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The Daily Dime with Ryan Kramer

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10 things in the sports world you'll be talking about today, with a little fun of course, all wrapped up in 5 minutes or less
13 Episodes
We're baaaack! Texas doesn't handle the snow very well. In the news today, Tiger Woods, NBA All Star Game, Trevor Story, Ben Roethlisberger and more!
Andrew Benintendi traded, Mark Cuban and the National Anthem and the latest on Carson Wentz all inside. Get caught up on today's headlines!
Kobe Bryant, Russell Wilson & Kris Bryant make appearances along with other headlines to get you caught up for the day!
Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Yadier Molina and others make an appearance today!
Tom Brady and the Bucs win the Super Bowl, Texans refuse to trade Deshaun Watson and a few guys you may have heard of enter the NFL Hall of Fame. Just a few of the stories in the Daily Dime today!
Eric Bienemy, Alabama and recruiting news along with a host of other things in the dime today!
Matt Ryan & Julio Jones, Chris Archer coming home and an NBA All Star game? It's all in here (and more) for February 3, 2021
Dustin Pedroia, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and a couple guys going back to school. That and more inside todays podcast!
Nolan Arenado and Matthew Stafford trades, more Deshaun Watson news, RIP John Chaney and a whole lot more to kick off February!
Deshaun Watson, Ben Roethlisberger, Bradley Beal, Cristiano Ronaldo and more make appearances today
A lot to cover today!
Here's what's happening in the sports world for January 27, 2021
Here's what we're talking about for January 26, 2021
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