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David is joined this week by Andrew Crapuchettes, the past CEO of leading labor-economics firm EMSI and the founder and CEO of RedBalloon.Work. Their discussion ranges from what has escalated the present DEI insanity in corporate America to how all of this will play out. Hint: You will be encouraged by where they see this going, as labor and capital share a destination of the most rational application.
David is joined this week by Steve Forbes, supply-side hero and flat-tax pioneer, who is the co-author of a brand new book on inflation. Steve and David go deep into the weeds of what matters in American economic policy, and, as always, the objective is intelligible, reasoned discourse, not platitudes and false prophecy.
David joined this week by Jim Iuorio, Managing Director at TJM Institutional Services and 30-year veteran of markets, to talk about the economy, the Fed, the state of the labor markets, and most importantly, the fate of old-school restaurants. It is not an episode to miss.
Show Notes:
David is joined this week by the architect of the landmark 2017 corporate-tax-reform bill, Congressman Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee. They discuss current economic conditions, the supply chain, the labor shortage plaguing our economy, and even find a little green shoot of optimism.
David sits down with Rene Aninao of Corbu LLC, a macro-intelligence firm with special expertise in geopolitics, national security, and foreign policy. They unpack the specifics of the Russia-Ukraine impact on commodities, bond yields, equity markets, economic growth, and of course, the rules-based order.
David is joined for the second time on Capital Record by Ramesh Ponnuru, editor of National Review. From market monetarism to inflation hawkishness to decades of central-bank history, David and Ramesh get into it all, and you’re going to want more.
Kenin Spivak of SMI Group joins David this week to talk about the mad rush toward corporate policies of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, what they are doing to hurt the cause of opposing discrimination, and what they are doing to hurt economic productivity. Kenin is a multi-decade investment banker and corporate attorney with vast expertise in this field and a keen understanding of what the risks of the woke religion are to the cause of a free society. The conversation is riveting, and the cause is monumental.
Sam Rines of Corbu Intelligence rejoins the Capital Record for a really plain English breakdown of what is going on with oil and gas, Russia–Ukraine, and where the risk and opportunity lies in the future.
Capital Record welcomes Andy Puzder this week, the long-time CEO of CKE Restaurant Group who became a legendary corporate executive in the fast food space, and has spent his post-C-Suite career doing the unthinkable: Actually defending the free-enterprise system that has been so kind to him (imagine that!). David and Andy discuss everything from ESG to labor shortages to private equity, and provide some insights that will leave you very satisfied.
Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute joins David today to talk about free trade, globalization, and the nuanced reality of market impact when the state intervenes to thwart a trade impact. Scott brings his wide experience in matters of trade policy to the discussion and makes the case that not only has free trade been an unalloyed good for the net of society, it has been good for those who are most often presented as the losers out of it. It's a discussion you will not want to miss!
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David is joined today by Dr. Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute for a robust conversation on “common good” conservatism, economic nationalism, and the frustrations with a market economy so prevalent on the political right these days. A little history, a little political science, a little philosophy, and just enough ecumenical theology to keep you coming back for more! This is a discussion you will not want to miss.
David is joined this week by business reporter Christopher Leonard, whose new bestselling book, 'The Lords of Easy Money,' is the talk of the town when it comes to monetary finance. David and Christopher explore the Fed’s post-financial-crisis policy framework, what it meant when the Covid moment came, and most importantly, what it all means for the future. Their talk is fair-minded, earnest, and informative, and will leave you not only understanding the Fed better, but understanding the risks embedded in our economy that few people want to talk about at parties.
David is joined this week by Dan Clifton, head of Washington Research and Public Policy Outlook at Strategas Research. From the outlook for the midterms to the current impact of policy on markets, David and Dan go all over the policy landscape to look at what D.C. is doing to help, and hurt, the economy. Of particular interest may be a dissection of how things shook out in 2021 on the Hill, and what is driving decision-making from Senators Manchin and Sinema now. We would all be better off if D.C. had less to do with the economy. But as long as they do, this is a podcast episode for you.
David is joined this week by one of his very favorite scholars, thinkers, and writers, Yuval Levin of the American Enterprise Institute. Their discussion covers a wide array of topics, including what really matters in the contemporary debate over markets -- that is, anthropology, mediating institutions, moral formation, and growth as a moral good. The two of them feel comfortable criticizing Aristotle, but all toward the aim of a free and virtuous society.
Those who view the cultural assault on the institution of the family as entirely separate from the realm of economics misunderstand not only the family unit but also basic macroeconomics. David is joined today by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, who unpacks bit by bit the centrality of the family to economic life, the ways in which the sexual revolution has damaged our cultural soul, and embraces all the conversation topics David throws at her! A pivotal conversation that too many on the left, and right, are unwilling to have.
David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center at George Mason joins Capital Record today. David is an international economist and renowned expert on matters of monetary policy. David and David look into the Fed, the way it is perceived by others, the false impressions many have about “natural” interest rates, and where policy decisions impact the ability of free markets to flourish. It is not a Fed-bashing party, nor is it a Fed-celebration -- just a good, honest look at a subject that many do not care about, but all are impacted by.
David is joined today by Samuel Rines, long-time Chief Economist at Avalon Advisors who has recently joined Corbu as a senior market intelligence expert in the energy sector. David and Samuel explore the U.S. energy sector and evaluate what the future holds in an ESG landscape that has done its very best to bring economic incoherence to its pharisaical agenda.
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Jonathan Grossman

Thank you for interviewing Mr. Charles Payne. He is truly a wonderful soul.

Jul 31st

Jonathan Grossman

Informative interview with John Mauldin.

Apr 11th
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