Be sure to check out his website below and shop his merchandise!
Professional basketball player and coach Jaaron Simmons defines success. Simmons is currently Archbishop Alter High School’s All-Time leading scorer and has had ample collegiate achievements including a 2018 NCAA Final Four run at Michigan University. After spending one season in Switzerland, he went back to Michigan to obtain his master’s while working under head coach Juwan Howard as Michigan’s video coordinator. Simmons offers many gems for listeners to tune into in this episode.
Current professional basketball player Taja Cole shares her testimony of faith prevailing through many situations over the course of her life and basketball career. Through her experiences of going undrafted to the WNBA, transferring in college and playing professionally she exemplifies the results of trusting in a higher calling through every season.
This special guest episode features Tony Anderson who is a professional basketball player and the founder of The Biblical Athlete, an online community for Christian athletes to fellowship. This dual podcast includes many gems built on the foundation in the importance of God being involved in not only sports, but all aspects of an athlete’s life.



Forget about impossible, trust him. When you’re chasing dreams with God naysayers and percentages do not matter!(Bible Reference-Matthew 19:26)*Since you’ve seen this make sure you get in that Bible today! The devil is busy 24/7 trying to steal your peace, joy and dreams away from you. Fight back with God’s word!*
4x Euroleague Champion, Kyle Hines joins us on the podcast and offers very insightful perspectives. Kyle talks about his success on and off the court as well as the importance of being more than an athlete. 
In this episode, host Jordan Smith discusses the importance of maintaining a grateful mentality through all situations and the positivity that comes from doing so.
2x NBA Champion, Norris Cole joins us on the podcast to share personal and career experiences. Norris talks basketball, faith and how humble beginnings helped him get to where he’s at today.
Winning From Within

Winning From Within


Winning starts on the inside first. In this episode we discuss the power of thinking and speaking positivity over your life and what it can do for you. (Bible Reference-Mark 11:12-25)
In this trailer, podcast host Jordan Smith gives a brief preview on the content that will be featured on the podcast, “Starting at Faith.”
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