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Martinka Consulting's Getting the Deal Done Podcast

Author: John & Jessica Martinka

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Informative insights and conversations with owners, CEOs, M&A dealmakers, and other professionals on lessons learned, tips, current business conditions, and more.
34 Episodes
Over and over I talk with owners who haven't done the little things to be able to sell for maximum value. Plus, they haven't prepared themselves by thinking through the personal side of selling a business. Listen and find out the first three questions an owner should ask themselves and the four most important things they can do to exit with style, grace, and more money.And for business buyers, these things may be opportunity or peril depending on how serious they are to the business.
Washington State just passed a bill into law mandating payroll deductions for a mandatory long term care insurance policy. All ages from teens to people in their 80's, very few ways to opt out, and very skimpy benefits.One opt-out is to have your own LTC coverage but the rules keep changing. Plus, some rules aren't defined yet and won't be until it's too late for those thinking of opting out to get their own policy.Learn all the gory details from our guest, Carol Guilbault, who for 20 years has worked exclusively with LTC insurance.
Odd Dog Media,, is one of Seattle's leading digital marketing agencies.  Adam shares thoughts on:Uses of social media for businessesPaid searchOrganic searchMistakes to avoidWhy reviews are so important for small businessesThe Odd Dog app, free to clients to generate instant reviews from happy customersExactly what Odd Dog does to benefit their clientsI learned a lot of this as Adam speaks in non-technical language, no industry jargon, and I'm sure you'll learn a lot also. You can reach Odd Dog Media at 206-569-8998.
Straight from my book, Buying a Business That Makes You Rich, here are my top 10 mistakes buyers make. Listen to find out what they are and they cover:SearchDue diligenceTransitionValuation Looking for perfection  
Cynthia Kaiser has a 20 year background in helping people improve their communication and attachment style. This means better relationships, in business and personally. She is the author of Understanding Attachment Styles and her work helps increase a company's messaging and, more importantly, increase sales.Learn the following:How to better resolve conflict.Finding the right words for the situation.Getting people to listen to you.Why attachment style is important.And much more.She can be reached at and 206.420.2923.
Who's right for a franchise? Why get one? What should a franchisee expect from their franchisor?Charlie gives us insights into the franchise world, which has been more popular than ever since Covid hit.Charlie talks about the things he looks at to determine  a good fit for a potential franchisee,  red flags in a franchise model, and a success story of a past client.
Profit, Net Operating Income, EBIT, EBITDA, SDE, Adjusted or Recast Earnings, and Free Cash Flow (which is the most important) - what do they all mean?I dissect all of these terms and what they mean to business buyers, sellers, lenders, and valuation people.A few things covered:Using EBITDA to calculate return on investment on an asset heavy business is foolhardy. Owner compensation is not discretionary, just like your mortgage, utility bills, etc. are discretionary.Free cash flow is what it's all about.And, this is covered in all my books including Chapter 45 in Getting the Deal Done!
Joe is a true entrepreneur. Hear about how he came to start Tutta Bella, his passion for food, quality, and people, how he supports the community, and actually gets government officials to listen to him (sometimes).As we know, the restaurant industry was devastated by Covid. Tutta Bella was fortunate to be able to pivot to being a food provider and having a strategic partner (QFC) to allow that pivot to be successful.As all businesses should be, Tutta Bella is constantly looking on how to evolve, be nimble, and expand.Best of all, they have the best pizza you'll ever have.
This real life example is a great story about an owner who experienced one or more factors for each of the the top three roadblock categories to selling for maximum value.There was a huge dependency.No financial planning.Bad relationship (with the buyer).Hear the details.
Hackers - Scammers - Phishing - the Dark Web - Ransomware - Yikes!Listen to cybersecurity expert David Henderson as he talks about the above, protecting your company and yourself, and technology mishaps his firm has helped prevent and fix.Not sure this is for you? Think about recent hacks of Microsoft Exchange, Solarwinds, and LastPass. A client recently got hit with a ransomware attack. Not only scary but really expensive.
John provides a synopsis of Chapter one of the book, If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can't You Sell Your Business (For What You Want?) . Filled with real life stories of success and not-so-successful exiting situations and:Why this book is important.If your business has become a prison...Number one difference between selling a house and a business.Be ready when the phone rings.Three questions to ask yourself when thinking of selling.Who's the real decision maker.Types of buyersACTION (tm) to sell a businessThis is a great overview of the start of the process to exit with style, grace, and more money.
David is the author of eight books on business buying and selling plus a YouTube channel with hundreds of episodes.He specializes in Main Street businesses, which he defines as those with EBITDA of under $500,000 and in this episode he discusses the positives and negatives of buying and selling companies in this size range. These are really businesses in need of an owner-operator.David also covers:Buyer mistakesEarning definitionsSeller misconceptionsProvides a great success story (with it's ups and downs)You can find out more about David at or on YouTube. #davidbarnett, #@dbarnettmoncton
Marty has been entrepreneurial as long as he can remember. After realizing his VP job was not as fun as developing leadership teams, he “cashed out” from big corporate and got back to his entrepreneurial roots. He founded a business, grew it to over 100 people, and got an offer to sell it, which he accepted.He then got back to his passions – Developing entrepreneurial leadership teams and making a larger impact on many small businesses.We discussed how to develop an organization and manage people energy through EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and he will expand on the key components:VisionTractionHealthyWhat structure are you going to use? Are you and your team going to implement it? Marty talks about why the key to a successful business process is implementation.You can see more about Marty and EOS at
An owner asked John about what really is goodwill and he discusses goodwill and what it means in buy-sell deals. Learn about:What is goodwillDifferent types of goodwillPersonal versus company goodwillHow its components affect valuationGoodwill in a buy-sell deal's asset allocationGoodwill and the C-corp trapThis is a practical explanation along with some examples to give novices and experienced people valuable insights.
Chameleon Technologies is a 20-year-old company servicing both traditional and  technology businesses and they have three divisions. They work with small, mid-sized, and large companies. Their divisions are:Chameleon Staffing is a seasoned executive search and IT recruiting agency. Chameleon BI is focused on delivering solutions in the data services space.Reporting as a Service (RaaS) is their newest division.Melissa discusses her three divisions and how she keeps two teams motivated, while working remotely.  You can see more about the firm at
Jennifer is the business development manager for Dataworks Consulting in Newcastle, WA. They are a managed service provider with clients throughout the Puget Sound area. Listen to her discuss:Ransomware (just happened to a client of mine)What to watch out for when moving to the cloudWhat does working from home mean to employersWhat is the number one cyberthreat to your business?How secure are your passwords (probably not very)Is anti-virus software still important?The dark web and what it meansThis is a fascinating and sometimes scary discussion about things we now all depend on.
In a short, concise, and insightful discussion Morgan Rogers talks about some of the problems the firm solves for clients, how they help clients increase profits and productivity, as well as what they do to assist in raising or borrowing money.Morgan also shares some examples of clients who changed their business model due to Covid.
Will companies return their workers to high-rises? If so, how many and when? What about office rents in Seattle versus the Eastside? Will industrial space remain a strong market? Eric Postle is a tenant and buyer agent for commercial real estate. He doesn't list properties for sale or represent landlords so he brings the perspective a tenant or buyer needs.With three decades of experience Eric is truly an expert. He is the Seattle representative for ITRA Global, an international firm with offices in about 30 cities.
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