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Author: Barbara Lane

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Stories are powerful. They stir our emotions and effect our behaviors. Fictitious Truths presents captivating stories to catch your ear, stir your emotions and encourage you to act. Beginning with Lucy's Story, characters are created from the collective lives of the abused and neglected children I have worked with in addition to the true life stories of myself and my ten biological sisters. Each episode with beguile you. You will wait with bated breath for the next one to be released, including a listen-in to interviews with professionals working on the front lines with abused and neglected children, offering a way for you to be of help. A VOICE FOR ABUSED CHILDREN. Barbara Lane
21 Episodes
How many children experience the same event--spending a night in a emergency shelter only to be picked up by a social worker and delivered to an emergency foster home the very next morning.Our Lucy has no idea what is happening to her and by watching her story, you quickly learn how children become behavioral problems and develop obsessions and compulsions as coping mechanisms.Find out what happens to Glitch, Lucy's father, Miss Maudie, Riley the puppy and Lucy by listening to her story on Fictitious Truths.
Fictitious Truths, Barbara Lane,  Thanks for following Lucy's Story into season two. This episode begins with Lucy, Miss Maudie, Riley and Glitch waking up the morning after Lucy is removed from Miss Maudie's care. What Lucy experiences is very much the same as many children experienced when removed from their homes. Each character in Lucy's life impacts her development. She misses Riley, the fluffy puppy and has no understanding as to what really has taken place.Join Lucy as she finds herself in emergency foster care. Learn how such experiences impact the lives of abused and neglected children. I will inform you, briefly, of the theories surrounding  attachment and bonding and how they apply to children such as Lucy.This podcast will be beneficial for adults abused as children as well as students of human behavior and social work.
Welcome  back to Fictitious Truths! Thank you for returning for Season Two of Lucy's Story - A Voice for Abused Children.This podcast updates you as to what Fictitious Truths is going to offer in the area of child abuse awareness during Season Two. To prepare, I have recorded a recap of season one so that you will know what each character has experienced as the new episodes begin. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded last season's podcast. I would be delighted to hear from you and receive your input.  Looking ahead, I am in the process of completing a workbook: "Living Beyond Childhood Pain." This will be a free download on my website  To augment the process, I will be recording youtube videos to help you go through the workbook and to answer any questions that you might have.I am currently scheduling  healing workshops for the year 2022 to be offered over Zoom regarding a variety of healing and spiritual topics.Once again, that you for listening!!
While initially well-intentioned, Miss Maudie has broken the law. An Amber alert is out for Lucy. Find out what happens when a kindly neighbor connects the dots.
Daddy wakes up in the hospital. The authorities become aware that Lucy is missing. An Amber alert motivates a neighbor to ask Bess a few questions. Find out what happens next when Bess answers to the name Lucy when her neighbor calls out to her.
Month's pass. Spring is in the air, but can Miss Maudie, now lovingly referred to as Em, keep the young girl she found in the dumpster hidden from the outside world?
Narrated storytelling reveals events that occur in  the lives of abused and neglected children. Lucy's Story will capture your heart and urge you to watch over all of God's children and even find a way to be of service.Lucy finds herself living with what once was a stranger--an elderly lady who found her hiding in a blue dumpster on a freezing day in January.  Refusing to report Lucy to the authorities, Lucy finds a new home and hope, but is it all it appears to be? And will Daddy recover from the gun shot wound he suffered while committing a robbery?
Is Miss Maudie magical as Lucy thinks? Or, is she trying to heal her broken heart through Lucy's presence.  And, why is Charlie so interested in Glitch? Find out what happens next in Lucy's Story, Episode Eleven. Lucy - A Voice for Abused Children.
As we have discussed, there are all types of child abuse. Not everything is as it seems. In this episode, we begin to wonder about another form of child abuse--psychological. Listen in as we find Miss Maudie falling deeper into deluding herself and bring Lucy along with her.
All humans have a biological need to attach and bond. When nurturing bonding takes place during early childhood, a trajectory is set toward healthy relationship formation. Children in foster care often have multiple placements which hinder their ability to form strong emotional attachments.As we follow Lucy's story, we will learn how broken attachments effect human development. You might even relate to her story, yourself. If so, I'm listening for your story as well.
Five fantastic investigative journalist reveal the extent that child abuse occurs in the foster care system in the state of Florida. You can read their reporting at
Everything that is occurring in Lucy's life actually occurred to children, She is the representation of the many stories of abused and neglected children that go untold.In Episode Seven, we find Lucy still staying with Miss Maudie, even though it is mandated that Lucy's situation be reported to the authorities.And Daddy. Well, find out what is happening to him, not even knowing Lucy is missing out of a one-room apartment!
The kindness of an older woman is capable of changing a small girl's life in  ways that can only increase her potential and opportunity to live a fulfilling life. But, what restrictions does Miss Maudie come up against in her attempts to take  care of 5-year-old Lucy? And what unresolved issues are really motivating Miss Lucy?A powerful story of a little girl's hope to survive child neglect and abuse. The character "Lucy" is comprised of the many children the author has worked with over the course of her career.  
We find Lucy sitting on the bare, worn wooden floor,  just wondering what Daddy will do next. She is hungry. She is cold, She is thin. She is five-years-old. She is symbolic of the many children who begin their mornings the same way Lucy does in this riveting tale.Did you know that nearly 700,000 children are abused, annually, in the United States alone? Listen to "Lucy's Story." Several future episodes provide interviews with professionals who work in the field of child abuse and neglect and they will offer you insights as well as provide you with opportunities to be of help to abused and neglected
Stories are powerful. With this podcast, I am going to tell you powerful stories; stories of heartbreak and of hope.  In Episode One, I introduce you to "Lucy," a character I created based upon the lives of the abused and neglected children I have worked with over the years in addition to my own life and that of my ten biological sisters.Fictitious Truths presents beguiling tales created to speak for the voice of abused children, stories that should be told, but often cannot. Timely interview segments with professionals in the field of child welfare will be presented to raise awareness and provide opportunities for listeners to be of service to children in need.
Listen to an overview of Lucy's Story thus far followed by an overview of the National CASA organization - Court Appointed Special Advocates .Learn more about what a CASA's role is, how you can become involved, how to contact them for more information in addition to how you can be a great support to their important work in the area of child abuse and neglect.
In just a few days time, Lucy is learning to trust Miss Maudie. But, are Miss Maudie's intentions all that they seem to be?
She may remind you of yourself when you were a child. Perhaps that is why you found your way to this Podcast. Either way, she represents the many abused children like her.In Episode Six, we find out what's up with Daddy as Lucy is missing and staying with Miss Maudie. We learn more about Miss Maudie; what her motives are and if, in fact, she has the best interest of the child in mind.
Fictitious Truths serves as a voice for abused children through the writing and telling of Lucy's Story. In Episode Four, Lucy is found by a kind elderly lady who brings her home to her house. Find out what happens next to Lucy when Miss Maudie can't decide if she should call the authorities or not.
In episode three, Lucy again runs away to the blue trash bin so that she can hide from her Daddy. In this episode, Lucy demonstrates how neglect and physical abuse are often intertwined.Find out what happens to Lucy next, who she meets by chance and where she finds herself.
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