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Airing Addiction

Author: New England Recovery Center

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Hosted by Lisa Blanchard and Catherine Collins of Spectrum Health Systems, this popular podcast discusses addiction and recovery, featuring personal stories, special guests and professional opinion.
17 Episodes
Jesse's Recovery Story

Jesse's Recovery Story


Jesse Chaison is a Family Engagement Specialist at Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. who has himself struggled with addiction and is in long-term recovery. Hear his story, and how he uses his experience to help others like him every single day.Join Lisa, Cathy and Jesse on Airing Addiction. 
On this continuation of the previous episode, Dr. Baxter highlights more of the changes and achievements Spectrum Health Systems has had to adapt to during the COVID19 pandemic. Lisa and Cathy expand on recent breakthroughs in care delivered by Spectrum Health Systems during this pandemic.Join Lisa, Cathy and Dr. Baxter on Airing Addiction. 
Beck Gee-Cohen speaks on LGBTQ recovery, the challenges, and how to get the best care with Lisa and Cathy.
Cathy and Dr. Romas describe their experiences early in the pandemic, and what that means for recovery.
Dr. Romas speaks with Self-Help Author and Veteran Charlie Smith about his struggle with addiction, and how he overcame it with the support he received. Hear his inspiring story on Airing Addiction.
Dr. Romas speaks with David Nefussy about insurance companies role, and how they may affect your recovery.
On this episode, Dr. Romas discusses young adult recovery with Norah Lasorsa who is in charge of the Young Adult Program in Spectrum Health Systems Westborough.
Joining Dr. Romas on this episode is CEO Kurt Isaacson, VP of Clinical Services Lisa Blanchard, and Clinical Supervisor Robin Nagle celebrating 50 years of recovery in Spectrum Health Systems.
On this episode, Dr. Romas speaks with Clinical Supervisor Yeonjoo Son from Spectrum Health Systems Lincoln Street.
Dr. Romas Buivydas weighs the potential benefits to the harmful side effects of use of medical marijuana.
Author Donnie Steiger shares his story from his book "Suck Up the Purple Buttermilk" during his recovery at Spectrum House with Dr. Romas
Dr. Romas speaks with Family Engagement Specialist Ronald Burgess of Spectrum Health Systems on how engaging with family is a crucial step in one's recovery.
Michael Earielo from Every Day Miracles talks with Dr. Romas about peer recovery, and it's importance on this episode of Airing Addiction.
Dr. Baxter and Dr. Romas discuss how drugs affect the brain and how it affects recovery.
On this episode, Dr. Romas Buivydas speaks with Senior Clinician Thomas Gould.
Richard J. Dyer. An attorney at law who overcame addiction himself and is a large advocate for those in recovery. Lisa and Cathy will hear and discuss his story with you on Airing Addiction.
On this episode, Dr. Baxter highlights some of the changes and achievements Spectrum Health Systems has had to adapt to during the COVID19 pandemic. Lisa and Cathy talk about the achievements and challenges faced with a hands-on treatment process in a socially-distant world.Join Lisa, Cathy and Dr. Baxter on Airing Addiction. 
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