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Tired of the same old narrative about poetry and the craft of writing? Escape from your literary prison to THE OUTSKIRTS. The outskirts are where the outcasts live, where brave people push the boundaries of craft and creativity and have more fun than anyone else doing it.
12 Episodes
Featuring Karen Head, David Jhave Johnston,  and Sam at Peeking Cat Poetry.
Kim Addonizio is a poet / rock star, and National Book Award finalist.  We discuss "responsible degenerates".Terese Mason Pierre is Co-EIC at Augur Magazine, based in Toronto.  We talk about building open communities.Jason Wright is founder and editor of Oddball Magazine.  We discuss politics and advocacy for mental health.
Kevin Fitzpatrick is President of the Dorothy Parker Society.  They don't have meetings; they have parties.Denise Dumars is a poet and runs a New Orleans-style botanica.  She pissed off a paranormal psychologist.Jo Walton is a fantasy writer.  She will live to be 99, and will write a book every year.
Nin Andrews’ poems have appeared in Ploughshares, Agni and The Paris Review and her latest book is The Last Orgasm.Katy Carl is Editor-in-Chief of Dappled Things, a Catholic literary journal.Muriel Leung is the author of Imagine Us, The Swarm, forthcoming from Nightboat Books in 2021, and Bone Confetti, winner of the 2015 Noemi Press Book Award.
About Those Naked Bookstores + Poetry Vending Machines + How A Poet Is Like a RatCatherynne M. Valente is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of forty books of fantasy and science fiction. She lives on a small island off the coast of Maine with her partner, one medium-sized dog, one very enormous cat, and a baby son.Alexandra Woolner is a poet, international educator, and typewriter enthusiast. She co-founded Attack Bear Press.Jonathan McClure is the author of The Fire Lit & Nearing. A former instructor at UC-Irvine, he has taught a variety of courses both in-person and online.
Best content is best. We've got all your sexy poetry socks right Here.Richard Kaczynski is is an researcher, lecturer, and musician. He is also the author of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley. Ainslie Caswell is a voice actor, writer, model, and fellow racounteur. Dessa Bayrock leads Post Ghost Press, and sometimes puts poems on socks.
Leigh Grey has always had a love of language and artistic expression. A woman of vast skills, Leigh chose sex work and truly believes it chose her back. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she still thinks safety, care, respect, and kindness should be at the forefront of every experience. Paul Richmond was the 2020 United States Beat Poet Laureate.  His book The 24-Hour Store was Closed is now available through his own publishing house, Human Error Publishing. Jennifer Bussmann is the Director of Education & Visitor Services at Mount Auburn Cemetery. We get to talk to all three!
This episode features some stunning advice from horror filmmaker and writer, Debbie Rochon. Poet, Ada Hoffmann, takes our call and tells us how to recognize a computer generated poem. Last, but not least, physicist Maxim Olchanyi enlightens our podcast particles.  
From epic fantasy poetry to epically large carrots, to epic fantasy languages, this episode is going on a journey in the name of Good Art. Hope you've packed whatever it is that gets you through the night.  Features Odds Bodkin, Carrot Topp, and Fiona Jallings, like you do.
This podcast episode has questions.  Is haiku poetry is some form of a psychological test?  What was Jesus was doing in the White House?  Did the apocalypse already occur, and do we just need the right writer to tell us all that it has happened?  Featuring Jay Friedenberg, Josh Pearce, and D. Scot Miller.
Poe Finds Us Tedious

Poe Finds Us Tedious


In this episode, we find out just how much Edgar Allen Poe finds this podcast 'tedious', catch up with the poetry of a youth poet laureate, and we provide wild speculation that ghosts and aliens really do exist.  Featuring Rob Velella, Alondra Bobadilla , and Tracy Chevrolet. 
The end of the world is here and it's more creative than you can handle. Here's what to expect when you subscribe to The Outskirts Poetry Podcast.
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