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Tech with Heart author, Stacey Roshan, joins me to discuss how she has leveraged technology to lift the voices of ALL learners in her class, increase connection and sense of ownership, and ease anxiety.  All of this  has led to creating  truly compassionate classrooms that dispel the myth that technology is cold and impersonal. Connect with Stacey:Twitter:
I chat with the prolific speaker, author, podcaster, and blogger, George Couros about his latest book, Because of a Teacher Volume II plus so many more topics such as: How to be prolific and consistently share your workMentoring others in empowering waysThe importance of "going first" as a leaderDelivering criticism in ways that lead to change rather than alienate...and so much more!Find George at is the author of The Innovator's Mindset, Innovate Inside the Box, Because of a Teacher, and Because of a Teacher II. He has a wonderful podcast, The Innovator's Mindset Podcast, a great weekly newsletter, and is cofounder of the publishing company,  IMpress. 
Gratitude can change your life! In this episode, I chat with Lainie Rowell, the incredible author of the brand new release from IMpress, #EvolvingWithGratitude. We discuss the science behind gratitude, the practical ways gratitude can be incorporated in your life both personally and professionally...we even take a detour to discuss Lainie's "spaceship" high school and her destination wedding! Find Lainie's new book HERE! Share your thoughts with us using the #DaveBurgessShow hashtag and #EvolvingWithGratitude hashtag.  Lainie can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and her website. Lainie is also the lead author of Evolving Learner and a contributing author to Because of a Teacher. She is an international speaker and consultant, a TEDx speaker, and has worked with schools, districts, and organizations around the world. Check out her new podcast, Evolving with Gratitude!! Tag me on Twitter at @burgessdave and Instagram at @dbc_inc! 
#13 Play Your Drum

#13 Play Your Drum


A podcast version of "Play Your Drum" which has been featured on my blog and in my book, Teach Like a Pirate. In this episode, I discuss how New Year's Resolutions and "one words" have not been so effective for me and what I look for instead when reflecting on the year. I also explain why Little Drummer Boy is my favorite holiday song and offer connections to how I believe it can help you live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Share your thoughts using the #DaveBurgessShow hashtag on social media! I am @burgessdave on Twitter and @dbc_inc on Instagram. 
#12 Is Santa Real?

#12 Is Santa Real?


Is Santa real? I come through with the definitive proof you have been waiting for in this episode and then draw some connections to how we can become more "Santa" in our own lives. Be sure to let me know what you think using the #DaveBurgessShow hashtag on social media. Follow me at @burgessdave on Twitter and @dbc_inc on Instagram. To book me for an engagement, contact me at or find all of our books and speakers at . 
I am joined by my own son, Fin Burgess, to talk about many things including the power of finding your people and space to be you...especially in the LGBTQ+ community, scuba-diving, music, the complications of intersectionality, how to best use a social media platform, having top surgery and getting testosterone treatments as a transgender-masculine individual...and much more!! Hear all about Fin's close encounter with a tiger shark and why the two of us should not be allowed in the same space during surgery and injury recoveries! Happy PRIDE to all who celebrate!! 
3 big takeaways from an absolutely amazing run...that had a sudden and tragic end!! Listen to Dave share the story and get inspired to do epic things, bring more kindness to the world, and live in a state of gratitude. Follow Dave at @dbc_inc on Instagram and @burgessdave on Twitter. Share your thoughts using the hashtag #DaveBurgessShow on social media! 
The deeply authentic and courageously vulnerable, Marisol Rerucha, joins me to discuss her new book, Beyond the Surface of Restorative Practices: Building a Culture of Equity, Connection, & Healing. Marisol shares how this is a way of BEING, not just a strategy, and that this work is for EVERYONE in the community and not just the students. Learn how the roots of restorative practices can be found in the Indigenous communities of the past (and carried on through the present) and how this is more than a is a heartset. So many powerful takeaways about healing, forgiveness, connections, self-care, and more. You'll be fascinated to learn about her unique ties to Chicano Park, a National Historic Site in San Diego that has to be seen to be believed. You will love how she emphasizes that this work...this about more than us. It is about honoring those who came before and...those who have yet to come. It is bigger than us!Connect with Marisol!! Twitter: @marisolreruchaInstagram: @marisolrerucha Facebook: Marisol Quevado Rerucha Buy her amazing book , Beyond The Surface of Restorative Practices, RIGHT HERE!
Our friend and colleague, John Berray, passed away under tragic circumstances in 2020. Father, husband, educator, San Diego County Teacher of the Year, friend...and much more. His memorial was scheduled for Pi Day last March 14th, 2020 and it had to be canceled due to the breakout of the pandemic and much of the world shutting down on March 13th. One year we are...still in the grasp of Covid-19. This is the eulogy I wrote to represent The Five Guys and our special relationship. It would have been delivered with the other 3 (Jarrod Carman, Dan McDowell, & Reuben Hoffman) up on stage with me. One of the cruelties of the pandemic has been the inability to gather together to celebrate, to mourn, to grieve, to commemorate, to memorialize...none of it. With a special thanks to Michele Berray for granting her it is exactly one year later on March 14th, 2021. Pi Day. Feel free to share your thoughts on social media using the #DaveBurgessShow hashtag. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. If you knew John...well, then you know he was a remarkable man. If you didn't know him, we wish you would have had the chance. We miss you, John. 
Inspiring episode with the author of The Pepper Effect and creator of the #CelebrateMonday movement, Sean Gaillard. Learn why seeing your colleagues as bandmates and striving to create a true masterpiece together is one of the highest callings. We talk about everything from Brazilian steakhouses and Bob Dylan to social media haters and social justice. Of course, any conversation with Sean is sure to include plenty on The Beatles...but don't be surprised to hear discussion of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, and several shout outs to educator extraordinaire, Todd Whitaker. Grab Sean's book, The Pepper Effect...a love letter to education and The Beatles.Connect with Sean on Twitter, Instagram, and be sure to listen to his fantastic podcast, The Principal Liner Notes!!
#6 Make Your Own Snow

