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Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets for living a successful life filled with purpose and abundance.
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Catherine Witt, for over three decades, has dedicated her life to transformative communication.Through her engaging and insightful presentations, workshops and 1:1 sessions, Catherine has empowered audiences and clients to unlock their own potential, breakthrough barriers and embrace personal growth.Catherine is a catalyst for positive change, a guide on the journey for self-discovery and a beacon of hope for all those who seek transformation.
Bobby Pellant is a MBA Professor, consultant, 7-time entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling author, keynote and TedX speaker.She is also a certified professional development trainer.Bobby is a top business expert across several industries and works with women entrepreneurs to increase their month over month revenue with a proven 9-step framework and mastering business success program.
Taliah Givens is a dynamic force who seamlessly blends the roles of educator, engineer, author, and entrepreneur. With over 20-years of leadership in national education organizations, including Jobs for America’s Graduates, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the United Negro College Fund, Taliah significantly improved educational opportunities and career attainment for over 1000 students and impacted educators, parents, and policy makers nationwide. As an actual "hidden figu...
Jenna Edwards is a #1 best-selling author who has spent the past 2 decades in front of and behind the camera as an actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle) and producer (April Showers - #1 on iTunes, In the Darkness - the 1st narrative feature for Nearly being killed in the 2003 Farmer's Market crash in Santa Monica, CA lead Jenna on a path to understanding mindset in order to heal her severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Coupling this mindset wo...
Marisa Griffin is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, influencer and certified online business expert.Her mission is to show women simple beauty and style tips so women can feel better about themselves.She’s an expert in helping you find courage and confidence.See what’s possible when you release fear and say YES!This episode with Marisa is a must listen!
Erica Rasmussen is a goal getter, speaker, coach, mom and wife.She is a true believer in the power of positivity. She is on a mission to complete a running race in ALL 50 states.There's more!Down roughly 100 pounds from her highest weight, Erica has taken ownership of her mind and body to truly run for her goals!This episode is action-packed and filled with adventure and inspiration.
Eleni Yiambilis is a mother, #1 international bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and founder of the Empower Mentor Movement. Her children’s book “I Am That! I Am!” releases June 20th! This powerful book empowers children to decide what is true for them and the words they use to describe themselves. As they proclaim these words, they will be validated. It plants the seeds to shift from waiting for something to go wrong to looking for the best in themselves and the world around them. El...
Amber Whitt is an award-winning Creator and CEO who helps clients remove old energies and clear spaces from their homes, personally and physically with energy and sound healing practices. She also hosts wellness retreats and supports people all over the world. Learn about Amber and her transformational story!
Kristy Whilden is a mother of six, teacher, entrepreneur, former nurse, music educator, and #1 international bestselling author. She has overcome life challenges that landed her in a rape and abuse shelter and turned hearing loss into an opportunity to start Hands Up Silent Theater, a nonprofit organization with programs that include performances in sign language. One key to her success is the ongoing belief that she can find a way, not matter how many challenges she faces.
In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Ann Klossing.Ann is an intuitive coach, teacher and mentor. Also, a #1 International Best-Selling author and the author of her own memoir and guidebook titled, Finding You IS Finding God: Overcoming Abuse, Depression and Fear.In this episode Ann talks about a beautiful concept of mindset and the laws of the universe, specifically how our thoughts and the laws of the universe intertwine. Ann gives us information, c...
Mary Gervais is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who has helped thousands of women fulfill their dreams of starting a business, building and growing their own companies. She is driven by a desire to create more meaningful connections between people and to make the world a more honest and open place. In this episode Mary talks about how she followed her heart and intuition to start her own business helping entrepreneurs chase their dreams.Click here to watch the full podcast interview!
In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Teri P. Cox, MBA.How to navigate change and come out with the best life that you can possibly imagine!With passion and creativity Teri has dedicated her life and her career to challenging the status quo and connecting the golden dots to better solutions and transforming through change and loss. Click Here to watch the full episode.
In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Erin McCahill.Overcoming loss at a young age and escaping a traumatic relationship has allowed our Guest Expert, Erin McCahill, to learn how to listen to lifeguards in life. She shares about all of this and more as she reveals Life's Best Kept Secrets in this episode...Watch the full episode here!
In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Selena Soo, who shares with us all things publicity and how we can use it for a greater purpose! Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to impact millions with their message.She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV.Many of Selena's clients...
Laura has closed a cool $43 million and then some over the past 20 years and she's the founder of EPIC at Sales, but, for a time Laura Wright's life was anything but epic. After her real estate company crashed and burned in 2008 (along with the rest of the economy), Laura found herself over $500,000 in debt - while being the sole provider of her family, no less. There, she was lost, demoralized, and doubting her ability to rise up from this setback, until she remembered two of her great...
Ash Ahern is a Speaker, Certified Holistic Coach and Branding Expert from Calgary, Canada.She is the founder of Fluid Business Lab Inc: an interactive creative studio dedicated to the creation of aligned brands for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs and Emerging Influencers. Her development of the Identity Alignment Model (I AM) has propelled her to the forefront as a leading authority on authentic and sustainable brands with purpose. A mom of 3, Ash is passionate about grace over hustle...
Kate Butler brings you through 5 techniques in 5 minutes that will shift your energy, get you out of a funk, reset your mindset and have you back on 5 minutes or less!!! You won't want to miss the game changing tools. Watch now and keep this in your back pocket so you always know a simple, yet effective way to get back into alignment.Also watch on youtube here:
Digging into what is holding you back from effectively marketing your business, brand and book. Uncovering marketing blocks you didn't even know you had and learning how to position you and your platform in a powerful way! You will not want to miss this episode! It's a GAME CHANGER!
In the episode Melissa Binkley shares how to heal during a crisis, create miracles every day and also how to transform your life, even from the deepest wounds. Melissa shares her experiences and also tools that can be applied today! Melissa Binkley is the founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy™. She is Quantum Healer and Spiritual Alchemist, Certified Mastery Transformational Coach, Soul & Business Strategist, #1 International Best- Selling Author and International Transforma...
Journey with Kate on how to navigate through these changing times. We will dive into how to identify areas of opportunities and how to leverage those to expand into greatness.