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Chris and Ewen catch up with  Dr Hilary Cooke and talk all things mentoring. How to find a mentor, the benefits and being a good mentee. MIDAS - by Merlin Consultancy -
Series 1 Round Up

Series 1 Round Up


Chris and Ewen review and discuss the first full series of 'A Hoteliers Handbook', what's still relevant and how far the industry has come over the last few months. MIDAS -
Chris and Ewen catch up with Howard Wilcox and Dr Hilary Cooke and talk all things lean, how this applies to hospitality and how working more efficiently can make life a little bit easier. MIDAS - by Merlin Consultancy -
Chris & Ewen catch up with Kate Plowright - Founder & Director of Selling Savvy. Kate shares her top selling trends and predictions for this year and provides some tips for maximising sales in a post COVID world.  MIDAS - Savvy - by Merlin Consultancy -
Chris and Ewen continue their chat with Steve and Roger. Finishing their 5 trait model for Olympic Performance and discussing what this means for people in hospitality. MIDAS - - by Merlin Consultancy -
Chris and Ewen talk to Olympians Steve Backley and Roger Black to discuss all things performance and how sporting performance links to the workplace. MIDAS - - by Merlin Consultancy -
This month Chris and Ewen talk motivation with Dr Katherine Bond and how it links to business and personal performanceKatherine is one of the UK’s most experienced Performance Psychologists. With a career spanning over 20 years, she’s worked extensively in elite sport and in the business sector.  MIDAS - Partners - by Merlin Consultancy -
Chris and Ewen catch up with Klaudia Mitura a work psychologist, and a learning and development specialist. Chris, Ewen, and Klaudia talk about all things "Resilience" from how to improve your personal resilience, the science behind it, and how-to implement it into the challenges we will face in the future. MIDAS - Happiness - by Merlin Consultancy -
Chris and Ewen catch up with Rob Ledward-Smith from Champneys Tring and talk MI Aspiring Leaders, St Julian Scholars and all things hotel finance. MIDAS - by Merlin Consultancy -
An educational podcast hosted by Ewen Thomas and Chris Tod that explores the careers of amazing hotel professionals. Each episode covers a topical educational subject relevant to the industry today. Part of MIDAS - an educational hub created by the Master Innholders. MIDAS - by Merlin Consultancy -
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