#6 Make Your Own Snow


Don't allow the "weather" to determine your reality. Be proactive. Create solutions. Innovate. Scratch your own itch. Or, as described in this episode... Make Your Own Snow! Share your thoughts using the #DaveBurgessShow hashtag on social media. Connect with me!Twitter: me at 
How are you creating spaces for your colleagues, clients, and students to come together to connect, share, inspire, and ritualize? Maybe we can learn a powerful secret  from one of the most successful touring bands of all time, The Grateful Dead.Share your thoughts on social media using #DaveBurgessShow as the hashtag.Connect with me!Twitter: @burgessdaveInstagram: @dbc_incWebsite: daveburgess.comFacebook: Dave BurgessEmail:
Amber breaks down why we need to place a real focus on civics and empowering our children to have agency in how they navigate the systems in which they live. We discuss her complicated relationship with America, a place she loves but also knows needs to be (and CAN be) so much better for so many. We discuss her amazing Let's K12 Better podcast that she hosts with her 3 daughters and why it is essential engage the young people in our lives in rich conversations about issues of importance...even when it's hard. Learn how struggle can serve as a source of inspiration for true innovation and how the Black experience in America (and the world) is so much wider than what is typically taught in schools. So much much wisdom...Amber drops knowledge throughout the whole episode! 
The amazing Kim Bearden is the cofounder and Executive Director of The Ron Clark Academy, an inductee in the National Teacher's Hall of Fame, a Disney Teacher of the Year, an inspirational keynote speaker, and the author of 3 incredible books. We talk about Kim's new book, Fight Song, and her path from despair to triumph...and her uncanny ability to seek and find joy along the way.  Connect with Kim!Twitter InstagramFacebookFind Kim's books here:Fight SongTalk to MeCrash CourseKim's new course is Creating a Climate and Culture for SuccessBook Kim to Speak HERE. Share your thoughts using #DaveBurgessShow hashtag!Connect with Dave!!DaveBurgess.comTwitterInstagram
Award-winning principal, author of 4 books, and international keynote speaker, Principal EL, joins Dave for a wide-ranging, inspirational discussion on education, mentorship, basketball, chess, and much more. Connect with Principal EL at:Website: out his books here:I Choose to StayThe Immortality of InfluencePassionate LeadershipBuilding a Winning TeamShare your thoughts on social media using the hashtag: #DaveBurgessShowConnect with Dave Burgess at:DaveBurgess.comTwitter: @burgessdaveInstagram: @dbc_incFacebook: Dave Burgess
Introduction to The Dave Burgess Show with a discussion of the live wide, read wide mindset and a full rundown of exactly what you can expect to hear in future episodes. Connect with Dave on Twitter: @burgessdave,Instagram: @dbc_incWebsite: daveburgess.comemail:
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