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Welcome to Pearl Snap Tactical! Join your hosts, former intelligence and special operations professionals, as we discuss the latest domestic conflicts, firearms training, and gear to help better plan and protect those you love. If you'd like to partner with us to support this podcast, click here:
4 Episodes
In this episode, How to Get Shot on the Toilet: and Other Stories From Down Range, Alex share stories from the more "inglorious" side of our deployments.  Plus, we answer your questions on:tourniquet selection and considerationsthe amount of ammo you should carry for EDChow to shoot faster and more accuratelyIt's all there and more in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!
Surviving the Ambush

Surviving the Ambush


If you want to survive an ambush attack, there are only 2 options.  Do you know what they are?In this episode, we continue our discussion the Anatomy of an Ambush, by detailing:what your two options are to survive an ambushwhy mobility, not cover is keywe take your questions on vehicle defense, slings, and more..It's all here in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!
Anatomy of the Ambush

Anatomy of the Ambush


The ambush is one of most deadliest attacks you can encounter.  In this episode, we'll discuss:why the ambush is so lethalelements of an ambushmitigation strategies to protect yourselfPlus, I'm also answering questions sent in by listeners to include training with disabilities, concealed carry tips, and how to protect our 2nd amendment freedoms.It's all here in Episode 2 of the Pearl Snap Tactical Podcast.  It's warrior culture with a twang!
In our first episode, we discuss how a 4th century CE practice by the Roman Legions can help us today, plus we answer listener questions on improvised weapons, cover and concealment, and the some insight on the causes of the ammo pandemic.  So, lock and load, sit back, and get ready for a great episode!It's Pearl Snap Tactical - warrior culture with a southern twang.
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