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Disability Humility by Adapt Ability

Author: Sandra

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The words “Disability Humility” means the act of learning about experiences, histories and politics of disability, recognizing that one’s knowledge and understanding of disability will always be partial, and that one should act in light of that fact. All the necessary information to be aware and conscious of the challenges the disability community goes through will be discussed on our podcast.
8 Episodes
Today’s episode is about Challenges, Perseverance and Goals.We had the honor to interview Andy Arias, an Actor, an Activist, a Speaker and a Producer.  Andy will talk about how hard was and still is to be a person with disabilities.  He will share with us his professional life,  give us a preview of his documentaries and his faith.Andy Arias is a fighter, a believer and an inspiration.
Today's episode in our Podcast Disability Humility is about dreams and dancing.  We had the honor to interview Joann Ferrara, founder of Dancing Dreams.  Mrs. Ferrara shares with us how Dancing Dreams started and how it has grown.Another amazing podcast provides resources for children to make their dreams come true.Enjoy...



Is there ever a last dance is an episode that provides information about Mark Morris Dance Group.  Alexandra Cook and Calvin Rollins share with our audience who Mark Morris is, his journey and his legacy at Mark Morris Dance Group.  How Dance for PD (Parkinson Disease) is a success and has become an important program for individuals with Parkinson.  How the disability community enjoys dance and music classes at Mark Morris Dance Group.The mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.   
In today's episode I had the pleasure to interview Mrs. Adina Sansolo.  A young dedicated therapist that is passionate about her work.   We will discuss topics like;  how COVID-19 affected the way therapists work?  Are therapists miracle workers?  Creativity and Improvising new add-on.  Hope you enjoy our episode as much as we did.
Reality vs Speculations is our new episode of our podcast Disability Humility.Today's topic will make all of us think about the near future and to help us with the topic is Mrs. Susanne Shoemaker from the amazing company Undercare.
Today's episode will bring a tune or a melody into our lives.  Joining is Michel Gentile, a performing musician, music teacher, entrepreneur, cyclist, soccer player, son, husband and a father.    The podcast's episode covers Michel's love and passion for music and how he deliveries it to children with special needs.  An episode that you don't want to miss.Thank you Michel for what you do and how you share it with children...
On our second episode we have another interesting topic; Are therapists and caregivers forced to do more than their job description requires?Joining us is Tom Rawe, a physical therapist for 27 years and independent provider for the Board of Education working with children with special needs.   Mr. Rawe will explain his role as a therapist and will provide us with examples of how he has changed the lives of children with special needs.
In our first episode we discuss myths and options that the disability community and employers are facing on the subject of employment. Joining us is Mrs. Karen Waltuck from JobPath.
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