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Author: Tom Calvard

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Started out covering chapter material from my 2020 book, Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organizations (Routledge), but now broadened to cover other book reviews, films and things of general personal and intellectual interest! (co-hosted by one-eyed black Pug, all-round legend, and my very good friend, Odin!)
12 Episodes
This episode discusses the 'where' of diversity in organisations and the spatial turn in social sciences, including how diverse minorities use spaces, how places create varying degrees of inclusion, and how spaces mark out geographies of inequality.
In this episode I discuss the sensemaking perspective on organizations and organizing, and how to build on and extend some of its relatively under-explored critical links with diversity, in terms of how we experience crisis, change, learning and wider social contexts and structures.
In this episode I discuss various critical concepts and debates surrounding the idea of multiculturalism. I consider how multiculturalism relates to diversity in organizations, and also argue there are various ways that multicultural ideas could be drawn on more in future to inform organizational diversity research and practice agendas.
Chapter 7 - Discourses

Chapter 7 - Discourses


In this episode I discuss critical views of discourse in relation to diversity and organizations. This covers issues of talk, text, meaning, language and different ways of communicating about differences and diversity.
In this episode I discuss the origins and concept of intersectionality as a critical way of understanding diversity in organizations. I consider the potential strengths and limitations of intersectionality as a theory and method, as well as its emerging applications to organizations. I conclude by considering the future prospects of intersectional diversity research in organizations, in relation to both challenges and opportunities.
In this episode I talk about institutions and institutional views of diversity and organizations. I mention topics such as institutional racism, institutional sexism and total institutions, and some of the struggles to address institutional power and change.
Chapter 4 - Power

Chapter 4 - Power


In this episode I dicuss critical views of power in organizations and how they relate to diversity, through topics such as resistance, inequalities, elites and gender/feminism.
Chapter 3 - History

Chapter 3 - History


In this episode I talk about history as a defining aspect of critical perspectives on diversity in organizations. I discuss different ways of critically reading, writing and imagining history. I connect history with diversity through three main themes - slavery, forgotten histories and postcolonialism. I discuss examples of topics, figures and research linking organizations, diversity and history, and the ongoing value and importance of historical perspectives.
In this chapter I consider what it means to take a critical perspective on management and organizations in general, and more specifically on diversity in organizations. I discuss Critical Management Studies (CMS) definitions, schools of thought, journals, topics and some examples of pieces of critical research. I conclude that management would be much impoverished were it not for a lively pluralism of diverse critical perspectives.
In this episode I talk about mainstream approaches to diversity in organizations - typically North American, quantitative/statistical in design and drawing on applied team psychology. I note some of the contributions of such approaches, but also some of their limitations.



In this episode I talk more about the Introduction to the book - some general views on diversity as a topic, thinking critically about differences and organizations, and how examples and stories can reveal the complexity and contexts of diversity.
In this initial episode, I give an overview of the book, its four main parts, and its thirteen chapters.
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