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The Life-Long Customer

Author: Revenue Rhino

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Were Interviewing successful Sales & Marketing leaders, discussing ways in which they are building lifelong relationships with their customers.
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“A piece of quality content should teach someone how to do something from A to Z. One of my biggest pet peeves - and I see this happen all the time, is when people write very general statements that are obviously true but that most people already know” - Bogdan Zlatkov, Senior Content Marketing Manager,  Aurora Solar
❗There’s more to marketing than good PR.❗John Jefferies, CMO of CipherTrace, shares his insights.“I think it's critically important to be authentic. Earlier in one's career, you think you need to look a certain way or speak a certain way to project where you want to be in your career. I think it's much more powerful to be who you are and speak from your true voice.Maybe not everyone's going to like that. Maybe they won't. But those that do, they like it much more. I think it's important to be very authentic, and also give back. Don't be a taker in a relationship with your customer to make sure there's a solid give and take and that you're adding real value along the way.”
“My advice is to have a really good understanding of what your customers’ needs are and what they want, and then deliver that. That’s all that really matters.It’s less about the marketing message and more ultimately about what their customer experience is going to be using your product.”
“As we scale, one of the things that I'm looking at is how do we start optimizing? Account-based marketing is something that I've been tapping into from the past few years as this sort of gaining steam. But now, particularly if you're a data savvy marketing organization, the amount of data you have, you can bring to bear to kind of get really good and focused on where you're spending money, who you're targeting with emails, with ads, who you're sticking your business development team on with phone calls, and one-on-one emails, and LinkedIn and all that kind of stuff, you can really start to shape the funnel.”- Josh Epstein, AtScale
“The worst is maintenance marketing where it just feels like every day is the exact same, and you're sitting in your seat doing the same thing that the person who sat in that seat four years ago was doing.We're in a place where everything can be reinvented. Everything can be born in a new way. I believe that marketers should look around and think about things that they could do that would make what they're currently doing a little bit different, snazzier. That's one thing I would say pretty consistently I do, and that I ask our team to do.” - Cari Jaquet,  Head of Marketing, Big Panda
How did your content strategy change in 2020 and 2021?“Even though we didn't have all the answers, we tried to be very vulnerable and real and saying, "We don't have all the answers, but let's have this webinar. Let's get together and talk about what those answers might look like. Here's what we think is important. Here's what we think you should be thinking about. And we may not know what will happen six months down the road, but at least we can have this conversation today." So we kicked off a webinar series, really right at the beginning of work-from-home and hosted webinars every two weeks for a couple of months and found that it was hugely successful.” - Jenna Thomas, Convercent by One Trust
“What I say to women is, speak in the language of business value.  That’s what will level the playing field.  When you speak ROI, EPS, Free Cash Flow & EBITDA etc.., you are no longer looked at as male or female, but instead viewed as a business person“ - Joanne Moretti, Chief Marketing Officer, DecisionLink
 It starts with listening, not selling. According to Ryan George, Chief Marketing Officer for Docupace, the secret to developing a significant lifelong relationship with your customers is to listen to them. By doing so, you gain their trust that you're not just there to sell something but rather to understand their needs and help achieve their goals.🎧 Listen to our podcast today for meaningful insights and more!“A long-term relationship is built on trust. I know that sounds very cliche, but young or old, you've got to have trust within those relationships. I think the next one is learning their business. I worked with a lot of financial advisors, really understanding where their challenges are, where their opportunities are and understand their business so they know that whenever I suggest something that I'm actually trying to help them, not just try to sell them something.And that's the big thing is that it starts with listening, not selling.If you're like me, I get all sorts of inbound emails that have every AI-generated lead development product in the planet, but the ones that actually pay attention to are the ones that actually identify something that I may be challenged by. That's really how to build that up.”-Ryan George, Docupace
“Just spend more time with your existing customers, try to go for beers with them, provide a great experience for them, be available to them. And be an expert that they turn to. Know your space inside out so that you can help them with challenging questions around investment crowdfunding that they might have.And if you're doing that for them, you're adding value for them, then they're going to be your best source of deal flow and growth.”-Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising, Wefunder
Before you initiate any marketing strategy, you should do your homework first. Know your customers at a deeper level to better understand them, strategize, and produce content that's relevant to them or their needs. In today's episode, we're having a learning session with Ardath Albee, a seasoned B2B Marketing Strategist and the CEO of Marketing Interactions. 
