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Author: Gerry Murray

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Gerry Murray talks to leading people about leading people. Get insights and tips from thought leaders about how to bring out the best in yourself and others.
8 Episodes
In this episode, I chat with Author, Leadership Coach, NLP Trainer and fellow Harrison Assessments Managing Partner, Pat Hutchinson. Pat explains how she has used her NLP skills and the Harrison Paradoxes to help Leaders get REAL insights into themselves and those they work with. Citing examples from her extensive work she provides many tips on things that Leaders and indeed anyone can implement immediately. She also explains why a "sheep dipping" approach to Leadership Development rarely works. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksPat Hutchinson at Quadrant1Brilliant NLP by Pat Hutchinson and David MoldenWide Circle Performance SolutionsThe Paradox Coaching Academy
In this episode, I chat with author and communications expert Sheila Parry about her new book: Take Pride - How to Build Organisational Success Through PeopleWhile the concept of being proud of our work is something that many people can identify with, PRIDE is actually a mnemonic for a framework that Sheila developed over many years of working with organisations, running her own successful Internal Communications agency (The Blue Ballroom) and carrying out independent research. Do they know who you are? This is a core sentiment running through our conversation and Sheila expands upon it from different perspectives. She provides insights, examples and tips that both leaders and followers can use to better understand and improve their experiences at work. In particular, leaders can learn more about the impact they have on the experiences of their people and why communicating effectively is not an event but a continuous journey. For employees in general Sheila provides lots of food for thought about the meaning of work in today's hectic digital age. And, she's got some sound advice for HR Professionals too. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksSheila Parry at Take PrideTake Pride by Sheila ParryWide Circle Performance Solutions
In this episode (recorded in December 2020) I chat with leading author and collaboration expert, Jim Tamm. Collaboration has become such an essential component in an organisation's success, yet still many people struggle to collaborate effectively. Online tools alone will not work without a collaborative mindset, skills and behaviours. Drawing on his research and extensive experience, Jim provides us with insights and tips on how to create and embed a collaborative culture in your organisation. He also reveals what's new in the 2nd edition of his book Radical Collaboration. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksJim Tamm at Radication Collaboration Radical Collaboration by Jim Tamm and Ron LuyetWide Circle Performance Solutions
This week I sat down with leading author and consultant, Craig Weber, to chat about Conversational Capacity and three critical practices that help you develop this. Craig highlights many essential skills and provides practical tips that individuals and teams can apply immediately to get better at those tough conversations that life throws at us from time to time. Along the way we talk about sweet spots, cognitive cartography, dancing elephants, dojos and much more...Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksCraig Weber at Weber Consulting GroupConversational Capacity by Craig WeberInfluence in Action by Craig WeberWide Circle Performance Solutions
How do you go from being a corporate lawyer to being a successful Executive Leadership Coach? Author and Leadership Coach, Rebecca Watson shares the experiences that led her into coaching and how she's discovered some of the secrets to helping Executives succeed in the world of Leadership.Rebecca has some useful advice for leaders about how to develop self-awareness, improve engagement, use coaching in motivating your teams and how to spot burnout and intercept it before it happens. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksRebecca Watson at RebeccaWatsonLeadershipConscious Leadership by Rebecca WatsonWide Circle Performance Solutions
In this episode (recorded in December 2020) I chat with leading Author and Master Negotiations Trainer, Simon Horton, about negotiations and negotiating. During our conversation, Simon demystifies negotiating. He says that negotiating is so pervasive in our world today that we're actually negotiating all the time. Negotiation is not some 'dark art' or just the purveyance of big business, international trade deals or Brexit. In fact, one of Simon's mantras is "get good at negotiation, get good at life"!We delve into his book The Leader's Guide to Negotiation: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results (The Financial Times) and explore his three-stage model of negotiation. Did you know that there's more to negotiation than a conversation and an agreement? Throughout, Simon draws on examples from both leadership and personal contexts where knowing how to negotiate enables you to grow, advance and achieve your goals, in a way that preserves relationships. He provides valuable tips that anyone can test out for themselves. You can buy Simon's books on Amazon and at other reputable bookstores.  Links to his website are below and I'm sure he'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn - just mention this podcast. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksSimon Horton at Negotiation MasteryWide Circle Performance Solutions
A lot has been written about how organisations are being challenged by macro paradoxes and that the 'solution' to these challenges isn't a linear approach to problem-solving. It's more about managing paradoxical situations than trying to solve them. If organisations are going to deal with these macro paradoxes then a question arises around the challenges leaders have in managing a range of paradoxical behaviour choices that enable them to do that. In this episode, I sit down with Author, Master Trainer and Leadership Expert Rick Tate to discuss his new book, Adaptive Capacity, and how developing this ability is essential if leaders are to successfully guide organisations in a paradoxical world. And, these self-leadership insights and lessons can be applied to many aspects of our lives. Meet your host, Gerry MurrayShow LinksRick Tate at Impact Achievement GroupThe Paradox Coaching AcademyWide Circle Performance Solutions
In this short episode, you'll learn more about Leading People and why you might want to subscribe to this podcast. Who will you meet? What will you learn? What makes this podcast unique?Hit the subscribe button to ensure that you're informed when new episodes land. Check out our sponsor for this episode at www.widecircle.euMeet your host, Gerry Murray
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