What is "employee advocacy"?In today's podcast episode, we're having an insightful conversation with Laura Moss, EveryoneSocial's Senior Content Marketing Manager. Moss stresses that one of the many benefits of employee advocacy is it brings out true community content and transparency rather than your typical branded content. 🎧 Want to learn more about employee advocacy tune in to this episode🎧 Plus, don't miss out on EveryoneSocial's Employee Advocacy Week, a FREE online event happening from September 20 to 24! Hear more from industry experts on employee advocacy and social selling.“EveryoneSocial, when you come into this space, people are already talking about your company. You can't control what they're saying, but what you can do is make it easy for them to share news about the company. That can be intimidating. I think there's this fear that your employees might post something negative that could hurt the brand. But in reality, it's more important to have your employees, to have your executives, to have every part of your team talking about the company on social media because of the value it brings. There's transparency, and it shows people the faces behind the company. It's not just your social media manager talking about you.”
In this podcast episode, Jennifer Bellin (Marketing Leader of Artemis Health) shares her insights on the importance of engaging and getting to know your customers. Artemis Health has recently expanded its team as a means of improving its approach to marketing or selling to clients. Through this effort, they aim to know their clients on a deeper level, not only to sell them a service but to also serve them better in achieving their goals. “We are growing our SDR team, which is exciting. We have a couple of people today but we want to grow that team to five and get really intentional on a small, targeted list that each of those five is focused on, and helping them to become true experts on those accounts and the buying committee members on those accounts.”
❗ Don't rest on your laurels. ❗ We sit down with Contract Wrangler's Head of Marketing, Steve Moskovitz, who shared with us great pieces of advice in marketing. One of them is about the willingness to take risks. For Moskovitz, taking risks and failing can allow someone to learn new things, determine what works, and move forward.🎧 Listen to our podcast today for more exciting learnings and insights! 🎧"Just do something different. Everybody thinks because it worked for someone else that it should work for them. And I think the one bit of advice I would give everybody is, do not be afraid to fail. If you're going to fail fast, learn from it, move forward.But too many marketers get stuck in this routine of 'it's what we know and it's comfortable,' and you're going to plateau at some point. And if you want to keep growing and you want to keep challenging yourself, you gotta be able to take those risks. And I always tell my team, if it doesn't work out, sometimes it's a couple thousand dollars , but you know what?If at the end of the day, it leads to one deal. If we try 10 things, we're able to pay for this and get some ROI at it at one of the 10 pays for the other ones. I'm okay with failing. It's just, you gotta keep trying until you find out what works.”-Steve Moskovitz, Head of Marketing, Contact Wrangler
"With AI, we are doing machine learning and building these interesting algorithms, but we also want to make sure the human elements are in there. We want to make sure our customers, the digital transformation team, understand the AI that is happening - Explainable AI."-Henry Guo, Head of Product - Industrial AI, Petuum, Inc.
“I want to make sure that everybody we bring in would be willing to run into the burning building to save everybody else, that we build such a tight organization that everybody likes each other, everybody works off of each other's strengths and weaknesses.At the end of the day, we count on each other. We have to build the team the right way. Sometimes, you have to hold off on hiring until you find the right makeup of a person that is extremely customer-centered.”-Stephen Pappas
Travis Tyler, Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc, says do it! In this podcast, Travis shares with us how and why they do what others may call “unorthodox” content as part of their marketing strategy, and many more! 
“You really have to focus on the entire life cycle of a customer. It's not enough to just say I brought it, the person came, they meet our targeting criteria, and hand it off to sales. I'm done. Congratulations.You have to worry about “what is that experience for the customer when they get transitioned to sales, when they become a customer, especially when you think about product-led growth”.You get more from a customer in the sense of their satisfaction and their happiness. When what they signed up for is delivered to them without having to look around for it. So if a customer's looking for a contract template for an NDA and we give it to them, load that contract template for them when they first join the application.Or if you're at a different company, just deliver on what they asked for.”-Andy Ramirez, Head of Marketing, Concord
"If the stories and activities that you do cannot be directly linked to you making more revenue, I would seriously stop what I'm doing right now"-Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-Founder, Dreamdata
"We're constantly testing different channels, different messaging; but I think, honestly, content is king - it all comes back to that"- Roxy Gribben, VP of Marketing, AkitaBox
Lux Capital’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Rubin emphasizes the importance of understanding first your audience so your brand can resonate well with them:“As with any good storytelling, it starts with understanding your audience. What are you trying to accomplish? Who is that audience? And then figuring out how you're going to resonate with the audience. That for me is the beginning.This is why I ask founders, when we talk about a funding announcement, what their objective is. It seems like on the surface, the objective is to get the news out about our funding... but that's just a starting point. The real question is, who do you want to be? What do you want people to say about you when you're not in the room?That's the essence of a brand and that's what I think the key is to that starting point.”-Scott Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, Lux Capital
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